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Dearest ONES,
Here is one you won’t want to miss… Matt Kahn’s inspirational interview on the Beyond The Ordinary show. For those of you who are being challenged and even for those of you who just need reminders of how to stay buoyant during these challenging times, Matt helps us to be continuously be in the flow… which reminds me of when… 
Some years ago, after my business of 18 years collapsed, I was pushed into the void, which led to a 6-year truly zen journey both in the US and Europe. I had never been more magical, or happy. You can read more about that in my book, R.O.L.L. With It!, which also contains a method you can use to learn how to flow more easily. 
This inspiring interview with Matt Kahn will also help you learn to flow and much, much more, as he covers how to:  
*Discover the role adversity plays in your conscious evolution  
*Learn how to feel good about yourself no matter the circumstances in your life 
*Liberate yourself from self-defeating beliefs, habits and personal judgments
*Transform a life of turmoil into an exciting, heart-centered spiritual adventure

This is what John Burgos (the interviewer) says about Matt Kahn:

This is my 3rd call with Matt and it the conversation goes deeper and expands exponentially every time! Matt’s gift is undeniable. His ability to get out of his own way to deliver the messages that we individually and collectively need to experience is out of this world.

With the precision of a master diamond cutter, he lovingly sculpts through the rough edges of our heart and manages to find the brilliance of the love and divinity that we all are. 

The processes that we were led through on tonight’s call blew me away.

Listen as Matt led us from grief into self-love, from scarcity to owning our self-worth and the gift that we are, and guided us from feeling alone and not knowing what is next to finding the answer that is right in front of us! 

Here is the link to the interview:   http://beyondtheordinaryshow.com/encore-replay    


Lots of Love, Joy, & Fluidity,
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here is a list of videos he’s done  http://tinyurl.com/k478x4v 

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