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Dearest ONES,                                                                                                          
When I read about these current and upcoming #astrological #energies, it helps me to understand what I’m going through. In a very profound way, I can’t seem to get comfortable in my own body, feeling sort of like a snake about to shed its skin… as I become more aware of what I don’t like about myself and am wanting to release it so that I can be #reborn into a more authentic ME. As I am still in process, I don’t know what that yet means. 
Although I’m quite sure the energies are fostering this #shift in me, I also have to give credit to Babananda & Ruby, who have been facilitating many energy sessions for me and to their #Soul Signature #Template I now use daily in #meditation. Stay tuned for more about them….
This is why I chose to share these two astrological readings, the Western one from Kelley Rosano and #Vedic one from Susanna Sophia Hart, who also offers us an awesome Twin Flame #Activation to help us marry our OWN TWIN FLAMES within us… and for many, incarnated in a separate form. After all, to become completely whole, we must fully accept, integrate and #balance our male/female counterparts.  
I will begin with several excerpts from Kelley Rosano’s reading…                                                    
 #Aquarius-#Pisces Super #Moon – A Tale of Two Moons 

“There is an Aquarius New Moon at 29 degrees and 59 minutes on February 18. Two minutes later, after the New Moon, the Moon and #Sun enter Pisces. This rapid transition by both lights makes the New Moon an anomaly. This is a tale of two moons. It is the second SuperMoon of the year. A SuperMoon means that the Moon is closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with the #Sun and the #Earth at the time of the event. This makes it super strong. The Aquarius New Moon that occurred on January 20 was at zero degrees. That was a double new beginning for you.

“New Moons are awesome opportunities to plant your seeds in fertile ground. Having a New Moon occur at the last minute of the sign speaks to completions. You are being initiated to make bold beginnings. You are also being encouraged to release what no longer serves you. This Moon holds powerful beginnings and endings.”  To read more…  http://www.kelleyrosano.com/blog/                                                                            

And now, here are a few excerpts from Susanna Sophia Hart’s reading, along with info about her event…

Sacred Soulful Union

Twin Flame Activation


“This beautiful February month is truly and divinely designed for us to fully embody and live our #romantic #dreams as #lovers, #artists, #healers, #mothers, #friends and in whatever way we choose to express our passion and #Heart in the world.

“As our quick-winged messenger #Mercury stations direct early in the morning, he lands right in the Heart center of Aquarius, bringing a new vision to our thoughts and how we are thinking about ourselves and the #world. Aquarius is the visionary of this new time and so as we open our minds and our vision we can truly use this energy to shape our conscious thoughts in such a positive way as to propel us forward on our pilgrimage of Love.

“On Saturday, February 21st, Venus and Mars come together with the feminine Light of the Moon in a circle of healing and #alignment. For here within this circle the Moon is occulting Uranus, heralding a new vision of how we come together in sacred #Divine Union between our inner masculine and feminine. An occultation energetically has the same potency as a full #eclipse, and this will be the second time the Moon has occulted Uranus this year… Truly healing all of humanity and aligning us to receive the beautiful activation of Venus and Mars on Sunday, the 22nd of February.

“With Grace and Divine Love–Love being the key word here, Sacred Union is formed within these two celestial archetypes… Ushering in and birthing forth the Divine Codes of the Sacred Masculine energies of the Holy Bridegroom in Divine Union with his Holy Bride of Light. And with brilliant luminosity, Mars (the Bridegroom archetype) is coming into Divine Union with #Venus (the sacred bride) to once again weave the luminous threads of #sacred #marriage within the Divine Masculine and Feminine Heart of humanity.

“I invite you to join me for a #mystical sacred union activation onFebruary 22nd. Let’s celebrate our soulful union with the Beloved together. For this is a magnificent time to align your dreams with the heavens, bridging heaven on earth right here in your Heart.

To read more and to sign up click…  http://tinyurl.com/mzomvwy

Just as I was about to post this email, this addendum came to me…. a beautiful message from Mary Magdalene, through Susanna Sophia…To read, click…. http://tinyurl.com/opcf7nc                                                                                                                                               Considering what I am currently moving through, I definitely plan to take advantage of Susanna Sophia’s amazing Activation! Perhaps I will ‘see’ you there…                     
In any event, however you choose to utilize and celebrate these potent, transformational energies, be sure to ENJOY!!                                                                                                              
Lots of Love, Joy & Wholeness,                                                                                                                                                                                  

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