ROLL With It



‘R.O.L.L. With It!’

      …A quick and easy way to help you      gracefully glide from Fear to Love


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     Forward by Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker

              Terry Cole-Whittaker is an Internationally renowned New Thought writer and          founder of the Terry Cole-Whittaker ministries.

“R.O.L.L With It’ is a wonderfully enriching and instructive small body of knowledge that is so simple yet powerfully effective. It will help any person who desires to end fear and the unwanted outcome of where fear leads.  Author Zahn LaScot, in an easy-to-read and very personal way, has explained how she transcended fear and escaped potentially tragic situations by a simple yet courageous action that we can all apply in any situation, dangerous or not.  She is a master storyteller who engages and challenges the reader to use a new approach to dealing with difficult people and situations that may seem hopeless but turn out as a victory of love over anger, hate, and fear.  Given so many books for self help available, this brief, but potent offering gets right to the point and gives us a solution should we dare to apply it.” 


“The e-book, R.O.L.L. With It by Zahn LaScot is an inspired journal, written right from the heart, and filled with simple, poignant, and penetrating insights about how to get through our difficult lives and transition into a wise and loving state of being.  Moving out of fear and into love would seem like an impossible task set before us.  Zahn helps us all through this journey in a manner that rings with authenticity.  A must read!”                                        

Linda Schurman, author of “What Next?  A Survival Guide to the 21st Century.” and internationally renowned Mundane Astrologer

“A heartfelt thanks for “ROLL.”  This is a marvelous book, beautiful in its simplicity. I encourage you to get it out there in whatever form manifests.  It was very parallel with the extraordinary “The 4 Agreements,” but much shorter, which I love.”

Michael Zanger, Mountain Guide and Author of “Mount Shasta: History, Legends & Lore”.

“Zahn has brilliantly written a book that gets right to the CORE.  In it’s simplicity, it delivers easy to use, practical and tangible tools for transformation.  She hits the bullseye with her R.O.L.L. philosophy on life and those who embrace the teachings here will flow with grace and ease while moving into the Golden Age through LOVE.”

                                   Michelle Anderson, Founder, A Circle of Radiant Love 

“In the many years that I have known Zahn personally, I have come to appreciate her down-to-earth honesty and heartfelt desire for spiritual growth… A true seeker of wisdom, walking her path powerfully, Zahn has written a beautiful jewel of a book, filled with practical wisdom, clearly expressed and easy to digest…  ROLL, is an honest insightful look into how the human mind works and how we can easily and effectively bring a positive change in our lives…..  ROLL empowers its reader with a practical tool-kit for personal healing and spiritual growth… The wisdom in this book is true, clearly expressed, easy to read and simple to follow…  A guiding light on the spiritual path…”

                                          Susanna Sophia Hart, Angel Oracle and Visionary

“Zahn LaScot’s book ROLL With It is simple and profound all at once! Judgment of ourselves and others keeps us in polarity and is the single most practiced habit that is keeping us from moving out of fear and into the frequency of Unconditional Love. I love her simple and easy-to-implement approach to “gracefully glide from Fear to Love.” It is a VERY timely users manual for sure – brilliantly written and highly recommended!”

                  An-Ra-Nae Meders, Master Alchemist of “Mystic Journey OM” Sacred Oils


Format: Kindle Edition

‘R.O.L.L. With It!’ is the most effective book I’ve ever read on how to flow and activate synchronicities in one’s life. We all know the saying, “Life didn’t come with a manual”. Ahhh, but I think it did and its called R.O.L.L. This book is for all levels of awakening whether you just want to learn how to free yourself from stress and live a more magical & full life or if you’re awakened and you need to hone your faith and fearless skills, dear Zahn has given us the tools. Thank you!!!’  

                                                                       Blessings, Sunshine

Format:Kindle Edition

‘Zahn’s great storytelling and insights from her own life experiences (which brought her to a deeper understanding of how all of this “being human” works), is a delightful read. I have learned to let go of expectation and outcome, and to replace it with excitement, surrender, and anticipation. Her 4 easy steps (R.O.L.L.) can help anyone change their energetic imprint and move into Love and Surrender, which opens us up to all possibility. I can hardly wait to see what shows up next! Do not hesitate to read this little e-book…it is short, succinct, heartfelt, and very powerful in its simplicity.’

                                                                                       Blaze, CA

Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase

“I am very excited to recommend this easy to follow and informative little book that has helped me to easily become “unstuck” when I need to immediately turn life’s many challenges including my negative thoughts into self-empowerment and a positive and “no blame” response in my relationships. This well written little book has easily applicable examples which can assist and transform our belief system into one where one can seek an uncomplicated, step by step “rolling” towards others, manifesting our desires and connection to positive acceptance of ourselves and others. Just open any page and you can read a message to help get back on track to peace, love and acceptance of yourself and others. A joyous book to have on your night stand.”

                                                                         Bisbee, Miami Beach FLA

Format:Paperback/Amazon Verified Purchase

“Zahn has shared several heartwarming stories in which the individuals were challenged to find the strength and perseverance to work through disheartening life situations. Then, Zahn explains her approach to overcoming such situations through a simple four step process leading to self empowerment. A quick read packed with helpful, insightful information! Enjoy!”

                                                            With Love & Gratitude, Linda

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