Zahn 2011

Zahn has been doing this work, pretty much all her life, mostly without realizing it. From early on, total strangers often told her their intimate life stories spontaneously in unexpected settings, like clothing or grocery stores. She usually had words of wisdom to share that were helpful. After many years of psychotherapy during the 1970s and then her spiritual awakening in 1986, having learned that potent energies had always flowed through her, she was able to consistently help people energetically, emotionally and psychologically.  It was apparently a gift she ‘came in’ with.

 Zahn has been facilitating Lucid-Life Coaching Sessions along with her ‘Divine Energy   Sessions’ for many years, both in the USA, Europe, and Ecuador via Private, Group and         Remote consultations. Until more recently, Zahn offered them more informally for friends and relatives whenever it was called for. Now, she is guided to facilitate them for a fee.*

This is basically the way she works:  Zahn consistently channels Quan Yin, AA Metatron & Chief Joseph, often silently, although they tend to come through her verbally as well, when they feel it is appropriate. Her gift has always been as an artful interviewer, to bring forth the key issues to be worked on, while following the threads as they weave the fabric of not only the challenges but possible solutions. It is quite an organic, if not magical process that seems to help quite a few people.

In addition, by combining Divine Energy Sessions, which include channeling the energies and messages of Quan Yin and AA Metatron plus the Language of Light Healing Sounds of Chief Joseph – that help break through resistant emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues – with the Lucid-Life Coaching, Quantum Shifts often occur. 


To Book A Private, Group or Remote Session: Contact Zahn

COST: Phone or Zoom sessios are $1 per minute with a 30 minute minimum charge, paid in advance via Paypal undefined