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Dearest ONES,

When I read these two wonderful posts by Anna Merkaba about the Earth entering the #Photon Belt… 

 METATRON & THE 33R DIMENSION  http://tinyurl.com/lxgzaz7  & THE PHOTON BELT UPDATE  http://tinyurl.com/m3899qd

I knew it was time to talk about how these photons #transform all humans from a #Matter to #Antimatter state on a cellular level… now at an accelerated rate. 


This complex alchemical process, I learned about in a course given by Janet Watkins, is less important to understand than how the Photons are #changing the world one person at a time. Here is how it essentially works.

To begin with, the Photon Belt has been affecting #Earth for quite some time, even before 1997 when our solar system entered it. Now that Earth is fully in it as of 9/22, this positively-charged pure photonic light illuminates every absolute truth both #globally and individually. Perhaps that is why so much #corruption has been and continues coming to the surface at an accelerated rate. I can attest to the fact that I am becoming clearer all the time about my own personal truths. 

On a #SOUL level each person has a choice to accept or repel the photonic light, thereby making the choice between living in a Matter or Anti-matter state. 

Here are some of the differences between the two:


*Locked in linear #time

*Always moving towards death

*Loses energy when activity speeds up

*Wears out/is used up; needs replenishing or replacing

*Always moves toward inertia-resists change

*Affected by gravity

*Becomes more disorganized with use

*Works only in physical and chemical worlds

*Useable by 5 senses

*Is 50/50 positive and negative

*Negative attracts positive; positive and positive repell each other’ negative and negative repel each other.


*Moves outside of time

*Abundant life – can’t die or wear out

*Releases energy when at rest

*Increases with use

*Resists inertia – active, energetic

*Not affected by gravity

*Becomes more organized with use

*Ability to work without movement of mass

*Able to inhabit what is not perceptible to the 5 senses, can be used in other #dimensions

*is 100% positive

*Positive attracts positive; negative attracts negative; positive & negative repel each other  

Interestingly enough with the specific awareness of all this, l began noticing my Antimatter aspects, feeling younger, more invincible, energetic, etc. I guess that’s why I felt compelled to send this to all of you. Perhaps you will feel a shift having read this as well. Enjoy the journey…

Lots of Love, Joy & Clarity,


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