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Dearest ONES,
As usual of late, the energies are certainly having their way with us. Having had some awesome Hellerwork sessions with Joseph Heller lately, I was finally making amazing progress in terms of getting my body totally pain free. Then this past Monday, I tripped over some uneven pavement, landed hard on my knees and broke my left Patella (the knee cap, which protects the knee joint). I was told by Joseph that I was really lucky it was ONLY the patella, as it would heal really fast! He also said to NOT bind it, but to let pain to be my guide me in terms of allowing knee movements. It has been 4 days since the accident and I’m doing great… mostly due to Joseph’s elegant and effective Hellerwork adjustments and counseling. Joseph just gave me a subsequent session where he not only helped the knee still further, but he worked on my ‘drop-foot’ nerve condition and now my foot’s range of motion has increased!  To me that’s a true miracle!!! If you have a Hellerworker in your area, I highly recommend trying it out as an alternative to massage, especially if you have body structural or muscular issues.In looking back on the past week, I now realize I had been pushing things a bit lately… its so easy to get back into the old habits, especially since I’ve been so excited about putting together my new website, which has (for the most part) been really easy. If you check it out you’ll be amazed at how much I accomplished in about 4 days… with a template from Vista Print that costs between $5 and $15 a month. The best part is: they have LIVE PHONE SUPPORT!! Although its still a work in progress, you can view my website at And considering I am giving a group Divine Energy Transmission on Sunday, at the Best of Mt Shasta, you may want to check out the short video I created to introduce it.

This website will enable me to begin charging even just $1 per email in the future, which I really DO NOT WANT TO DO!  Having said that, I also don’t want to have to keep reminding everyone to please send even teeny, tiny $1 donations once a month. If everyone who opens even ONE of my emails each month did just that, I would be about $300 richer every month, which I’d be trilled with!  I find it sad that I’m lucky to have even 5% of you making any donations at all and ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for those of you who DO donate!! And as I’ve said many times before, if you want OTHERS to pay YOU for YOUR work, you need to PAY OTHERS for THEIR work. So above, so below…  Okay,’nuff said!

I had planned to send out this email of Tom Kenyon’s on Monday night but as we all know, the best laid plans… yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ve only just had a chance to actually check it out… and OMG!!! This is AWESOME!!!Tom has good and bad news for us. Here’s the BAD news: While we’ve been experiencing Chaotic Nodes since 2011, we’re embarking upon more potent ones now, the first of which has to do with shattering certain self images that have not been serving our highest good.

The GOOD news is that the Hathors have given us a simple way to help us move through these Chaotic Nodes. It involves an easy 5-minute visualization (see image just below) which can be used with or without (I recommend WITH) one of Tom’s specified awesome sound-healing pieces of music. Having just tried it, all I can say is, ‘be sure to give it a go, especially when you are dealing with these potent Chaotic Nodes’. The link is just below the picture. Try it… I ‘know’ you’ll like it!

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


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