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These are paraphrased excerpts from TESTIMONIALS from our websites


”After taking Body Biotics, arthritic pain diminished. I felt renewed energy, my bloated abdomen flattened, my digestion improved and my sinus problems disappeared!” Susan H


”Within 2 months of passing a huge white mass, two chronic health issues (severe dry eye plus intense heel & leg pain) vanished!!” Anonymous


“Almost immediately after starting Body Biotics, my menstrual cycles became totally painless. After 6 months, my lower back pains disappeared, my nose quit dripping, my labored breathing improved, my skin cleared & I no longer had chronic headaches or colds. I felt like a weight was lifted and I was walking on air as I felt better emotionally.” Stephanie Joy Johnson


“After trying everything else, my 9 year old son’s autism-related clostridia finally dropped from 754 to 74 in just 6 weeks while taking Body Biotics. During that time, we noticed no typical “die off” or any other reactions.” Terri H


“After 3 months taking Body Biotics™, I have increased energy, greater mental clarity, a significant reduction with my allergies and am eating healthier foods.” Dr. K Sherman


“After six to eight weeks my 20 years of athlete’s foot started going away. I now also have a superior level of health, my allergies are way down, I’m sleeping better, don’t need as much sleep, and I’ve got more energy.” David Commons


“I have been fighting an overgrowth of Candida for years. Even using anti-fungal drugs, everything just ran right through me. I also had a chronic vaginal yeast infection, my skin itched, and my belly was bloated. Once I work up to the 6 capsules per day, within a couple of weeks I saw a HUGE difference in my GI tract. Stools were well-formed, and the rest of my symptoms were gone!”  MJD


“I’ve had Herpes almost on a daily basis for several years. Having tried changing my diet and taking all kinds of remedies. Since I started taking Body Biotics™, I’ve never had another Herpes breakout again.” Anonymous


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