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Dearest ONES,
I believe, due to the tremendously intense and powerful energies during Spectacular Septemberwhich if course included 2 Eclipses, the Equinox, a Blood Full moon… and MOST OF ALL, our Solar System’s entering the APEX of the PHOTON BELT… things…they are a’changin’, on Global and Personal levels!!! To expand on this a bit, I believe, its because of this occurrence of our Solar System moving through the Photon Belt (which happens every 26,000 years) that this is actually changing all Humans on a Cellular Level to bring them from ‘matter’ (3D reality) to ‘anti-matter’ (higher dimensional states) that this shift is happening. 

Here is some proof of the Photon Belt’s effect in a 9.5-minute video that explains how the solar System is changing too: 
Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System

In 1997, Russian geophysicist, Alexei Dmitriev published a paper, which was translated into English as, “The Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life,” in which he stated that the Solar System was starting to move through an area of space with more charged particles, which were causing irreversible alterations to its planets. He postulated that the Earth’s biosphere and humanity could only to these new conditions through seeking a deep understanding of these fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us and that politicians, and citizens a like, would be able to achieve balance with these changing states and processes. To watch…    http://tinyurl.com/oghlmen 

And while many are already experiencing uplifting changes in consciousness, prosperity and health issues, etc., there may be some who are (for whatever reason) finding the shift somewhat challenging. For them, I offer my very short, to-the-point book,to help bring more magic and fluidity into your life… ‘R.O.L.L. With It!’  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BXVMUEY  

There will also be help from Meg Benedicte on how to integrate these energies, Matt Kahn’s uniquely awesome latest wisdom, astrological reports with guidance from Mark Borax and the Power Path School of Shamanism, divine counsel from Sandra Walter and Selacia along with some incredible info of Real Planetary Change to uplift and inspire you, which includes a totally affordable FREE ENERGY device that will soon be available globally. 
We begin with two astrological reports, the first from Mark Borax’s blog…


Ripples At the Gates of Change

By Carmelo Blandino

Saturn entered Sagittarius two weeks ago, sending ripples of possibility into the tight corners our species got stuck in right at the gates of change. We’re capable of so much more than we realize as a species, and it’s the job of Sagittarius to light the golden flame burning in the heart of humanity, which is the part of us that knows that everything is run by love and magic, and you’re here to share the magic rather than horde it up for some future incarnation.

During the next two years as Saturn moves through the Sign of the Centaur/Archer a new dream of life on earth is rippling through the collective energy field, becoming available to all those willing to challenge the old stories and dig deeper to enact a story of the soul.

The truth is you and I are made of stars. This isn’t a stretch of the imagination. The iron in our blood came from white dwarf stars. The nitrogen which makes life on earth possible by wrapping an envelope of atmosphere around the world that contains the air we breathe was seeded here by comets slingshotting from deep space on the long way around the universe and back again. We are, literally, the stuff stars are made of.

Yet over and over we get caught in the delusion that we are so much less than love. We pretend to be measly little critters in a hopelessly tangled universe, forgetting what we are made of.

The two years now beginning can spring human imagination from the tight constraints of a very confused species that can nonetheless awaken to its greater nature, sponsored by the kind of vibrations Saturn in Saj is ushering in. Some folks pick up on this quicker, some folks later, some not at all, but it’s there, leaking in from the center of the galaxy in shades of blue-violet — the first dawning rays of a new way to be.

So whatever you dare to imagine to make your  brightest dream of life come true, this is not the time to stint and dawdle but make a bold audacious gamble that risks something old for the sake of something new and evolutionary.

If, like most people,  you’ve fallen for the epidemic of amnesia that has blurred the bright vision of our true nature, if you’ve gotten stranded in a world far from love and soul, then let the archer’s bowstring twang you back to the brilliant hopefulness of the child within you who knows that nothing is too wonderful to be true. 

Here is an excerpt from the Power Path School of Shamanism… who’s theme for October is…
 This month we are striving to balance our lives in a way that serves us better and brings all the bits and pieces we have been juggling into a new and more balanced configuration and alignment.

Our faith and trust (themes of September) have been tested, challenged, pushed, revealed, expanded and rewarded. And now it is time to give up the struggle and surrender ourselves to the more natural flow and balance that wants to emerge.

The most significant area of striving for balance is between “doing” and “being”. This month become aware of your tendency to infuse everything with “doing”. Even when you pray, contemplate, focus on intentions, or “do” a meditation, you are still in “doing” mode. Receptivity needs be 100 percent if you are going to receive. You can only fully receive while “being” 100 percent receptive.

Meg Benedicte, gives us insight as well as advice on how to integrate the Photon energy. Here is an excerpt…
Gamma Photon Light Infusion!
Since the Eclipse Stargate infusion (Wave-X to some), you may be experiencing new sensations as well as familiar physical symptoms. The Crystal Light blast is literally purging toxic energy from your field. The higher Light energies accelerate our frequency with electrical surges through our Chakra Pillar, into the brain stem, nervous system, cell nucleus and Heart Center. We are in the process of crystallizing our cellular makeup.

The photon Light infusion needs to be integrated deep into the cell nucleus, at the atomic level. You may be experiencing physical shaking, overstressed nerves, nausea, heart palpitations, headaches, body aches, flu-like symptoms, needing more sleep and rest. The purging process can overtax the liver and kidneys, so take extra care and hydrate. Up your silica intake and support your electrolytes while the body absorbs the photon Light. To read more…  https://newearthcentral.com/gamma-photon-light-infusion/

Here are 2 from Sandra Walter who always give us a wonderfully helpful higher perspective, beginning with the Oct 4th 

…followed by Oct 5th’s Neutrality & Discernment video…

And then we have an excerpt from Selacia’s latest 
Update On The Current Energies…

This latest cycle likely put you on edge a few times. Keep in mind that along with the big stuff you are encountering and addressing, it’s often the petty stuff that gets you off balance and out of your power center. Tip: make less time for petty things that won’t matter long term and save your precious light-filled energy to create big things in the highest ways. To read more…   http://tinyurl.com/oypt5wl 

Here is an intro to Matt Kahn’s latest fabulous Featured Video…
The Most Essential Spiritual Question

In this brand-new video, Matt invites you to explore one of the most powerful questions discovered throughout the spiritual journey to transform the frustrations and hardships of everyday life with peace, joy, and ease. Please help us spread the healing energy contained within this deeply-revealing video by sharing it with everyone you love. There are some good belly laughs along the way, too! Sputter, sputter, snort, snort! 😉  To watch…   http://tinyurl.com/q3mdm5e 

NOW, on a GLOBAL, ECOLOGICAL level, there’s AMAZING news you’re just gonna LOVE to hear about, beginning with the fact that, as you may already have suspected by the dropping prices at the pump….  
Oil’s Value Keeps Dropping, So Shell Drops Arctic Drilling
Fracking Boom Goes Bust as Companies File for Bankruptcy  http://tinyurl.com/nz8w5g3 
Perhaps this is also why, over the past year, investors holding $2.6 trillion in assets have pledged to divest from companies that produce coal, oil, and natural gas. Here’s the article…
Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Divestment Call as Fossil Fuels Could Lose Billions in Investment
Here’s a few more indirect reasons why oil prices are plummeting… 
Scientists Turn Green Algae Into Biofuel at $50 a Barrel

Sweden to Become One of World’s First Fossil Fuel-Free Nation 


Here’s a country who has taken it all ‘to the limit’!!
Bhutan Carbon Neutral
In terms of reducing GMOs, we are definitely making progress as well…
Russian Govt Completely Bans GMOs in Food Production http://tinyurl.com/pa3twfn


Wales and Bulgaria Latest to Join Massive EU Wave of GMO Bans 

As of today, Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Poland as well as one regional administration (Wallonia, in Belgium) have formally notified the commission of their intention to ban GMO crop cultivation, Greenpeace said. There are impending notifications from Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, as well as and three regional administrations-Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the UK, Greenpeace noted. http://tinyurl.com/ptp47lq 

We’ve all known for a long, long time about Free Energy, that is destined to replace fossil fuels… Well, its now a REALITY!!!

India permits free energy technology despite threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia
I saved the best for last!!! I recently reconnected with a retired ‘Rocket Scientist’ friend who told me about…
which is sure to fast-forward us into the Golden Age.
It all starts here…Dr. Mehran Keshe explains how they are rolling out the plasma energy devices this month that will revolutionize how Humanity lives.
The new “Blue Box” is the size of a tissue box and indestructible, solid state. 
The unit is designed specifically to be affordable for every person on the planet, for a cost of $200 so every home can generate power and not be reliant on power companies. For those who cannot afford the unit, funding will be available from many sources around the world.
Energy in exchange for Peace… That’s right Dr Keshe is offering this device to countries who sign a Peace Treaty. And because he doesn’t want that to be an obstacle, Dr Keshe also says it doesn’t matter whether a country will sign the Peace Treaty because the units will go out worldwide regardless, adding that within the next 6 to 12 months our world will have changed dramatically for the better as manufacturing will have created enough units for the entire world. To read more and for full video…  
I say, ‘From his mouth to God’s ears’, although considering all the progress we are making, I don’t see why this can’t/won’t happen as planned or at least in the not-too-distant future. As you can see, we humans and planet Earth have indeed reached the Tipping Point!!  And while there is much more to be done, I feel there’s no where to go but UP!!  On that note, I leave you for now… wishing you all a magical journey forth..
Lots of Love, Joy, & Progress,

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