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Dearest ONES,  

As we all know, all good things must come to an end… After the last E-zine I posted, in a state of exhaustion, I had an epiphany. I realized I had come to the end of an era. I decided to sit with that for awhile before writing you so that I would get the necessary clarity needed to move forward.
I realized that in my life, the really large-important planetary contributions I’ve made came and went in time frames of 18 years…. my Textile design career… my successful Sample-Dyeing business and now, my emails to a list of more than 1100 lightworkers.
This list began at the beginning of my zen journey in Europe during 1998, when I collected contacts along the way, especially when I then created, promoted, produced and facilitated many spiritual events in Europe. This then led to bringing the Deeksha/Oneness movement to Los Angeles, in 2004, through Miriama and Irion, a Swedish couple who had experienced an 11-day process in the Golden City.  Because they then nurtured that energy, silently in nature for 3 weeks, and because their lives significantly took a turn for the better as a result, they asked me to promote them in LA.  Already aware how challenging a task that was, but also seeing the shift in them was truly beyond belief, I agreed, as I wanted to bring their experience and Deeksha to this larger audience.  
Well, as a result, my list grew to hundreds and even when I left the Oneness movement, a couple of years later, others wanted me to promote them. The rest is history. And while my emails took many twists and turns as did the planetary energies, here we are today, coming to a huge turning point. 
I’ve finally decided to no longer promote other teachers/channels, etc. (save for occasional ones I feel in the moment to be particularly important) partly because these emails take so much time and energy, which I no longer have. Coincidental’ to my decision, Constant Contact decided to not have phone support on the weekends, which makes it almost impossible for me to send out time-sensitive posts through them. Perfect synchronicity, right?
Although I’m still ‘being’ in the moment about it all, I think I may sometimes send some of my own inspirational messages from time to time.  I also quite like the PLANETARY PROGRESS reports, as I am well aware that this year of 2016 is TRULY THE TURNING POINT YEAR we all thought 2012 would be.  I feel we all need to focus on what’s going well on the planet, rather than the challenges and am sure most of you would agree. So I’m guessing I’ll post some of them. 
I will also continue to present the Health IS Wealth Blogs, and hope to get the one on ‘How To Heal Your Own Teeth On A Budget’ out soon.   Speaking of which, I just sent a message to my local list relating that I have made great progress in healing my other hip, which had begun deteriorating after my last hip replacement surgery-gone wrong over 3 years ago. Its been 2 years since the last x-rays and the ones taken yesterday proved hardly any more deterioration!  Yaaaay!  Quan Yin tells me a great part of that is due to the Intense healing work I’ve facilitated on it in sessions of up to 40 minutes a day over this past month. I will certainly share all that with you in a subsequent Health IS Wealth Blog. I am pretty sure I will also send these out on this list at least once a month. 
Everything is in a state of flux for me and I’m sure for most of you so I can’t be sure of anything except that I am slowing down, taking more time for myself to recharge, regenerate, heal and enjoy life. I’m aware that many others are doing the same and trust that if your life is stressful and you are not in good health, you will use this as an inspiration for your own healing. For me quality of life is now the most important thing…. and I believe if I have that, I can do more planetary work, even if just by example. 
Having said that, FYI, I am facilitating healing, both in groups, private, and remote sessions, which is what brings me the most joy these days. If you plan to be here in Mt Shasta, please feel free to join my ‘Mt Shasta Events’ list (below). You can also have a remote healing session, if you like, by simply emailing me. Check out my website (below) for more info and testimonials on them.
I trust you all understand and wish me well on my latest ad/venture. And I wish you all an abundance of health, wealth and love in your own journeys forth. With that, I leave you…
Lots of Love, Joy, & Quality of Life,

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