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According To Zahn…

Upon entering the 7th decade of life here on Earth, I realize just how much clarity and wisdom I’ve gleaned from my many and varied life experiences. To get a better idea, you can check out my brief bio  or my book, R.O.L.L. With It! 

‘According To Zahn…’ is a blog, through which much of my unique wisdom, gleaned from these life experiences, seems to emerge. It is for people of all walks of life, beliefs and levels of consciousness, incorporating many of my personal and sometimes intimate stories to illustrate various points along the way.. I’ve decided  to write this, first of all, because I’ve realized many are needing help moving through this Great Transition. Secondly, whenever I have shared stories with others for this purpose the feedback from my readers and listeners has been… ‘We want more of that!’  And so, here it is… Enjoy!


Health IS Wealth

I have been deeply interested in health and nutrition for about 50 years, albeit not through the ‘traditional education system’. Its important to note that during this time, I have become quite the perfectionist, in terms of seeking only the cleanest, purest most effective health foods and products to put in and on my body and at the best price possible. 

The reason for this blog is to share all the UNIQUE & ECONOMICAL CUTTING EDGE products, healing modes and technologies, tips and tidbits that have worked for me throughout these years..

Many of these will be posted on the ‘Zahn Recommends’ page, some of which will be for sale on this site and some not. Stay tuned… much more to come…

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Zahn’s Uplifting Spiritual Messages 

I have been providing these messages to my growing list of readers for about 8 years. These are unique messages, channeled or written by contemporary spiritual teachers, savants and writers, cherry-picked from a great many received daily by me.  All know they can count on me for only positive messages that will uplift them out of the fear zone, while propelling them into a state of love and joy, where true multi-dimensional ‘beingness’ can be found. This blog can also be access by all from joining my mailing list on Constant Contact.

Photo by Moyan Brenn