Clutter Clearing

I have called myself the ‘Queen of Lean’ for many years because I have never been attached to ‘stuff’. To me, ‘Less is More’! When called to pare down, I’ve always done it easily. My biggest breakthrough came when I moved from California to Arizona. It was supposed to cost $800…. I soon learned that was the ‘Bait & Switch’ deal.. the real cost being $1300!!   After adding all the years of storage space and moving costs, while I traveled in Europe and subsequently moved around LA, along with the shock of this additional $500, I was inspired to make a huge life decision. I let go of everything except what fit in my small car before moving to Mt Shasta CA. This included thousands of dollars worth of art work, and a $2000 Tempurpedic bed I had only slept on for 3 years. Interestingly enough, just after letting go of it, I slept on another Tempurpedic bed for the next 2 years in the fully-furnished house I rented. What are the odds?!

Why De-clutter?

Well, for me, letting go of all that was costing a fortune to store and move hither and yon was a no-brainer, especially knowing I’d be moving again sooner than later, and not knowing where. I also felt so much lighter having less to deal with, especially in my living space, giving me less to clean and organize; less stress dealing with ‘stuff’ in general, more time to be productive and creative. It also makes it easier to find what I’m looking for when I’m organized.

Even more importantly, in an ever-changing, chaotic world, I feel we must stay as fluid as possible. This requires a stable, organized foundation, both in our living/working space and in our lives in general. This is why we need to be organized in both. To create this foundation in one’s life, we must not only have an organized space but also a certain amount of routine in our lives to help establish that stability from which that spontaneous creativity can flourish. 


Although I am also a very fluid, unattached person, I am also very organized and logical in how I arrange what I have. That is because I also value my time.  I believe in a place for everything and everything in its place. In my apartment, I know where everything is at all times. I also have daily routines that keep me healthy and stable in an unstable world.  I bring this ability to become and stay organized to my clients as well. 

Incorporating Divine Energy Sessions

I also call what I do an Inside Job, because I also work intuitively, psychologically and energetically, while clutter clearing and by utilizing Divine Energy Sessions with my clients. Its not just about clearing what is no longer wanted, needed, useful, but getting cleared of the emotions that caused the attachments in the first place, especially if there is hoarding involved, because that is a fear/anxiety based disorder. The Divine Energy Sessions can help release these anxieties to open huge vistas of possibilities for the client far beyond the obvious. In the clutter-clearing process I also use kinesiology (with a pendulum) to help decide what stays and what goes. 


“I was not even aware that my house was cluttered till a relative visited and said it was, on the scale from 1 to 10, an 11! 8 years prior I had moved in everything from my mother’s house, including books, clothes, art work, furniture, kitchen items and much, much more of her belongings as well as those of several other family members. I hired Zahn to de-clutter and organize what I kept. In the beginning, I was surprised how hard it was to let go of almost everything…. even the smallest, most insignificant items. I never knew how attached I was to ‘stuff’ that was not even mine. Zahn pointed out how much poverty consciousness is involved in the attachment to things that are not even useful anymore. This was an eye-opener. To lessen this attachment, I also had a few of Zahn’s Divine Energy Sessions to help me break free, which obviously helped. Doing the clutter clearing about 2 to 3 hours a week, its now about 6 months later and we are making great progress, but I’m guessing we’re only half way through. I am letting go so much more easily and have a new perspective on how nice the house looks and feels without all the clutter. Zahn’s help is much appreciated and it is a relief to have cleared so much dead weight from my living space. I recommend Zahn’s services to anyone dealing with clutter in their life.”                                                                                                                                                                 E.M. 

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