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Dearest ONES,
Once again Susannah Sophia Hart brings us a beautifully poetic message to introduce her ‘Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day’ Celebration/Activation/Meditation, which is on the 22nd of July. Here is an excerpt…

“During this magnificent month of July, Mary Magdalene shares that in essence you are a Living, Breathing Chalice of Love and Light, a universal vessel of creative Source Light…. Breathtakingly beautiful, your true radiance is more luminous and infinite than all the stars that fill the night sky. Here within the illuminated Chalice of your Womb/Heart, the Light of your Soul and Spirit meet and blend together in harmony and oneness within the sacred dance of the Cosmic Creation. From this place of sacred soulful union you experience living life fully, moment to moment, from your Heart.

As you enter into and embody your Womb Chalice of Living Light, you are soulfully embraced by the beauty and the infinite Love of Mary Magdalene as she invites you to celebrate your life in such a way as to burst forth with ecstatic enthusiasm and to dance within the Grail Chalice of Mary Magdalene’s grace to know yourself as a beautiful vessel of pure Christos~Sophia Consciousness. As your Spirit calls to you, it is inviting you on an inner Grail Quest, a pilgrimage of Love, to awaken, activate, and fill your Womb Chalice with Holy Fire and Passion.

Once you have entered the mystical realm of your Womb Chalice of Living Light, your dreams become illuminated within the Grail’s alchemical Soul fire, flowing in sacred union with your Heart’s Flame… The Holy Fire of your Soul’s passion fueling your Heart’s desire is at all times creating and manifesting the present dynamics of your life today. Mary Magdalene shares with you that this month’s Grail Gateway offers you a Divine Opportunity to feed the inner flames of your dreams into the alchemical fire of your Soul, allowing your creative juices to flow into your Womb Chalice of Living Love where your dreams are birthed and given new Life…

Let us come together to celebrate this magnificent gateway of Light to honor Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day anew as we envision living Heaven on Earth…  To read more…

Lots of Love, Joy & Celebration,


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