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Dearest ONES,
We’re living in a world where miracles are becoming more and more common. At the same time, fear, worry, frustration, anxiety, anger, pain (physical and emotional) are plaguing many of us, due to the incredible shrinking economy, GMOs, Chemtrails, corporate domination and much more. I’ve also noticed that manifesting is happening faster and faster… unfortunately, it seems more often we manifest what we DON’T want, because its easier to do so from our fear-based emotions, triggered by the aforesaid.
Because what we manifest not only affects US, but goes out exponentially, affecting all those around us and humanity as a whole, I’m presenting you with two intriguing informational videos as well as two courses you can take to help manifest only what is joyful and loving. 
As Drunvalo’s webinar begins THIS MONDAY, Feb 10th, I feel to roll that one out before I get to the videos.  Drunvalo’s ‘Awakening The Illuminated Heart’ (ATIH) workshop will be broadcast via a LIVE Internet Stream February 10 – 14, 2014 from Sedona Arizona.

This is ONE OF THE LAST 2 ATIH WORKSHOPS that Drunvalo will give personally.For more information, go to…  where there are full details, including how to sign up. 

I was seriously thinking to join in, but committing to 5 full days this coming week, is not really feasible for me at this time, even though the cost is quite affordable.  Instead, I’m planning to go to the 4-day course, here in Mt Shasta, given by Viola Rose, a certified ATIH teacher this June. Here are those details…  BTW, as that will be just after the Summer Solstice, if you are thinking to visit Mt Shasta this summer, I highly recommend doing so then! Also, if you do sign up, please let her know I SENT YOU! 
Now for the fun ‘stuff’!! Here are two very different videos, by two very unique Spiritual Scientists… linked by Bruce Lipgton’s deeper explanation of ‘how and why we manifest’ and Drunvalo Melchezedek’s interview revealing an actual ‘miraculous global manifestation’… 

First the one from Bruce Lipton. I’d like to begin by saying, I got so much from what he had to share on the Science & Theory behind the Tapping World Summit video, I already felt a shift in my consciousness.  I think that’s because I’m one of those people who can fully integrate important info once I truly GET IT intellectually! Having said that, although I feel I may get the same benefit from using my R.O.L.L. method, I’m planning to attend this FREE event, beginning Feb 24th. Here is a link…  

Now, I’d like to present Drunvalo’s video. Because I just LOVE him and his work, I recently joined The School Of Remembering. Through that, I was able to listen to one of his Q & A videos. In it, he made mention of an interview he had done with Spiritual Scientist, Adam Tromby called ‘Aspen Rain’. In it, Adam reveals how, discovering one rainy day in Aspen, the radiation levels had gone off the charts, he was able to, with his clear and potent prayer and intent, shift those levels to zero overnight. The reason I feel this is so very significant is that we ALL can and undoubtedly WILL eventually be able to do this on a personal and global level, which gives me great hope for the planet’s future. 
I, myself had a similar experience about 20 years ago,on a personal level. It happened just after the grace period expired for the medical insurance I’d cancelled. I had tripped and hit my shin in such a way that blood quickly began filling up under the skin. Not knowing the ramifications of this, and knowing if it got out of hand, I could no longer go to the emergency room, I got on my bed, took a healing tool, much like a crystal, held it between my hand and the growing black spot on my shin and quietly repeated, HEAL, HEAL, HEAL…   After about 20 minutes, I lifted my hand. Low and behold, it was as if I had hit the UNDO button. There was NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of the wound!!! 
I’d love to hear any of YOUR stories. If you’d like to share, please do so on my blog, so that all can benefit. 
Back to the video… here’s the caveat… in order to see this video now, you’ll have to spend $6.99 by becoming a tuition member,which also enables you to attend courses. Although this is a monthly fee, one can cancel at any time, even just after watching the video. Oooor, you can wait till I’m able to forward it much later on, when its available for everyone. If you do opt for spending the money, there are many other videos there for your perusal, many of which I’ve seen, all of which I’m sure are profound and magical. 
However you avail yourself of these opportunities, please.ENJOY!!!

Lots of Love, Joy, & Miracles,


P.S. If you have any questions or comments, please share below, so that others can benefit as well. Thank you!  

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