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Dearest ONES,
WOW!!!  So much happening both glabally and locally, at least here in Mt Shasta.  I think the real turning point, especially for the Illuminati was when the Brits decided to EXIT the EU. Apparently they are finally running scared. Since I never tune in to the commercial news, just get bits and pieces from my spiritual brethren, it was not until I read an amazing channeling from Adamu through Zingdad (no longer available) that I became aware of this. I’m also seeing the huge shift locally and especially for myself.
Soon, (date not yet determined, but most likely later in August) I will launch ‘The Zahn Quan Yin Love Hour’, web-TV show.  I won’t get ahead of myself, except to offer you a visual (my local preliminary flyer) and a few tidbits. 
I am also in the process of changing the domain name of my website, but apparently the energies are still quite wonky and it has yet to go through, but please note my new email address (still pending) Zahn@ZahnQuanYin.com All I want to add is that it will be totally interactive, inclusive of healing energies, projected through my computer screen to all participants, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional coaching, and much, much more.  I have tested this out on a new client and it works wonderfully!!!  Here is her testimonial:
“I was divinely guided to Zahn and for that I will always be grateful and feel blessed. We connected right from the start and her down to earth, loving and compassionate heart assisted me deeply as I was in the midst of a major transformation. I read her book R.O.L.L. and immediately started implementing such in my daily affairs. If I needed more or deeper insights Zahn always made herself available as she was a big part of my growth.
I had the beautiful opportunity to work with Zahn 1on1, she always made me feel safe and protected which allowed me to share my deepest secrets, thoughts and feelings and I never felt judged.
Now when it comes to Zahn’s energy healing sessions…oh my…time and space….gone however they left me feeling like a cat that just rolled around in cat nip…aahh and the energy would surge throughout me long after our session was done. I will continue to reach out to Zahn as guided.”
Its so interesting that by simply emptying my ‘cup’, so to speak, all this came about. I highly recommend taking the leap, if you’re sitting on the fence thinking about doing something new and exciting. 
In closing, have a glorious summer and stay tuned…. 
Lots of Love, Joy, & Change,
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