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About 20 years ago I was told to begin channeling Higher Energies.  The first one that came through was  Quan Yin,  saying she was delighted to have finally reunited with me after so many lifetimes apart.  During that joyful teary-eyed, emotional conversation, she told me I had been one of the orphans she fostered in one of her incarnations on Earth.  Since then Quan Yin has become an integral part of the very fabric of my ‘being’.  We’ve  had conversations daily for years and I now feel she’s with me constantly, especially when I am helping others, whether its in a formal healing session or even just in more casual situations. 

In retrospect, I now realize she has ‘always’ been with me in this lifetime, even when my boyfriend and I were about to be raped, pillaged and plundered in Central Park when I was 30.  I thought it was a samadhi incident, and perhaps it was that as well. But I now know she embodied me so that only the unconditional love without fear came through, which stunned these three men, so much so, after a short while, they just turned and left!  You can read the story in my book Roll With It!

I now realize I was one of the early Crystal Children in the first wave of Lightworkers who were born in the early 1940s.  I have always been helping people, first with my family, bringing unconditional love to a less-than-loving environment and then bringing loving wisdom to all those who I came in contact with. I now also realize that I’ve been an empath all these years as well, which was why many people were attracted to me and seemed to get help so easily from me. 
All this has become increasing clear to me recently, what with the accelerating energies that are pushing all of us to rise to embody our highest purpose.  I now have absolute clarity on what that will be. I am about to go global with all the gifts I’ve gleaned from LIVING LIFE LARGE, gathering great wisdom, from as much life experience as I could fit into my 73 years, especially having Quan Yin as my constant companion, to help me glean wisdom from each and every lesson (and there were many). 
This is why, on the threshold of this great change in my life, putting myself out there in a huge way, it seemed the perfect Divine Right Time to change my name to Zahn Quan Yin.  I’ve even been guided to superimpose my face on Quan Yin’s picture (thank you Jeff Leland for facilitating that).  
Stay tuned for more developments…
Lots of Love, Joy & Excitement,
P.S.  I just created a new gmail account:  ZahnQuanYin@gmail.com and will be using that in the near future to promote my events. 
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