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Dear Shastians,
This group is taking of like a shot!  While it was still relatively small, as its still early in the ‘season’, quite a lot happened for all participants.  Here are a few testimonials from this last session:
“While I was sitting there it was almost like the energy was boring into my skull, but not past the middle…. I was watching and kept expecting to go through to the other side, but it never did, but stopped in the middle. It seemed to be that my eyes would focus  and there were a lot of strange feelings in my eyeballs. And we were working later on on my eyes predominantly. I guess because during the two prior sessions we worked on my eyesight, automatically the energy went to my eyes. But this time, the ear also. But then on the table, my whole eyeballs were really, really hot and the energy seemed to relax the muscles all around and I had some weird but good feelings about it all. It was really relaxing as well.”                                                                                                              Maria Stanger               
“Before you even started, my hands started tingling, so I said, lets go with the hands where I have arthritis. And then when I was laying there, I felt a lot of pressure across my forehead. The tingling in my hands is just now beginning to go away and its been quite awhile since you finished.”                                                                                                                                                    Susan  Kenyon
“I was hoping to clear some stuff from my hands and arms and I think that did happen but more than that I felt it in other parts… in my hips and knee that had been bothering me but hadn’t thought to ask to focus there today… I felt them relax. But I also felt thoughts clearing…. like patterns… I have a feeling I’m going to have more of that tonight when I’m sleeping as it feels like it wasn’t finished but there’s more coming, which would be great.”                                                                                                                                      Barbara Marden

For more info and testimonials…   http://zahnsmelange.com/5-minute-focused-healings/                                    

                      5-Minute FOCUSED GROUP HEALING SESSIONS                                                                   
I will have a massage table placed at the far end of the room. One by one, I will lead clients from the front row and then the next row, etc. to the table and facilitate healing energy for about 5 minutes each and then lead them back to their seats or a place on the floor for further integration of the energies.

As time will be limited, if you wish to have a session, it is advisable to come a bit early or on time and sit or lie on the floor as close to that end of the room as possible. While you may not be able to have a personal session, I can assure you, the healing energies will work on you remotely throughout the session. That is the way it is in these sessions.

Towards the end, there will be about 15 minutes for questions, comments and testimonials. If you don’t want your name attached to your testimonial, please let me know. But please do sign the mailing list if you want to get further notifications of these events.

BTW, as with my former Group Divine Energy Sessions, Chief Joseph, Quan Yin and AA Metatron will show up periodically, energetically and/or vocally, according to the needs of each person.

Love Donations begin at $5 but if at the end you feel you have received more than what you have given, please feel free to leave more. It will be much appreciated.
Here is the flyer with all the other pertinent info on it….
I am looking forward to seeing many of you there to co-create with me.                                      
Lots of Love, Joy, & Healing,                                                                                     

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