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Dearest ONES,
While working on today’s post, I got a call from Susanna Sophia Hart who told me about tonite’s preparatory ceremony. From all I’ve been reading (and am posting herewith) about Thursday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse, energetically, it marks a true turning point in our lives. Anna Merkaba (channeled message below) even refers to it as the Avalanche Portal. 
Here is what Susanna Sophia says about today’s very special Diamond Light Star Portal and the subsequent ceremony:  

‘I will be in ceremony today and will also be creating a fire ceremony tonight with the sacred intention to align and anchor in the energies for today’s Diamond Light Star Portal, a ceremony that is designed to heal and enlighten our relationships with others, all others in our lives . I am also tuning in to the energies of our upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse Activation on Thursday the 23rd!!’ 

It is available to all those who sign up for her New Moon Solar Eclipse Gateway Activation. Not to worry, if you saw this after Saturday the 18th, as long as you sign up (link below) before the 23rd, you will get the energy of tonite’s ceremony retroactively.  Here is just a bit of the astrologically oriented intro to whet your appetite…

‘As Venus dances within the Sun’s radiance she sings a song of awakening into your Soul, calling you to dance with her, inviting you to embody your true inner glow, to shine forth from the diamond Light essence of your being… With Love and Grace, she invites you to honor your shadow, to surrender and to let go of the old forms that have defined you, to take off the mask that the world has required each one of us to wear, the one that we have put on to be accepted, to be the same, to be who others have told us to be and that we have worn as if it was who we are… During this incredible portal gateway, you are being invited to take off this mask and to let your true and unique Beauty shine through… Through her journey in Scorpio this month, Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, is now fulfilling her role as the Goddess of Rebirth as she makes her journey through the underworld and into the Light for us, guiding us into the mysteries of the underworld to heal our unconscious fears and feelings so that we may know ourselves at the deepest levels of our soulful Hearts… so that we may once and forever take off the masks that no longer serve the Light of our true destiny.’

On Oct 23rd at 7pm, 

Susanna Sophia will be offering a very #powerful and #empowering #activation. The intention is to #release, embrace and #heal the shadow parts of ourselves so that we may be re-birthed through the Grace of this most glorious #Solar #Eclipse #NewMoon #Gateway as a radiant #phoenix dancing our dreams as our reality… Living as co-creators within this time of Living Light…

Be sure to click on this link  http://tinyurl.com/o39nn62   to read more of these astrological aspects, plus details about how to attend, as well as Susanna Sophia’s Special Gift Offer and a message about the Energies of the Solar Eclipse Gateways.   

The next message from Meg Benedicte also talks about shedding shadow aspects from our past. Here is an excerpt…

‘We are currently at the mid-point between the 2 Eclipses within Mercury Retrograde – creating a tension point between reviewing and resolving the past and moving forward into the newly forming future. This may cause stress or tension within areas of your life that no longer serve you or resisting the new consciousness. You may feel this in physical symptoms, body fatigue, feeling uncentered or not grounded, emotional outbursts, and feelings of fear of the future or resentments of the past.


Here is the headline from Anna Merkaba’s dynamic post:  
~ PORTAL OF SUCCESS, TRUE SELF MASTERY, RELEASE AND AWE OCTOBER 23~  which is followed by this excerpt…

‘According to my guides, the Avalanche Portal that is coming up on October 23rd is exactly as the name implies, it is an Avalanche of experience.

This portal is an incredible amplifier of EVERYTHING that is within us. An amplifier of BOTH polarities, which means that whatever you are going to walk with into this portal with on October 23rd will be amplified.’

Last but definitely not least is Sandra Walter’s take on these spectacular energies…

‘Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and those in Service to the New Light: Get clear, relaxed and ready to unify. I AM sure many are sensing this upcoming acceleration on October 23 – 25; it looks like a wonderful opportunity for the Shift and Ascension timelines.

As we step into our true Creator skills and operate in the highest interests of all concerned, we are capable of assisting the collective consciousness in powerful ways. The New Light supports unified intentions of Divine Love, Peace and the Shift to Higher Consciousness. Let’s take advantage of the intel and make this as powerful as possible’

Well, that’s it for now…. unless any of you have other spectacular pertinent info you want me to send before Thursday. Get ready for some huge shifts!  Enjoy!!

Lots of Love, Joy & Transformation,




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