Zahn 2011

Zahn’s Pure, Potent, Powerful

Quantum Energy Sessions

   Since 1986, Zahn has been successfully facilitating these Private, Group & Remote transmissions in Europe, Ecuador, and in many parts of the USA with great success.

      Since the summer of 2014, Chief Joseph has been contributing his Language of Light Healing Sounds to these sessions (as well as to the Lucid Life Coaching Sessions) with the ability to powerfully break through resistant physical, emotional, mental  & spiritual blockages. Quan Yin & AA Metatron, already contributing their Divine Energies to these sessions (for many years) to amplify the potency of the Private, Group Divine & Remote Energy Sessions, now also come through with verbal wisdom, further creating a synergy to help resolve most issues. 


To Book A Private, Group or Remote Session: Contact Zahn

Phone or Zoom Sessions are $1 per minute with a 30 minute minimum paid in advance by PayPal undefined