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Dearest ONES,  
Here we are approaching two more super charged events as the crystalline photon energies continue to accelerate… quite intense but at the same time, tremendously magical. As I have already sent you quite a myriad of info and events earlier this month, this will be a much shorter post. Here are only a few mesmerizingly magical messages and events that focus on the energies of the Equinox and Blood Moon Eclipse to help you maximize their potential. 
I feel to begin with several truly potent messages regarding the energies, the first by Lisa Transcendence Brown… 

AwakeningTo Remembering

“We again have huge crystalline particles visible as we activate these cellular upgrading frequencies continually now. As we continue to move into the higher frequencies, solar flares cease and only crystalline exists. The frequencies change for us. Transcending flare frequencies within mean upgrades are totally cellular.The molecular structure of all continually changing and transforming now. Can you look out there to see the differences? Do you look for and create change? Do you EXPECT and add light to all?” To read more…  

Here are TWO truly exquisite ones from Sandra Walter regarding the…
… along with an excerpt from one of them…

“The completion of our two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways is upon us. Gatekeepers, we have a collective unified opening on Saturday, September 19 and will stay open through the Blood Moon eclipse on the 27th. Every aligned HUman heart is welcome to participate in this Divine Intent of Service. Crystals on the ground, vertical Gateways open wide; including the one in your Solar Cosmic Christed Heart center (the most important for personal activations).”
These next two are astrological messages, which also offer powerful activations to celebrate this auspicious occasion…
We begin with Susanna Sophia Hart’s melodically, magical Celestial Star Report: a Vedic astrological read on the energies surrounding the Equinox & Full Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway. It is also a beautiful intro to her “Crystalline Codes Of Light Activation” happening on the evening of Wednesday, September 23. Here is an excerpt…
“This month we are swimming in an amazing sea of celestial energy and solar infusions of Light. As we have already entered into the galactic gateway of the most empowering Full Moon Eclipse of our lifetimes, these energies are now being reflected to us through the Solar Lord’s crystalline Light radiance that is reflecting within your being its cosmic rays, its prism of many colors efflorescing brilliance that reaches straight into your Heart. 
Flowing like a river of Light from the Great Central Sun, this wave of higher intelligence is birthed through the pulsating Love vibrations from the Heart of Christos~Sophia. Weaving its crystalline luminosity through the archetypical matrixes of the planets and stars, it forms a spiraling lattice Light of Divine DNA strands of cosmic awakening. Here within the ascending Hearts of these planetary teachers, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Goddess Moon, the Sacred Bride Vesta and many more from the Galactic Sun, Christos~Sophia’s heavenly messages and Light Codes are received and assimilated through the cosmic dance of these star bodies of Light. The encoded messages in the forms of Light, sacred geometry and subtle sound frequencies are sent through the gateway of our Sun and received by our open Hearts.
As the Goddess of the Full Blood Moon shines her luminous Light on all of humanity, we will experience the largest and closest Full Moon of our lifetimes… Truly, we will not experience a Full Moon Eclipse Gateway with such magnitude during this lifetime cycle that we are presently in.
Mary Magdalene shares that as we enter this most auspicious portal of September’s Equinox and Full Moon Eclipse, we will be receiving a Divine Download of cosmic blessings from the Universal Crystalline Grid of Christos~Sophian Consciousness. These infusions of Light are designed to upload us with crystalline wisdom, illuminating, activating and fine tuning our etheric crystalline templates, Light Bodies and Divine Christ Blueprints.

I will be facilitating an activation on the day of the Equinox to help all of us align and assimilate these magnificent downloads and uploads from the Galactic Center, the Heart Light of Mother Father God.”  

Next, Meg Benedicte brings us her unique astrological take on the energies of the… 
Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse
“We have arrived in the two week ‘Eclipse Zone!  We are traveling from last weekend’s Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse, pausing at the Equinox on September 23rd, and transiting into the upcoming powerful Blood Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse on September 27th (or Sept. 28, depending on your time zone). There has been much written about these momentous days in September as the entire planet adjusts to living in 5th Density.  You can expect the energy to accelerate as we head into the final Eclipse. As with any fast-moving trajectory, do what you need to stay grounded and maintain your balance.
Tomorrow, September 17th we witness a cosmic announcement ushering in the Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse with an astrological creshendo! Get ready for a power-packed day…as Saturn moves to Sagittarius for 2 years, Saturn squares Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune, and Mercury turns retrograde in Libra. With all this astro activity, be prepared for impending changes.
According to astrologer Eric Francis, ‘the planets we are talking about, which are moving and making contact, are mostly in the transpersonal realm – that is, they address larger social currents, cultural trends, what seems obvious to many people, what appears in the news. The outer planets, the next tier out, are holding their course. We are in the same theater, on the same street. The set, the characters, the story, the audience: all are shifting and shuffling and recombining into new developments.’
We are currently completing the 6 month harvest cycle from last March 20th Equinox-Eclipse, which triggered waves of change rippling through the collective field. 2015 has been a transitional year, as humanity migrates from one world paradigm into the 5D Earth paradigm. Catalyzing the transition is the astrological shift from dominant cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn to the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sag, and Pisces. Cardinal signs initiate change, while mutable signs close the deal. The shift into the mutable energies will help us focus less on personal trials and more on global situations and service to the greater good.
The Ascension plan is shifting into the ‘building phase’ of the New World. You may feel called to get more involved, take conscious action and apply your special skills in creating the new paradigm. The Eclipse-Equinox dynamic is firing up the Pluto in Virgo generation, born between 1957-1972. With Jupiter traveling through Virgo for a year, we will feel a more expansive drive to be of service, to contribute innovative solutions to global problems.
We are in for some astonishing game changers…as the old, corrupted regime of the cabal unravels to be replaced with massive communities of awakened humans. We’re sending photonic laser beams to destroy the scalar wave generators and liberate humanity’s mind from controlled amnesia and halt all chem trails and extreme climate disasters. As we unite in focused intention, we are changing the world as we know it.”
If you’d like to attend Meg’s Equinox-Eclipse Global Intentions Broadcast on Sept 23rd, here is the link to sign up… 
Well, I certainly trust you will all take advantage of these exquisite energies in your own unique ways. …and perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you ‘there’.  
Lots of Love, Joy & Celebration,

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