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Dearest ONES,
The weekend before the #FullMoon was gloomy for me and for many I talked with. The Full Moon seemed to be a significant turning point in regards to the lifting of that gloom. I’m happy to report from those in the astrological ‘know’ that June is a month to rejoice in. Kelley Rosano even says that…
June Is An Awesome Astrological Turning Point
“The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 2 is beaming with #hope for your future. There is so much positive #energy pouring down from the #heavens. You will have to sit up and take notice. What a kick off to start the month of June. This #Moon provides you with the opportunity to expand your #consciousness. Boldly go where you have not gone before. Take chances. Be adventurous. Try something new. You are to evaluate what you believe. You do not get what you want. You get what you believe. #Trust your inner being. Trust your inner #knowing.”
Here is her written report:  http://tinyurl.com/ovxkcqd
Her it is in the #YouTube version: http://tinyurl.com/qc4xkam 
Suzanne Lie concurs in the YouTube version of her…
Arcturian Morning Message & Energetic Weather Report 
“The energetic weather report is bright and sunny with clear skies ahead! Illusions and barriers are being removed and cleared, and #fear is being released from your consciousness. Pay attention to the energy that flows out from you, for it is the energy that you will collect and bring back to you.” To learn more…  http://tinyurl.com/q45dnym
Meg Benedicte sees June as a time for…
Letting #Emotional #Toxins GO!
“In order to maintain our inner Core Balance, we need to clear all stored negatively polarized charge, be it thoughts, emotions, operating systems, and Ego identities. This requires an honest assessment of own personal #karma and choosing to confront the depths of our personal shadow for healing. The capacity of the human ego’s resistance to self-reflection, analysis and forgiveness is astonishing, but very real. We would rather distract ourselves with just about anything before confronting our personal pain.”


Speaking of clearing… here is an excerpt from Mark Borax’s June Astrological report…
Clearing The Dungeons 
From mid-June to mid-September Saturn dips back into the deep waters of #Scorpio, leaving Sagittarius (which it entered in January) for a three-month return to the depths before re-entering Sagittarius until December 2017.With this summer chamber opening for a final observation-and-cleanse, we gain a three-month window to see what we’ve been carrying on the inside one last time before surging into the bright flow of Sagittarius, which will rule the heavens for the next couple years. This return to Scorpio is a last call to get right with yourself on a powerful inner level, to view the contents of unresolved feelings and free the skeletons in the closet. Old wounds, unhealed scars, unfinished relationships, missing pieces, things you left behind — these unwanted gems make up the lair of the scorpion and each is worth its weight in gold once you’re no longer fearing and repressing them, because each holds the key to your deepest freedom” To read more  

Here is an excerpt from the truly helpful June Energy Forecast from Lee Harris’…
      You and the #Universal #Energy Field
“Just as the speed of change in our Earthly world is faster than before, the speed of #change in your internal world is going to be faster than ever before. The two work in tandem with each other.So there is a sense among people that they’re very tired, that they’re confused, or that they’re at the edge of their ability to remain calm and centered. Some people are reacting more. People are making strange or seemingly impulsive decisions because there is this feeling of, “I’ve just got to change this, I’ve just got to get out!”What we have to do with those feelings is work to stay as calm and centered as we can. Being centered is the best place you can be in any situation. Master warriors have worked on meditating and being centered so that whatever is going on around them, they are able to make the decision in that moment that is best for their survival and for their future. And that’s really important for all of us at the moment and it’s hard work. It’s not easy to have to yet again re-purpose yourself, but it is the work of the times.”  To read more and to view his video…  http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog 
Last but definitely not lease, is one from Lucia Rene that is not astrological or a forecast in any way. I felt to include it because with these energies continuing to accelerate at faster and faster speeds, we need all the help we can get and I feel this is extremely good counsel.  Here is an excerpt from…
The Secret of Selfless Service
After doing a significant piece of selfless service, I always receive an upgrade in consciousness.  Have you noticed this phenomenon in your own life?  It is the loveliest dynamic.  Spirit basically says, “Thanks for being of service; now here is a gift for you in return.” And the gift is always a hundred times more magnanimous than the gift you have given.  To read more…  

I’d like to add… as an intro to a message I sent awhile ago, I said something similar about how the more one gives of oneself without expecting anything in return, the more abundance one experiences.
However, I had never thought of this in terms of upgrades. After reading this, I realize that I have been getting energetic upgrades as well… the Divine Energy Sessions I give seem to have become more potent and take less time than before. 

I also think that perhaps this is one of the reasons my arthritic hip is almost completely healed, which can be construed as an upgrade.

Another reason may have to do with the fact that I’ve been taking an truly unique and stellar #PROBIOTIC for the past 4 months that have been known to positively affect arthritis. (this is what I originally thought) BTW, this PROBIOTIC also totally released a mass of parasites from my bowels!  For more info on that, go to http://zahnsmelange.com/shop/  If you are interested in trying this product, let me know, as I do sell it but not on the website.

Well, that’s all for now!  I trust this will help you all to maximize the potential of these uplifting, clearing energies. 
Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,

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