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Dearest ONES,
Yes, Change seems to be very much in focus these days, perhaps because of the continuous unrelenting accelerating energies, intense astrological influences, especially Mars in Scorpio, causing anger, depression (anger turned inward,) and technological challenges, continuous rain of Photons, world affairs, etc. 
I believe, ultimately, all this is pushing all humans to choose either love/expansion/multidimensionality/ease & grace or fear/contraction/3rd dimensional reality/struggle. An ET walk-in teacher of mine once said, ‘The Ego is the janitor who thinks he’s the CEO’ Its time to finally let go of that ego and let our higher selves and hearts run the show. Yes, change is a good thing if we see it as a turning point for the better. Also, as each of us shifts in this way, the effect goes out exponentially, until there are only loving multidimensional ‘beings’ on the planet. That is the bigger picture, which I hold for myself and everyone else…and the very reason I’ve decided to create ‘The Zahn Quan Yin Love Hour’ Web TV Show… to help others get there. Until it begins in August, I am available for private sessions face to face via Zoom. 
You can also read my book R.O.L.L. With It!, which is designed specifically to take you from Fear to Love.    
While pondering all this, interestingly enough, on the very same day I received emails from both Tom Kenyon and Susanna Sophia Hart regarding this very subject – each of course – with their own unique take on it.  I’ll begin with an excerpt from Tom Kenyon’s…

“The shock waves of change that many of you are experiencing can be likened to the re-potting of a plant that has become root-bound. For many of you, your psychological and biological roots to your current perceived reality are bound up. With some exceptions most humans are finding the current transition that the world is passing through most difficult to contend with.

“Much of what you might have believed to be true is being revealed as lies. Many of the institutions you counted upon to protect you are increasingly being unveiled as insidious. Interpersonal relationships are strained due to the simple fact that so many of you are stressed by the complex changes around you, changes that you seemingly have no control over. This produces destructive patterns of response within your biology meaning how your body is responding to the stressors around you, including your mental and emotional faculties.”
After further expanding upon all this, as usual, he gives us one of his awesome sound-healing antidotes:
“The Aetherium is a sound tool for you to address these issues head-on. The sound codes that comprise this sound meditation come directly from the higher realms of light.” To read more and to get this sound tool…    http://tomkenyon.com/the-aetherium-hathor-message 
I have just listened to this and on a scale from 1-10, I give it a WOW! For those of you who may be new to Tom’s work, I believe he is THE foremost sound-healer on the planet. Enjoy!


After receiving a post from Susanna Sophia Hart’s magically poetic, beautifully crafted announcement of ‘Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day Celebration & Ceremony’ over a week ago, I just I received quite a different sort of message from her, very much akin to Tom’s. Here is an excerpt from that one…


“As I share this, it is in my Heart to inspire courage, Love and protection in a time that seems so uncertain in so many ways. Over the last few mornings, I have journeyed deep into the Heart of Mary Magdalene to find some answers for myself. Feeling the tension and adversity of so many different fellow brothers and sisters around the world, I went deep within to find peace inside this world so full of confusion.

“The Sun in Cancer trining Mars in Scorpio. This alignment is a clarion call to heal the masculine in its role as father and husband in a quest to heal the family as a whole. Here, we see the shadow warrior who has lost his nobility and honor. This signifies a time to go within our Hearts and Minds to discover how we will engage with our inner masculine. Will we choose war or will we choose peace? This trine calls for a rebirth through the mysteries of Scorpio (the deep alchemical mysteries; the place of the phoenix rising, death and rebirth), into the healing arms of the Mother (Cancer), the archetype of home, family and the healer within–these energies are reflected to us through the Sun in Cancer.

“Uranus, the archetype of planetary change and evolution–famous for his lightening-like changes that often spark the flames of revolution for the greater quest of humanity’s awakening–stands in a hard square with the Sun in Cancer, once again bringing about sudden and unexpected events that may spark a sudden revolutionary path of change.”  

Both Tom’s and Susanna’s messages were insightful, wise, inspiring, and helpful, revealing an emerging pattern of change on the planet as well as remedies to deal with it. 
Tom offers, of course his Sound-healing…. Susanna, her wisdom and ‘Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day Celebration’ Activation on July 22nd. Speaking of which, here is an excerpt from her original beautiful message, which, BTW, also includes many helpful references to astrological aspects.  

“On Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, you will receive a beautiful healing and the activation of your Womb’s Sacred Creation Flame as it is restored to its true Divine Nature, burning bright and blazing forth in total freedom with Love and Holy Passion, propelling you into the grace of pure consciousness–your true nature as Co-Creator with the Source of All Creation, Christos~Sophia.

“This evening promises to usher you to a deeper inner connection and healing of your beautiful Womb Temple of Light…. Healing your Soul and bringing wholeness and flow to your Life and to all those that you Love–and then into rapturous Holy Love with the Divine.  
During the Crystal Grid Womb-Grail Ceremony, a crystal will be buried within the crystalline matrix of the Christos~Sophia Grid in honor of your Rose-Womb, along with any intentions/wishes you send Susanna. At that time Susanna will send each person the Womb Love Healing and Activation. Once the transmission is sent, the energy will continue to flow throughout the day and into the night and while you are asleep.”  
Believe me, Susanna’s ceremonies are magnificantly magical, mystical experiences, you don’t want to miss!  I feel this is ‘just what the doctor ordered’, especially for those of you who may be somewhat stuck in the ‘fear’ zone. I highly recommend attending. Perhaps I’ll even ‘see’ you there…
Well, that’s it for now. Here’s wishing you all,
Love, Joy, & Multi-dimensionality,
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