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Dearest ONES,

Due to the fact that I am soon leaving the USA, for my endless global Zen Journey, I am paring down to the bone.  I have too much stock in the Liph
Alkalizing Concentrate and Soothing Face Gel to take with me…. both of which I simply cannot live without (see my testimonial + those of others on my website). Therefore, I decided to pass on huge savings to all of you, whether or not you have even tried it (its a perfect time to do so).  You will be able to order it after I’m gone as I have a deal with the distributor who will drop ship to you, but the prices will go back to my normal ‘still below retail’ ones then.  Please read the flyers below for more info about these two ‘stellar’ products to see why they are ‘must-haves’ for YOU!!  
Please be sure to click on this link (http://tinyurl.com/kab5emtto see why the Liph Alkalizing Concentrate is so very special… its even successfully used together with MSM to treat the big ‘C’. I also recommend clicking on those orange links to get a full picture why you need to include this product into your daily health regime.
Also, be sure to click on this link (http://tinyurl.com/kmk2vjtto learn more about the Gel and to read more testimonials.
What better time than this to try out one or both of these awesome products and/or,take advantage of this huge one-time-only BLOWOUT SALE to STOCK UP if you already love them!  Well, ’nuff said…
Lots of Love, Health & Beauty,

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