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Dearest ONES,

On this next auspicious occasion of yet another double digit day, the 11:11 Gateway, falling on a potent New Moon, I’m providing you with a great deal of wisdom from several spiritual savants along with two astrological readings and one event from Meg Benedicte, which I begin with (as it is obviously time sensitive).

11:11 Gateway Activation

With Meg Benedicte

“It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Gateway opens to higher, ascended realms. On November 11th we will experience a rare moment of intense clarity of our own divinity. 11:11 is a sacred Ascension code that activates the neural network in the brain to open to higher dimensions of Spirit.

In numerology, 11 signifies Master level. When we are touched by the 11:11 Ascension code, we are awakening to the Master of Light that we are. We are entering a period of time that will highlight not only the Mastery of our Divine Self, but also any shadow subconscious self that needs healing right now.

During the 11:11 Ascension Gateway a sacred portal opens to the heavens, creating a bridge between the dying world of Duality and the vibrant, harmonious 5D world. In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represents the masculine and feminine circuitry linked in eternal connection! In the Cosmic Ascension Plan, 11:11 is genetically coded within our dormant “junk” DNA to spiritually awaken.

The number sequence of 11:11 also signifies the gateway between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. As we become attuned with the planetary shift into higher frequencies, our minds can access the higher realms of Light Language and universal knowledge.11:11 opens the Gateway to heaven, our direct lifeline to Source Creator. In the 11:11 Global Intentions Meditation we will step into the 11:11 Gateway and meet our Ascended Self from the future!

More benefits of the 11:11 Ascension Gateway:
* First phase of collapsing the polarized forces will be complete for Indigos/Crystals souls, who will enter 5th Dimension and become the Wayshowers (Spiritual Mentors for human ascension)
* Stewards of the New Earth in unity consciousness
* Anchor the Divine Trinity (Three Fold Flame) into all hearts of humanity and Gaia
* Activation of new Soul purpose and plan that aligns with the 5th Dimensional New Earth

* First Wavers will be anchoring Unity Consciousness into crystalline grids of Earth and 12D Universal codes into human DNA

As many of you know, Photons are the particles of our universe that carry consciousness. This ever-increasing Photon Particle Wave streaming from the Great Central Sun is bringing a new awareness that was not present before. It comes in the quiet moments of stillness, within the pause of our breath, in the continual tempo of our heartbeat, and in the Still Point standing wave of Singularity in our central core. The 11:11 Gateway is forming a bridge between the collapsing world of polarity and the newly forming 5th Dimensional New Earth.

Join myself and Manette on Wednesday, November 11st at 12pmPacific for the annual11:11 Global Intentions Broadcast and take progressive action in creating a loving, harmonious world for all. You can register at

All broadcasts are recorded and available for replay at the listed event link.”

I’ll begin this next Astrological reading from The Power Path School of Shamanism 
with their latest update, especially since I’m personally experiencing this….today… 

“Watch for cranky irritation around any pressure you feel from others, yourself or your environment.

“Take a moment around this new moon for yourself and focus on something that needs completion. Cranky energy can always be transformed into a fiery inspiration that fuels action. Be physically active today and do something physical that expands your space, clears something out and provides you with an opportunity to take action towards something you desire”
And now for an excerpt from the initial blog from The Power Path School of Shamanism…
The Main Theme For November is PRESSURE 

“This month we enter the labor that will birth our own transformation and change. And just as in actual childbirth, once the process begins, there is no going back. The pressure we feel is that of being in a container that has grown too small. It is time to face the unknown, our own fears and resistance, and move ourselves to the next level.” To read more…

Here is one from Kelley Rosano, with an excerpt from her own take on these astrological energies.
 Scorpio New Moon ~ Trust Your Instincts

by Kelley Rosano

“The Scorpio New Moon on November 11 gives birth to the new you. New Moons are new beginnings. This is a good time to set your intention for what you want to create in the next thirty days. This is also the time to set your intention for what you want to create next year. You can consciously create your heart’s desire. It is time to shed the old skins. Release what is dying. Let go of what is not working for you. Move to higher ground. That is raise your vibration. This Moon will bring your deepest desires to the surface. You know what drives you. What compels you to the choices that you make? Scorpio is about death and rebirth. This is a cycle of completions and new beginnings. You want to get off to a good start.” To read more…

Selacia gives her take on the energies in…
Eleven 11 Week Energies
– A Powerful Time for New Starts & Mega Shifts –
by Selacia

“”This week is a very powerful time for new starts and mega shifts in your life. With the Scorpio new moon on 11/11, stay present to what you are creating and set some bold personal intentions of what you want to experience, be, and do next.

New moons are always an excellent catalyst for beginning a new chapter in your life, or getting a new start with a current person or project. This new moon – in part because it falls on the 11/11 gateway – embodies a magnified energetic push for positive change. This is not just about the one day – 11/11 – the energies will be reverberating like waves for days after that.”  To read more…

 This excerpt from  Patricia Cota-Robles’ offering, which includes a wonderfully magical video, is well worth checking out…

11:11 Another Opportunity In Our Ascension Process
by Patricia Cota-Robles

“This recalibration of Humanity’s DNA has been instrumental in preparing each and every person on Earth for the influx of Light we will receive on November 11th, 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation from the physical into the Divine. Every year on November 11th millions of Lightworkers around the World focus on the Divine Potential of 11:11 and magnetize this Light into the physical plane of Earth on behalf of Humanity and all Life evolving on this Planet. This year will be the first time we will have the opportunity to experience this Light with our newly recalibrated DNA and unimpeded by the manipulation of our fragmented and fear-based human egos.”

Well, that’s all I have for you about this power-packed auspicious 11:11 Gateway/New Moon… No matter if or how you decide to celebrate… Enjoy!
Lots of Love, Joy & Transformation,

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