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Dear Shastians,

After having had great success several Saturdays ago at the Locals Supporting Locals event, I am offering it again.  It will be this alternate Saturdays, March 12th and 26th from 2:30pm-4:30pm. Here I will be presenting a form of healing that I’ve had great success with through the years, except that its always been very spontaneously for friends and relatives. It has only occurred to me recently that I can do this in a group setting.

5-MINUTE FOCUSED HEALINGS are completely different than my full-body Divine Energy Sessions… in these sessions I only focus the healing energy directly where there is pain. Also, so far only Chief Joseph has shown up with his amazingly powerful ‘Language of Light’ sound healing. I’m told that even during these short sessions, Quan Yin & AA Metatron my give words of wisdom to recipients. 
Here is my flyer with 2 of the 5 great testimonials I received. And here is one from Afahere Love who is the inspiration & energy behind this Locals Supporting Locals event: 
” I have the greatest testimonial to give to Zahn about the beautiful healing gifts that she gives. My neck had kinks for the last week and she just took a few minutes to put intense love, specific healing in a  very specific place. My neck now feels a million times better and I felt so relaxed I almost fell asleep. I feel better, lighter, and in a very glowing frequency right now. And it only took about 3 minutes.”

Please come and enjoy my gift this Saturday.  While this is being presented completely FREE of charge, I will gratefully accept any donations one feels to give.  
I will also be offering the Liph Gel and Liph Concentrate that I offered earlier that day for those who were not able to attend then for the same discounted prices as before. Here is that flyer for those who have not seen it…
As it was last time, I will be in the Mt Shasta Authors Guild offices, through the doors, behind the Cultural Center… the doors between them will be open so please just walk through. 
I look forward to seeing you there! 
Lots of Love, Joy & Healing,
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