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Dearest ONES,
My energy level and ability to concentrate has been really compromised this past week, since trying to send out this message. I know I’m not alone as I’ve heard from many others they’re also experiencing the energies in similar ways. This brief post by Sandra Walter, ‘A Note On Energetic Intensity’  helps to explain what is going on and what we might expect. She also offers free tools at the very bottom of the post I feel may be helpful to most. Be sure to check them out. 
In addition, Judy Satori offers a special monthly Wesak Full Moon Transmission. She tells us about the changes in her life, which she feels, for many of us is rather universal. I, for one, can totally relate as I seem to be in perpetual inner inquiry while at a crossroads in several ways. Stay tuned….
Judy Satori’s Full Moon Transmission is quite uplifting and powerful through her inimitable use of ‘Language of Light’. For those who don’t already know, sound healing is a great way to release old emotional patterns and thought-forms from the body’s fascia. Judy Satori’s Language of Light is a very high form of that, which I know you will greatly benefit from. Here is her intro blurb with link…
The Wesak Full Moon Transition


The May full moon of Wesak is an outpouring of love, with blessings for humanity for the year ahead.

 The transmission begins with the Archangel Michael creating an impermeable barrier of Divine Love and Protection and then moves into a Blessing for JOY.

When you listen to this blessing, your cells,” the very fabric of your being”, will automatically be lifted into a new octave of creation.

It is all about YOU becoming a better creator 

and living your life with JOY

To listen and download…


I had planned to send that out on Wednesday and then on Friday, she sent this info introducing an audio series: 


Trusting Self – Creating the Life you Choose


Hi Everyone,

Does it seem like you’re forever working on yourself, but progress doesn’t seem to happen as quickly as you would wish?

Does it feel like all this clearing of mental and emotional angst is an endless two steps forward, one step back process that goes on and on?

I can’t promise you an instant ‘quick fix’ to clear the energy trauma of what is probably hundreds of lifetimes instantly, but I CAN help you step up that much more quickly.

Trusting Self – Creating the Life YOU CHOOSE will help you push ‘delete’ on old patterns of thought that are preventing you from trusting that your decisions are right for your life.  It will lift you up into new patterns of emotional strength.  It will help you set a clear direction for the future and trust that you’re doing the right thing.

I recorded these audio tracks some time ago, but have been prompted by Spirit to use them now myself as I too am going through a big ‘step up’ process.  That’s why I’m sharing them with you, because I can see the difference in myself after working with them.

I used to be somewhat tentative, you could say wish washy.  Not really doing what I needed to do for myself and often not really knowing what it was I needed to do.

Since listening to Trusting Self I am becoming so direct and determined. Instead of anxiously going this way and that every time I make a decision, I am becoming clear, concise and incredibly focused.

You see – Spirit doesn’t want us to sit on our hands any longer.  We all have work to do and they want us to be empowered to get on with it!

From Judy:

  “I recorded these audios months ago, but now I have been asked to actually use them to lift unconscious resistance, self sabotage and any limiting beliefs that may still be affecting me on a subconscious level. 

“These beliefs are to do not with trusting self, making the right decisions and limiting the scope of our vision and what we think we can create.

“Like so many of you I am on the cusp of a new beginning. 

“Stuck, ‘karmic energy’ is the residue of past life trauma that we don’t even know is there until we want to move forward and create something new.

“Then, old beliefs that we don’t even know are buried within the subconscious come up to be released.  We can experience painful necks, sore backs, unexplained emotion, headaches, anxiety … any number of physical and/or emotional responses to our soul’s drive to expand and do what it is we have come to do in this lifetime.  

The ‘ball and chain’ of repeating karmic patterns anchor us into the past and into previous ways of being that no longer serve who we are and what our soul wishes to express. 


Trusting Self – Creating the Life you Choose has four audio tracks and an easy to follow program

of how to use them.

When you click this link you will be able to read more details about Trusting Self and purchase it for only $15. With repeated listening you will receive a lifetime of freedom from the anxiety of indecision.  The more you listen to the same track the better the results relating to that audio track.

 It’s an investment of $15 that will give you the tools to create a new direction…and the energy to carry it through.

CREATE as the God Creator that you are, like you’ve never created before.

Be sure to scroll down before you order where there is a special offer you may wish to partake of. 


I trust all this will be helpful….. Enjoy!

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,




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