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Dearest ONES,

Well, to begin with, it looks like September may be a challenging month for those who have not completely released their #emotional baggage. I like to think if the stars are pushing us to do so, we need to use that momentum to help transcend that which may be holding us back.

Here is an excerpt from the September Cosmic Weather Report from Mark Borax, who gives us wise counsel on how we might do just that…

Living Under #Water

“From late August through all September the dominant theme on a soul level is of living under water, due to the fact that more planets are in water than any other element, and many more septile aspects are formed between planets than usual in the course of a month.

Water is the element of soul and #emotion, that presides over the inner life of human beings, which is the #dimension easiest to avoid and hardest to fathom, because of the layers of inner truth we hide from ourselves, and the layers we disown and project.”

Read on as Mark Borax beautifully describes how these energies challenge and support us to grow emotionally. 

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As many of us will undoubtedly need extra #emotional support this month, I will offer my new SOUND HEALING gift (through Chief Joseph), which came to me while facilitating a Divine Energy Session for Michael Verdeal, at the end of which Michael exclaimed, ‘Wow!! That was like Roto-Rooter!!  I mentioned Michael in my last post as an extraordinary sound healer, who utilizes ancient wisdom from 7 indigenous tribes through playing Tibetan & Crystal bowls and drums in sacred ceremony. Knowing this, its no surprise Chief Joseph was inspired to bring forth these ##healing sounds through me during that session. I have also learned, these healing sounds quickly help with emotional and karmic release… perfect for this month in particular. Feel free to contact me to schedule a session via phone/skype or in person.

Celia Fenn Diamond Light

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn also comments on the #Frequency shifts in September…

“The first major shift will be felt on the 9/9, on the 9th of September. This is a key moment when those on the #Earth can take a step forward to another level of #Wisdom and #Light. It will a point where you can integrate all the waves of Light Codes that have washed over the Planet in the months since the Planetary New Year in July. It may also be a “breaking point” for many, where relationships and partnerships that no longer reflect where you are in life may have to be released. On a Global scale, this will also be true, and you may expect severe Global tension in the week of the 9/9. We urge you, Beloved Ones, to remain in your core power and aligned in your #Diamond #Heart, and seek to anchor only #Peace and #Harmony within your Heart and on the Earth.

The period between the 9/9 and the Equinox may also be difficult and chaotic, but it is necessary to hold that balance within your Diamond Heart.”

On the upside, Celia also invites us to Open to the Diamond Light and Higher Frequency. Here she describes how The Diamond Earth Communities begin to form amid the chaos of the old and talks about the very special Diamond Children, who will be key in taking humanity to the next level of unfoldment. 

“They are Masters of #Time and #Space, and they come to Earth with a new perspective of life and creation. They are born with the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes for creation fully activated in their Light Bodies.” to read more, click here:

This next one is from Pleiadian Izora channeled by Mona Delfino.
“On August 23rd, a dear client and friend requested this channeling as a session. As it turned out, the message was surprising to her and she said Izora requested this be public. An urgent message for humanity, and anyone who will understand it can help in creating our world for peace, unity, etc. If it is not paid heed, we are possibly going to repeat a cycle that happens every 26,000 years. We are here again together to help bring about only the best for ourselves and our children.”
Here is the channeling…  
Just after I read this one, Lee Harris’ September Energy Forecast arrived… in perfect divine timing! Lucky for us, in this one Lee addresses how best to navigate these transitional energies. Here is the link to his video:  
September 2014 Energy Forecast - Lee Harris
September 2014 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris
Last but not least, perhaps to help refresh when the stress gets the best of you, here is Jo Dunning with a short video that offers a powerful process to help provide and awaken your trillions of cells.

“During this video process your cells will receive amazing energy directly from Source. With this powerful Divine Energy each cell can become more Awakened and alive. Every cell will receive the energy to help restore itself to its youthful vitality and energy.”

To access the video, click here… Trillions of Cells Video

Well that’s it for now… I trust this has been helpful!   Enjoy!!

Lots of Love, Clarity & Transcendence,

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