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Dearest ONES,

… and the beat goes on…  my waning energy level for the past two weeks left me feeling like a wet noodle, able to do little more than veg on movies for much of that time. On Monday, the 8th, I felt a sudden burst of energy and fortunately, the days prior had the guidance to begin compiling some perfect material to now post. Most of it deals with the December energies and astrological aspects of the auspicious #Uranus #Pluto Square on December 15th and how it affects us all.  The first two offerings are from my two favorite Astrologers… and then there is more…

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Commercial break concluded, here is the astrological reading from Mark Borax, which begins with:


“For a century astrologers have predicted a worldwide change connected to the Age of Aquarius, introduced to mass culture in the 1960s. Some qualities associated with this age are the dawn of #heart #consciousness, emergence of the true human being, and dismantling a world culture where a tiny percentage of the population controls a vast amount of the #wealth and resources.

In 1966 #Uranus conjuncted #Pluto, launching the cycle that we are now entering the second phase of, which is the three-year set of squares between them. The squares form a tunnel to the future. Between June, 2012, and March, 2015, these planets square each other seven times.

To read more… 

Here is one by Kelley Romano that begins…

“This second to the last #Uranus #Pluto square happens on December 15. The final square will be on March 17, 2015. The faster moving planets will keep this energy active through April of next year. For the next five months you are being asked to make core changes in your life. Many have made huge shifts and changes. You want to be a #change agent. Get into the driver seat. Take charge of your life. Initiate change. Pluto and Uranus will empower you to make the needed changes. Make friends with change.  

To

Speaking of change, here is Lauren Gorgo (Think With Your Heart), with her take on the energies of December, which focuses a great deal on change, beginning with…

“Relief is at hand. We have come thru the long dark tunnel, hopefully intact (tho be sure to count your fingers and toes) and the sun is trying to shine again…tho this time, soul-y from within.  

December promises a Christ-mas unlike any other.

The entire month is power-packed with potential for some serious lift-off into 2015, but especially around the so(u)lstice when some incredible christed light and transmutative forces will blaze thru our lives & bodies creating new forms & structures via the highly alchemical golden frequencies.

For some, this will be a very freeing time.  For others, this intensified light will increasingly #challenge all that stands in the line of (God) fire.

Either way, change is all around us, and from what I am shown this is barely the tip of the iceberg!  

In the Part 2  ( the report I talk about some of these very exciting changes and they will mean for those who are ready to move fully into their cosmic-human Self.”

If you find all this just a bit unsettling, here is a way to create a lighter and more harmonious personal experience with the #revolutionary energies of December…

Tips for More #Harmony by Selacia introduced by her take on the December energies…  Click here…  

If perhaps you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned the upcoming very special Winter #Solstice, it is because I will do that next week. If you have any info/events you feel are worthy of my sharing, please do send them to me. 

I wish you all the best in navigating these amazing energies. Please use them to your advantage as much as possible… 

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


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