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Dearest ONES,
On November 28th Comet Ison will be aligned at its greatest perihelion, a time when it is closest to the Sun, signifying a new harmonization of the Christ Consciousness overflowing as a beautiful wellspring of Divine Love and Intelligence.Timed perfectly to maximize the magnificent energies of the Comet Ison’s Gateway on November 24th, Susanna Sophia Hart will present us with the ‘Christ Blueprint DNA Activation’, specifically geared to heal our Ancestral Lineage.
Here is an excerpt from Susanna’s post, which describes how the

‘DNA Christos~Sophian Blueprint Activation’ works to raise our vibrational frequency as well as open new dimensional gateways in which we may experience the Love and beauty and mystical magic of our Divine Selves.


  ‘Christ Blueprint DNA Activation’

This activation works in three ways:

During the first level of the initiation, we will work with Beloveds Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to heal and clear old patterns and blocks in your subtle energetic body as well as in your physical body temple. During this time you will receive a Divine Healing for your entire Family, healing your ancestral linage and breaking old vows that no longer serve your highest path… To honor your true path as you walk your Soul’s most empowering path of Light.

During the second level of your Activation, through your I Am Presence and the grace of Beloveds Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, the etheric energetic channels of your solar Light body will begin to open. It is through these energetic pathways that you will experience the vibrational frequencies and Light transmissions from the Solar Light of our Sun, Christos~Sophia, as well as from your I Am Presence.

When your channels have been illuminated and opened, Beloveds Mary Magdalene and Yeshua will then align your solar subtle Light body within the pulsating heartbeat of Comet Ison. This will allow you to receive a Divine DNA Activation of your Christ Blueprint. This Activation will connect you with the frequencies of your Christed family of Light and the Crystalline Grid of Christ Consciousness.

Receiving the Christos~Sophia DNA Activation will raise your vibrational frequency as well as open new dimensional gateways in which you may experience the Love and beauty and mystical magic of your Divine Self.

And because Susanna Sophia is so very loving and giving, she is offering NOT ONE but TWO GIFTS to everyone who attends this activation!!    

Sunrise Long-Distance Activation and Crystalline Ceremony:

As a special gift for you, on the morning of November 24th, during a beautiful crystal grid ceremony, Susanna Sophia will bury a crystal for you in a sacred space within a very powerful vortex in Sedona… The sacred intention of this crystal is to align your mind, body and Soul with the magnificent energetic transmissions that are being downloaded through the grace of Comet Ison and Beloved Christos~Sophia at this empowering time of personal and planetary Ascension. The crystal represents your rebirth into walking your Divinity… Honoring Life, Love, Beauty and Cosmic Awakening.

**If you have a special prayer request, please e-mail your prayer to Susanna Sophia and she will include it during the ceremony.

Sunrise Long-Distance Divine Love Transmission On Thanksgiving:

As an extra special gift on Thanksgiving Day, Susanna Sophia will send out a second Transmission of Love and healing during the time when Comet Ison will be closest to the Sun. This Divine Transmission will be sent at Sunrise from Cathedral Rock as a blessing to you and all of your family…  

To read more of Susanna Sophia’s magnificently melodic message,
click here…
If you feel called to join in on November 24th, please be sure to sign up by clicking the above link.  Perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you there!
Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


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