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Dearest ONES,

The following is what came to me during one of my meditations and I was guided to send it with this email because it may give some guidance as to how to possibly utilize these continuing intense energies and activations to move us forward out of the chaos and into prosperity…

In case you are not aware, these chaotic times we are living in are considered the TRANSITION zone… the time between the end of our current ‘Dark Ages’ and the very beginning of the next ‘Golden Age of Enlightenment’.

And while this can be quite challenging for many to deal with, what most don’t realize is that these Transitional Times also offer the GREATEST POTENTIAL to all of us to prosper while co-creating the New Earth.  

What many don’t realize is that, if we can just stay totally present to begin noticing everything around us and see what in the world or in our community NEEDS FIXING… NEEDS OUR ATTENTION… OUR HELP, that is where we might just find OUR NITCH, by applying our own gifts and abilities to certain situations. This takes constant inner and outer awareness. 

About 20 years ago, early in the era of recycling, I remember a TV star who realized that unless we took recycled items and transformed them into useful resources, the whole recycling movement could fail.  He built one of the first most amazing ‘EarthShip’ houses in Colorado, totally made from recycled items and resources. More importantly, he inspired a whole string of businesses that transformed useless waste into useful items and building building materials etc. This is what I feel we all need to do, only not limiting ourselves to the recycling arena. 

For inspiration, I suggest going to the site and peruse what many others have already done in helping to build a new and better future. 

Also, you can check out where you will find what others are doing to help create the New Earth and how you might contribute to many causes that may ultimately inspire YOUR NITCH. 

And because many of you are not necessarily fully in touch with your creativity and/or imaginations, I highly recommend taking full advantage of these potent energies, info and especially at least one New-Moon-Ecllipse-Equinox celebratory event. We all need help to successfully navigate this Great Transition, either from activations, personal and group healings, healing tools, support from others and groups that we resonate with or whatever and whomever lifts and inspires you. 

I wish you all the best in these endeavors… and please feel free to connect with me as a resource as well. I have helped many others in their transitions. 

Okay, ’nuff said…. now lets peruse this really comprehensive list of info and celebratory activations to see what calls to us…


As this list is fairly long, I won’t elaborate on any of them, for brevity’s sake.  I simply suggest ‘tuning in’ to the ones you really want to check out. I will begin with the ones that address the Uranus-Pluto Square, which comes first, and go from there….

Here are two from Mark Borax, both talking about the Uranus-Pluto Square… with different takes on this astrological event

‘Discarding False Stories’ 

‘Building Community: Narrowing The Gap’ 

Here is Kelley Rosano’s version of the Uranus-Pluto Square after giving her take on the first part of March. 

Virgo Full Moon & Pluto Uranus Finality

This is a really long message from Annamerkaba 

Equinox message: Urgent Message To Ground Crew-Total Solar Eclipse-March 20 

You can either read it or watch the video.

The next astrologically oriented messages will be sorted by date of their celebratory Equinox events, with the earlier ones first. 

The first one is Susanna Sophia Hart’s lyrical intro to her ‘Spring Equinox New Moon Full Solar Eclipse Lady Christ Codes Of Light’ Activation  the evening of March 20th.

Next is Meg Benedicte’s March 20 mid-day

‘Eclipse-Equinox Global Intentions’ Broadcast 

As part of Suzanne Lie’s 5-Part Series, you can choose to access her Equinox event on Saturday, Feb 21 at 11am CLICK HERE to Register for Single Event

Anrita Melchizedek’s ‘Initiates Cloak of Light Elders Equinox Transmission’  

will take place on Saturday March 21. It is a 1.5 hour tele/webinar conference session.

Last but not least is Selacia’s astrologically-oriented article that addresses the Equinox Gateway, which gives us wise counset to help prepare us for it. This is also an intro to her event…

 ‘Council of 12 Global Meditation -Equinox on March 21 

Well, while more may come my way before the Equinox, I believe this is quite enough quality info and events to choose from.

Regardless of how you may choose to celebrate the New-Moon-Eclipse, Equinox, ENJOY!  Perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you at one of them.

Lots of Love, Joy, & Celebration,




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