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Home Decor 4 Less

Once your home is de-cluttered, and even it that is not necessary, perhaps you would like to upgrade the beauty, ambiance and energy flow in it. Maybe you don’t even need to add much to it, as sometimes just rearranging furniture and adding a few accents of color and/or painting a wall can do the trick. And if you do want to replace or add items, you can do it on a tight budget if that is what you need. Even if budget is not a consideration, I can also help beautify your home for less than you may otherwise spend. Here is what I can do for you. 

Key Design Components

Feng Shui

Having taken a short course in Feng Shui years ago, I learned that I had a natural talent and ability for it.  I ‘feel’ where certain item of furniture and artwork need to go, often putting them at unusual angles or positions to give a feeling of flow in the home. This also helps bring abundance in while keeping stagnant energies away. 


What is also key to upgrading your environment is functionality, which is essential to the total picture. I firmly believe that form follows function. For instance I practically live in my bedroom because that is where my desk is, where I primarily work on my computer. It also holds my recumbent bicycle, where I work out a half hour a day.  I have my massage table in the living room, but camouflage it with a beautiful shawl that also helps bring the colors together in that room (see photo above).


Having been an artist for many years with an expertise in putting colors together harmoniously,and ingeniously… first as a textile designer for 18 years and then having designed 2 lines of clothing later. I have a knack for balancing colors perfectly… and as a textile designer was asked to consult for fashion Color Marketing firms in NYC to help fine-tune their seasonal pallets that the entire country used to base the colors for their clothing lines on. I also designed colors for New York City Ballet and Martha Graham Ballet companies. 

I can take a boring decor and liven it up with a splash of color quite economically… sometimes simply with the use of throw cushions or painting a wall an interesting, integrating color. I know how to even aesthetically change the shape of a room by adding color to one or two walls. In addition, I understand the psychology of color and can recommend the best colors for particular rooms that perfect suit usage. 


I can do this on a tight budget… ie: shabby chic or accommodate whatever the client’s budget will allow, while also saving money, as I’ve become a very astute shopper.  

Once I moved to Mt Shasta, not wanting more ‘stuff’ than what I had, I rented rooms in other people’s homes for the first 2.5 years. When I finally moved into my own affordable apt in Senior Housing, I had only practically no furniture, except for a dining set, a dresser and night stand. I bought a much-needed bed locally and waited to see what else would come my way. 

I knew with great certainty, I wanted to have very little invested in furnishing what is now this ambient, comfortable, beautiful environment so that if I were to move out of town, I could easily leave most or all of it behind. 

The Recycle Economy

Because (even 3 years ago) I ‘knew’ it was important to stay fluid as these are times of great change, and I didn’t want to be tied down, I decided not to buy expensive furniture for my apt. We all are aware of the recycle economy… its been going on forever… Now, more than ever as so many of us are paring down… letting go of what no longer serves us, there are so many yard sales and great ‘stuff’ one can purchase at thrift stores at a fraction of the cost new, there’s no reason not to try those places first. Also, many times you can get items that are made much better than what’s store-bought these days. In addition, this is a way to keep trash out of the landfills..

In my shabby chic living room (photo above) I have a used dining set which cost a mere $75, along with a $20 bentwood rocker, some throw cushions for a $2-$5 each  and a $5 brass lamp. In my bedroom, I have a $30 dresser, and a $20 nightstand.. all either purchased from friends or thrift stores. All in all, I’d say I’ve invested about $1000 to furnish my home. 

The Borrow Economy

This is one that came to me quite organically…. Because many are wanting to lessen their monthly costs by eliminating storage spaces, and don’t necessarily want to let go of certain items, thus was birthed (for me at least) the Borrow Economy. I have on loan, most of my artwork and a massage table, (for my healing sessions),  

The Share Economy

Because many just want to get rid of items they no longer want, and often receive those they do, we have the Share Economy. I have a coffee table, end table, fabulous futon, book shelf, desk, desk chair, 3 lovely plants, all given to me by friends. As I no longer want/need items I give them to the thrift store or friends as well. 

The Internet Economy

With the cost of gas, it often more economical to purchase online if you can’t get things locally, which I actually prefer to do when possible. So, I did have to purchase new dishes, pots and silverware at great prices from Target with my Target card, which gave me a 5% discount and free shipping. I have bought many other items from them including a shower curtain, towels, and area rugs for my bathroom (photo above).  I have also discovered that Amazon has a huge variety of items for home online at great prices with free shipping if you spend more than $35… or you can get their Amazon Prime, for an annual fee and get free 2-day shipping on everything. What I love best about both resources, is they stand by their items and make returning items easy and effortless. They are my major go-to places online to shop. 


For more info and/or to schedule an appointment, contact Zahn