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Dearest ONES,
Let me begin by saying, within this past month, THIS former work-a-holic slowed down to a crawl… sometimes feeling like I’m in slow motion… but once surrendering to it, it actually began to feel great! Although I do have some projects on the boards, even they are coming along totally organically and effortlessly, in their own Divine Time s-l-o-w-l-y. I can’t seem to push even if I want to (which I don’t). I’m also feeling in total trust that whatever income I could generate from them will also have to wait and I will be totally taken care of financially from ‘yet unknown sources’. Its a lovely place to be… Having compared notes with others, I realize its being caused by the continuously accelerating energies (and I’m sure other ‘stuff’, such as the upcoming Equinox, etc., as well), that are affecting ALL. If they are jamming up your ‘works’, take a deep breath, surrender, and watch the miracles unfold.
About a week ago, having put aside a couple of possible posts I didn’t have the energy to send, I came across this totally unlikely candidate, which BLINKED at me like a neon sign! As I read it, I got more and more excited…  Having seen the prior OPPT messages, I never felt drawn to, which I now see had some similar info, I’ve read this one several times, have watched some of the videos, have checked with others whom I trust because they are much more knowledgeable in these matters; checked in with AA Metatron… and have to say, I believe THIS ONE IS FOR REAL & ITS HAPPENED AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2013!!!  BTW, this also helps explain what’s happening in Syria and why… the Cabal is running scared as they know their days are numbered… Syria is only a distraction (like 9/11 was), but it won’t work! Anyhow, please do read on… I can assure you, you won’t be sorry, even if you only understand a fraction of it.
In this article, Jaemes McBride says it will take 3 years to fully integrate this Global Currency Reset into the whole financial system of the planet, but we can accelerate that by a process called Dispauperment, whereby OUR OWN PERSONAL DEBT can also be FORGIVEN much, much sooner. The more of us do that, the faster the global process will go!  You can find more about this on his website:DivineProvince.orgwhere you can sign up as a free member; peruse the website for a week; download Jaemes McBride’s FREE book and then sign up for the paid membership, which enables you to access the Dispauperment forms to begin your own process. This costs only $60 per year.
One of those ‘knowledgeable’ people has been following Jaemes McBride for months, has scoured the website, watched all the videos, and is currently beginning the Depauperment process. Once he has done it, he promises to help others do it as well for FREE as he stands to gain quite a lot (what with a mortgage, credit card and car payments). Because I can only gain (perhaps) my restored credit rating, I’m going to wait until he’s done his before moving forward.
I also realize how overwhelming much of what you will read may be for many of you, especially if most of this info is new to you. Its not new to me because I almost became a Sovereign 20 years ago; worked for a couple of Sovereigns; and was part of the start-up
‘Republic’ here in Mt Shasta, all of which gave me enough background education to understand what they are talking about and how this outcome is not only possible but imminent.
Sooooooooo, I simply suggest reading the article, taking in what you CAN and moving on through till the end (in several sittings if necessary) as there are some amazing surprises I wouldn’t want you to miss further on. There are also some awesome videos throughout, if you want more info, but if you do NOTHING MORE than just read to the bottom and simply HOLD THE INTENTION FOR THIS TO FULLY HAPPEN, either by visualization, prayer and/or by forwarding to others, it will take much less than 3 years for the ENTIRE PLANET to be DEBT FREE!
If you feel to do NONE OF THIS, that’s also perfectly fine!! We all have our unique parts to play in the larger scheme of things, and I don’t expect everyone to follow the same path.
I look forward to filling you all in with more details as they arise. Till then…
Lots of Love, Joy, & Prosperity,
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