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Dearest ONES,
It is so interesting to me that with one exception, I found nothing else to inspire me to send you a post before now. Then within this past few days, it all unfolded perfectly. This is ‘living in the NOW’ at its best!  I can totally relax with absolute ‘knowing’ how divinely perfect life is in each and every moment! Interestingly enough I had been a bit held up due to some technical issues… and remembered from years ago, how often something does not happen in a timely manner (whatever that means) because a piece of the puzzle has to drop in first… in this case, it was several juicy pieces! 
Perhaps because this one came to me first, or that it is somewhat a foundational piece, I would like to begin with Mark Borax’s ‘Special New Year’s Edition – 2014: Year of the Green Horse’, which I believe I am (at least I do know I’m a horse, and green has always been my favorite color… do you think this qualifies me?)
If you’ve read his prior reports, you already know he is not only very knowledgeable and informative, but has an intriguing way of presenting it. And soooooo, here is: 2014: Year of the Green Horse   
Next, is positive proof there’s plenty of planetary progress going on, here is an intro from Foster and Kimberly Gamble, introducing their blog with the link to it.
Dear Thrive Movement,
In the past few weeks our mailboxes have been flooded with good news and we are happy to share it with you! Click here to hear and read a summary of these positive advancements all over the world. Each of these stories is encouraging on its own and can also serve as an inspiration and template to further the trends!
BTW, if you go to their website, www.thrivemovement.com and even sign up for their newsletter, you can get this sort of inspiring news more often. you can also (if you feel to) find a place in the larger scheme of things to contribute to the betterment of humanity. 
Now comes a more esoteric offering from Steve and Barbara Rother… a Beacons of Light channeling called  

‘A Time Of Stillness’ that gives us a higher perspective of what is currently happening on the inner planes, which of course affects us on the outer.  Its rather long, but I feel well worth the time and effort if you resonate with it, that is. 
Many of you know I used to promote Lauren Gorgo quite regularly, but until now, I just didn’t resonate with her messages. She’s apparently moving in a new direction, which so far I DO resonate with. It actually reminds me of the new direction I am moving in… my new blogs, which are quite ‘remedy’ oriented. Here again, I have been kept from completing 3 I’ve been working on… perhaps because its not quite time to unveil them yet. Stay tuned…  But I digress… so here is Lauren’s Gorgo’s (short version)blog: 2014: Resurrection Of New Life  BTW, you can also opt for the longer version, which I was not guided to do… but it does cost$$ 

Last but certainly not least, here is Story Water’s beautiful and powerful channeled video/audio meditation/activation   It is presented in audio via two versions: with and without music and I can see why. Having said that, because I’m very visual, after tasting all three, I opted for the video…. the choice is totally yours, of course!

Wait, wait, wait…. just in from my friend Gemma Deneen… this one I saw awhile ago and realized it so totally fits with these others…  The headline for this Good News Network piece is: ‘Incredible Animal Communicator Translates Deadly Leopard’s Woes’  This story is about a very fierce and angry leopard who, once he’s able to tell the why’s and wherefore’s of his woes, becomes docile and even loving. This shows just how important clear and compassionate communication is for humans as well. A truly touching true tale!!

Hopefully, this will satiate your thirst for what I offer as I have no idea how long it may be before sending the next one.  I’m lovin’ the NOW!!!


Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


Photography by Bruce Robinson  www.brucerobinsonphotography.com 

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