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Dearest ONES,
Having been following An-Ra-Na’s planetary missions for several years, I am really excited about this one, especially since its on my home turf….

Golbal Peace Portal


We are extending a clarion call to those of you who have the Divine Appointment coded within your DNA to join us and to be a part of the activation and opening of the Mt. Shasta Stargate of the New Era–either in person or from your own location!

…is perhaps THE major portal to be opened on the West Coast! 
This Mt Shasta Stargate is considered key in that it’s purpose is to alleviate potential earthquakes and volcanic action on the United States’ west coast and to transmute the environmental effects in the water and the earth from Fukushima.

Join us for this Divine Appointment and the honor of opening the Mount Shasta Stargate of the New Era! As Starseeds and Light Workers, we will journey together and evolve spiritually through weekly transmission calls with energetic downloads, teachings and meditations every Sunday at 10am leading up to our intentional ceremonial gathering and experiential three-day workshop March 28th – 30th. 

To listen to the transmission calls of March 2nd and 9th as well as more details about the calls, event & registration, go to: 

In 2012,  Sephi-Ra of Sardinia, Italy, having been assigned the opening and activation of
 12 planetary ‘Stargates of the New Era’, invited An-Ra-Nae to join her in this endeavor… as they are both High Priestesses of the Ancient Isis Mystery School lineage and of the Order of Melchizedek. They began their mission in 2012 with the opening of the Stargate on Glastonbury Tor, England, following with one on Skellig Michael, Ireland, in 2013… and then with one in Drakensberg, South Africa, the same year. 
While I was just a supporter of those awesome activations, I have to say they were quite exciting to witness, even from afar. And so, here I am yet again not only supporting this major Stargate Opening, but this time participating on-site. You can as well, as there are many ways to support and/or participate. 
Regardless of how you decide to do so, I hope to ‘see’ you there!
Lots of Love, Joy, & Activation,

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