“Thank you for your wonderful support today, Zahn! You hold a beautiful space of non attachment and then stepped out of the way for Source to flow through your words. The space you held opened a clear reflection to my souls Higher truth. Blessed be!! Oh what a gift; during this very challenging time in hearing my souls guidance. Thank you, thank you! May you be Blessed in all ways”                                                                                                                                                              – Jeannie 


“I did a phone session with Zahn a couple weeks ago. She recommended some healing work regarding a wound with the unavailable mother, which apparently causes me to seek women who also aren’t available. Obviously, this becomes really hurtful and frustrating for me. Also, I’ve been “stuck” as to get on with things in my life… like going after my Life’s Purpose. She recommended the “Tapping World Summit”. Its been fabulous for me. Lots of healing, emotional releases; increased awareness; feelings coming up; repressed stuff coming up. Etc. I think I’m on the right track now! Thank you Zahn!”                                                   

                   –  Larry S