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Dearest ONES,
I can’t believe its been 5 months since my last post (http://conta.cc/2c7zLq7), but then again, this healing process for my hip-replacement surgery has been different, more intense, and life-changing than any other surgery I’ve ever experienced. I’m thinking I’m not alone in feeling at a major turning point. 2017 definitely feels that way. Having just read the wisdom from posts by Judy Satory  http://tinyurl.com/zzsn8ea Lauren Gorgo http://tinyurl.com/zk7a9tq & Meg Benedicte http://tinyurl.com/h6pvavv , I now realize its not just my surgery but the intense energy influxes, causing those who are ready to really engage with 5th Dimensional energies. I’m totally Time Warping…. what an adventure!! There’s wisdom in these posts for everyone who is engaged with the energy changes no matter where they are in their evolvement. 
Part of the shift for me is that for the first time in my life, I am finally a Human ‘Being’ rather than a Human ‘Doing’, which I’m truly grateful for. As a consummate work-a-holic, in the past, even when I’ve had major, life-threatening health issues, I’ve always just kept on keeping on as if nothing in my life had changed… even after a major heart attack. Its such a relief to now just relax while vegging-out on Netflix movies all day long in order to allow the healing process to progress, which has been on going for almost 3 months!  I just realized this was actually smart because when we engage our brains during the flu, an accident, or after surgery, the mental activity actually slows down the healing process,as it takes a lot more energy to think than you realize! 
I didn’t really have much of a choice as, since right after the surgery I had this intense brain fog take over me, which I, at first, attributed to all the toxic meds  and anesthesia they gave me during my 2-day hospital stay. This was also exacerbated by the continuing dimensional wobble and intense energy influxes we’re all experiencing these days. I now know, while both may have been contributing factors, it was most likely even more my body’s way of slowing me down in order to speed up the recovery. The greatest benefit to me was/is the turning point away from workaholism. 
I recently talked with several people who have had the same or similar brain fog after some life crisis.. one person for about a year! BTW, I realized that this phenomenon has nothing to do with age (alzheimer’s) as another person was in her 40s when that happened to her. I also remembered 5 years ago, when I had a nasty case of flu while organizing a very complicated, detailed event for my spiritual teacher, which required extremely clear thinking, I could barely do it. My usual crystal clear detail-oriented brain was not able to complete the task until just before the event took place, after the flu was gone. 
This is the first time in almost 3 months that I finally have the mental clarity I’ve been waiting for in order to move on with my life in a completely new way, which is why I’m finally able to write this newsletter. One thing is clear, I am leaving the USA and heading South for a warmer climate and gentler way of life…. perhaps you could say I’m finally retiring….something I never thought I’d say or do. More importantly, I now realize that after over 30 years of intentional service to humanity (by helping to raise the love and light on the planet), my life purpose is complete. Hallelujah!!  
That’s not to say I won’t continue using the gifts I was born with… the energy healing and counseling (to mention a few), as needed, but doing it quite organically… just flowing along during this new zen journey, very much like the 6 years I spent, mostly in Europe, spreading love and light from 1997 till 2003, often in trade for room and board.  They were the most magical years of my life and I’m looking forward to a similar adventure. 
While that is the main reason I’m leaving the USA, there’s also another. Since Herr Trumph has taken office he reminds me too much of Hitler. And we all know how that turned out! I already spent my last lifetime being tortured as a child, in one of Hitler’s concentration camps. Its taken most of this lifetime to realize that and heal the post traumatic stress from it. Since I’ve also been gifted with a divine sense of timing, that guidance tells me ‘Get the hell out of Dodge!!’ This is not necessarily guidance for all, as many are here to balance out this energy. 
Soooooo, I’m now picturing warm, nurturing weather, lots of sunshine, pristine beaches with gorgeous clear blue water and white sand, and beautifully lush green landscapes, where living is easy and affordable. Since I’ve already spent 3 months in Vilcabamba Ecuador, about 8 years ago, I just may begin there… but the research has only just begun. I’ve subscribed to International Living – a service to help find these magical, affordable destinations and I can tell you, I’m inspired!!!
Although I’m also still in the think-tank about what else might take my time and creative energies, for the time being, I will discontinue writing these newsletters/blogs. Perhaps once I get on the road, I’ll send out a travelogue, which is really where this newsletter journey began 20 years ago during my 6-year zen adventure. And there still is a possibility I may eventually begin producing and facilitating ‘The Zahn Quan Yin Love TV Show’, but that’s only if I am inspired to. Ooor, maybe I’ll simply enjoy this next zen journey and share it only with those I meet on the road. I guess we’ll all have to simply wait and see…  
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Well, that’s it for now…  Here’s wishing all of you a magical, mystical, healthy, prosperous 2017 & beyond!   
Lots of Love & Adventure,
P.S. Since many of you live in various places on the planet; some having traveled to other places as well, if you have any suggestions even beyond South America, please feel free to give me any pertinent info. Also, please note, I’m willing to trade room and board for healing and counseling  as well as a myriad of other abilities. You can check out some of those gifts on my website: www.zahnsmelange.com 
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