“The first session I had with Zahn was when I was having severe menstrual cramps, which ceased within about 15 minutes. The next time I went for a gynecological exam, I learned that my fibroid tumors had disappeared!  The second time was when I had the flu, which Zahn literally pulled out of me!! As she worked her magic, I felt the aches and pains release from my body, my fever cool, and my clogged nose and congested chest clear.  It was certainly a most remarkable experience! ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                 Donna Friend, Bisbee, AZ

“About a month after I broke my femur, having had a metal rod put into it, Zahn offered me a Quantum Energy Session. Before we began, my injured leg felt like it didn’t belong to me. Once the energy moved down into my legs, I felt great pain where the break was, while the healing sounds of Chief Joseph focused on that area. This was soon replaced with the sensation of the broken bone filling up, first with energy and then becoming more physically solid. Soon after, my whole body went into perfect balance, especially my legs!  It was incredible!! Afterwards. my leg felt so much more integrated and I noticed the swelling had gone down considerably.”      

                                                              Maqua Iqua, Mt Shasta CA  

“The short healing session you gave me today was so fast and effective. When we met, I could barely see you for the visual disturbances in one eye and the migraine headache, which was just beginning.  As you worked with your hands I felt an increase in pressure and discomfort and shortly after, an expansion and release of energy.  Within an hour after your brief session, my discomfort was completely gone and vision was normal”

                              Mollie Summerland, Facilitator for Ascension Activations, L.A. CA                                                                                                                                                                                            

“While going through a major transition, I was in quite a state of overwhelm. Zahn offered to help me get clear of the chaotic energies so that I could do what needed to be done, with clarity and without stress. She did so in a very non-linear way  through conversation and energy work, so that the chaotic energy was  cleared,. The next day I was able to easily move forward with what needed to be done. I am grateful for Zahn’s effortless process and the great results.                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                      Jeanie Avalon, Mt Shasta CA

‘Receiving a brief healing from Zahn, I noticed her great ability to interact with people’s auras. Her energy work is amazing at moving stagnant energies and blockages, which is quite essential to healers. I received powerful healing light throughout the transmission, which I saw as beautiful heart-geometries whose colors were pink, gold, blue and indigo. I’d like to also mention that her presence is healing in and of itself – she holds a gentle loving awareness centered in the heart.’                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                            Ruby Na, Mt Shasta CA

“Zahn’s Energy Transmissions are quite gentle and subtle. They work on a deep level, where physical and/or emotional energies are lodged, to awaken and release blockages. During sessions, I can feel tingling or even brief pain, as in my jaw where dental trauma was; sensations that continue to work for as long as three days, while blockages are moving through and out of my body.”

                            DR Hughes, Supporter For Others’ Healing Gifts, Mt Shasta, CA

“Zahn’s simple but profound energy clearings, alignments, and calibrations are from the highest level of pure love and Source.  During sessions, I experience quick clearings of whatever no longer serves my highest good, while downloading and integrating gifts from Divine Source.”

             Sarah Welborn, Facilitator for Inner & Outer Sacred Journeys, Mt Shasta, CA

“ In our session together, Zahn held a safe and loving space for a cathartic emotional release of much grief and frustration. Although I don’t claim to know what she does in a technical sense, I can attest that Zahn’s readiness to wade into the waters with me and see what was there, wanting to be expressed and/or released provided just the right invitation I needed. I felt pounds lighter when I left.” 

                                                 Catherine P., Artist/Writer, Mt Shasta, CA

“Zahn placed her hands upon my shoulders for about ten minutes. That’s all it took. When she withdrew them, I realized all the tension in my body and mind was gone. I was amazed, especially since I hadn’t even realized I had been tense!!!                                                                                                      

                                                              Joy Hunt Germaine, Mt Shasta, CA

“I can strongly recommend Zahn’s energy work. Her treatment was able to relieve pain that multiple sessions of physical therapy did not completely heal. I found her treatment relaxing and soothing. Her simple technique was able to effectively reduce my pain. During two subsequent sessions, Zahn also provided me with coaching which I found beneficial. One of the topics she assisted me with was helping with a business related matter. I appreciate Zahn’s gifts and can highly recommend her energy and coaching work.” 

                                                                                                      E.M., Mt Shasta CA     



When I get migraines, they always last between 12 and14 hours. Just 30 minutes into one yesterday, Zahn called. She offered a healing, on the phone, which only took about 20 minutes. One half hour later the migraine was gone! I was truly amazed and grateful, to say the least.”                                                                                                            

                                         Angie Burgess, Clutter Clearer & Life Organizer, L.A. CA                                                                                 

I was divinely guided to Zahn and for that I will always be grateful and feel blessed. We connected right from the start and her down to earth, loving and compassionate heart assisted me deeply as I was in the midst of a major transformation. I read her book R.O.L.L. and immediately started implementing such in my daily affairs. If I needed more or deeper insights Zahn always made herself available as she was a big part of my growth.

I had the beautiful opportunity to work with Zahn 1on1, through the Zoom internet format. She always made me feel safe and protected which aloud me to share my deepest secrets, thoughts and feelings and I never felt judged.

Now when it comes to Zahn’s energy healing sessions…oh my…time and space….gone, however they left me feeling like a cat that just rolled around in cat nip…aahh and the energy would surge throughout me long after our session was done. I will continue to reach out to Zahn as guided.”

                                               Cornelia Benedict, Property Manager, San Diego, CA



“My first Group Healing Session began a profound clearing process in me. Soon after it, others began to perceive me as different in a positive way. I now feel more powerful because I have a stronger belief in myself”                                             

                                                      Britt-Marie Kluge, Stress Consultant, Sweden

“It was really beautiful!  When Chief Joseph came in he really leveled out the field here by bringing in a lot of light codes, which created a vortex to bring us into unity vibration. I could feel a lot of energies starting to lift and release different things that were not in alignment for me.  As that was happening, I saw a bunch of Ki Codes we were all exchanging as part of our purpose here…. from a higher level… while our teams were all supporting us. I had a lot of congruency with Quan Yin’s message of what we’re here to do… what we can do to maximize our potential. So with that, along with the exchanging of the Ki Codes, we were recognizing each other not only as humans but also from a higher self perspective, while we were all downloaded to become more in alignment with ourselves and each other. There is no doubt why there were only the three of us that showed up here together tonight. It was obviously meant to be!”

                                      Babananda Christensen, Spiritual Teacher, Mt Shasta

“The energy I felt from Zahn was very loving, compassionate and subtle like that of Quan Yin. However within a minute I felt the most powerful Divine Masculine energy as well and saw an angel with a gold head and rainbow wings, outstretched like that of an eagle. I now know without a doubt that this was Archangel Metatron after seeing his picture and understanding his connection to the high masculine aspect of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. Later Zahn said that these are the Divine Beings that she works with. After our session I felt completely balanced and some deep muscle pain I had been carrying in my body was gone. It was a magnificent healing experience.”                

                                     Leah Zahner, Tantrika and Tantra Teacher L.A. CA

“At the first group session,  I volunteered to sit in the chair to receive a direct healing. I could feel a strong current of energy flowing out of Zahn’s hands. My shoulders were stiff from carrying firewood, but they immediately relaxed, and still are two weeks later. When Chief Joseph came through, I made a strong connection with him. While Zahn was channeling his Native American healing song, I was able to see him, and we had a conversation. I said it was nice to meet him, but he spoke to me as if we already knew each other well. I asked him about my vision problem He said it was because I “see in many worlds.” When I asked him for a healing, I felt an energy line running from my right ear into the back of my right eye. I also felt an energy line running up my left arm.  Over the next two weeks, I continued to feel Chief Joseph’s presence. As I interacted with him, he sent more healing energy into my eyes.

At the second group healing session I attended, I again saw and felt Chief Joseph very strongly. I began another conversation with him, and asked for a continuation of the healing process. But as I laid there on the floor, it was no longer me. I had become a very old Native American man. I asked Chief Joseph what this meant, and many other questions. He told me that the old man was a very wise and respected chief, that was myself in a past life. If I chose, I could connect to this man, and access his wisdom and clear seeing. His  name was Eye of the Eagle. I agreed, and wanted this connection. 

Chief Joseph had a long handful of black hair, which he began braiding into a rope. He attached one end of the rope into my forehead, and the other end into the forehead of Eye of the Eagle. As he did this, my forehead itched a lot, and the rope seemed to travel inward, and attach to my third eye. When this bonding was complete, I was able to directly communicate with Eye of the Eagle. I asked him to teach me his wisdom, but then I knew that I have direct access to it already. Through this connection I could also access his superior vision. 

I continued my conversation with Chief Joseph, and now with Eye of the Eagle also. I knew that connecting my consciousness with his was something like a strand of pearls. Each pearl is a different incarnation identity, and each identity I could consciously become, not just remember, would be adding another pearl to the strand. Chief Joseph laughed at this, and said that I would be so weighed down with the pearls, it would wrap around me and I couldn’t hold it up! But he agreed with the analogy, and I made them into tiny seed pearls. 

It is hard to remember now the rest of our conversation, but I know that I can interact with Eye of the Eagle whenever I need to remember the wisdom and vision that he carries within me. It was not a past life memory, it was a permanent expansion of my total identity.

Zahn’s intuition was that Eye of the Eagle was part of the Aztec civilization, which he later confirmed for me. Her work is amazing. She is a very clear channel for these higher energies, and I am profoundly grateful to have been led to her. I am excited to discover this adventure unfolding!”

                                                                                                    Maria Stenger, Mt Shasta

“I received a Divine Energy Healing from Zahn at one of her group channeling sessions. Her channeling of the spirit of Chief Joseph was an entirely unique experience for me. I have experienced a lot of different types of healings over the years but never one quite like this one. Though Zahn’s touch was extremely gentle, I felt an incredible amount of past life energy release from my body. It was extraordinary to think about how much old energy I had been carrying in my neck and shoulder and how easily Zahn and Chief Joseph were able to help me release it. Zahn has a warm and welcoming energy and I am so grateful to have experienced her healing work. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Zahn!”

                                                                        Jen Skancke, Mt Shasta

“Having been working and serving in the healing arts for over 20 years.  I was happy and honored be there and witness you in your Christ work that is being done on inner levels.
As you started to work on the women in the healing circle , I saw us all move into a higher etheric dimension and your spirit took on a very wise and ancient look in Indian nature, Chief Joseph stood behind you connecting his hands to your shoulders …
I also saw quite a gathering of many souls, as you channeled the sacred sounds, I could see and feel some death records being cleared from the woman as soul part return . It is always an honor to be present and a part of the circle.

                                                                           Sahari Lotus  Mt Shasta

“I have been connected to Metatron ever since your group healing. He is awesome, of course, and it is very special to be connected to him.  So, thanks again for the healing, I had no idea it would have such a significant impact.”                                                                                                                            

                                                                          R. Perlmutter LCSW, LA CA