Zahn’s Zen Adventure Begins…. Setting The Foundation Before Launch…

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Dearest ONES,
Its interesting that I had felt a huge push to get to Europe by mid May which also reminded me of the same push I felt 30 years ago to leave the stress of living in NYC and transplant myself in Bisbee AZ in time for the Harmonic Convergence (August 1987). I wonder just how many of us were aware of the enormous significance of that event back then. For sure, my Higher Guidance was in charge of the timing of that move for me as I spent that glorious weekend with friends in Sedona.  
Having just read several Astrological Reports for June, I realized June is totally a pivotal month on planet Earth, which is also why I’ve decided to include several amazingly appropriate astrological reports, beginning with….

Neptune-to-Pluto: Turning Karma to Grace

by Mark Borax

“On June 1st the hellish planet Pluto enters 19 Capricorn and stays there all month. This precinct splits humanity into its darkest and brightest sections, a point in the zodiac that, with a single glance, conjures angels and demons.

“The irony of our time is that things had to get this bad to awaken the good sleeping in the soul of the species. Way down deep, below the lies of politicians and media, beneath the blindness and bigotry of the war machine that keeps people in different nations from banding together to realize how we’re all being screwed, a force of progressive change is rising.”  to read more….   

Here is a practical guide (astrologically speaking) on how to best navigate these shifting energies. 
from the Power Path School of Shamanism 

“It is a month of paying attention to the signs, of acceptance of what is and what is showing up, of choosing your own reality vs the reality of others, and of allowing your intentions to align with right timing. Emotional clarity confirms your right reality and synchronicity and ease of action confirms you are on the right track.”  To read more….  

Here is yet another one that I feel is spot on…..

Tips to Thrive in June 
By Selacia
“With several months of chaos and craziness behind us in 2017, it’s helpful to look forward with new eyes and a new resolve based on hope for a better world. In this article I’ll outline context for energy shifts and provide some tips for thriving in June. Yes, you can thrive in the face of uncertainty and daily doses of negativity out-pictured in our world.” 

Speaking of Thriving… whether or not you have heard of and/or have experienced Prageet/Julienne/Alcazar’s life-changing 4-week course in “Youthing”, you’ll want to know more about it as well as the subsequent timely 4-week course…. ‘Youthing part 2’ – ‘From Surviving to Thriving’ Here is a link to more info, where you can also sign up for the course….  

Here is a a transcript of Alcazar explaining what this course is about as well as its many/varied benefits. There is also an audio version when you go to that link. 
Allow the Stargate to dissolve mental and emotional cycles that continue to limit you…
Beloved Ones We Greet Thee, ’tis Alcazar
For many years we have been saying that what is occurring here on your Earth is on the leading-edge of creation, and that the Universe is watching.
There is great excitement now, because humanity’s awakening is in progress.  
And you who are drawn to this Stargate work are the way-showers.
And we wish to communicate with you on many levels:
 What is occurring,
What is about to become,
And your role in self-transformation, which leads to the transformation of humanity, which leads to the transformation of the whole Universe.  Hard for the mind to accept perhaps, but it is the case.
We invite you to join us for another four week series to find out for yourself HOW your humanness operates…  HOW your superconsciousness connects to your humanness…  HOW, by combining this understanding, you can re-create your reality.
How, with this understanding, you can change your body, you can re-program your mind into freedom, you can change your societies.
Beloveds, it is time… It is happening now. 
 There is so much support on so many levels for humans’ evolution right now.
You are riding the wave of transformation.  Allow us to give you a boost energetically, a boost on a mental level so you can understand what is occurring, and a boost on a feeling/emotional level, so that there is so much joy in your heart, so much love in your beingness – that the minor irritations of your old conditioning no longer limit you.
 Come join us, free the world, starting with yourself.
See below for ‘more info’ as well as ‘how to sign up’ for this course. 
Setting The Foundation For Zahn’s Zen Adventure
Before I tell you the benefits I gleaned from the ‘Youthing’ part 1 course, I’d like to give you the bigger picture by backtracking a bit to explain how ‘that’ became only an integral (but crucial) part of the foundation for the successful Zen Adventure I’m now enjoying. Here are the other pieces of that puzzle…
As I am very much about ‘nutrition’, I listen closely to my Higher Self to tell me what needs to be addressed in advance. The first conundrum came many months ago, when I was trying to solve the mystery of why mother nature would put wonderful minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients into dark leafy greens (like spinach), as well as some other fruits,vegetables, nuts, seeds and even dark chocolate, only to include Oxalic Acids (oxalates) to prevent their absorption by humans. I just now did a bit more research and found this great article that explains a lot about Oxalates especially for those who tend towards kidney stones…. they are the ones that should know about this and take heed.  

Also, I wondered why, in order to receive nutritional benefits from seeds, nuts and beans, one had to either soak and/or sprout them to release the Phytic Acid (phytates) that also prevented absorption of nutrients. That, at least made more sense, because the phytates made storing these easier, so that they would only grow when introduced to water.
After posing this question to my ‘Higher Self’, I simply surrendered and waited until the answer came through. I was reminded that I had been ‘releasing’ dischordant, toxic, harmful energies from clients, crystals, healing tools, etc. and then infusing beneficial healing energies into same for over 30 years. The first time was back in 1987, when working on my first client who was getting chemo therapy for resistant lung tumors (which I also helped eliminate energetically). My client could feel the chemo leaving her body as I worked, which was then replaced by healing energies.This phenomenon has become an ‘automatic’ part of my healing practice since then, which is why the answer at first eluded me.
Once I realized this I began intentionally, energetically clearing all my food of toxins, inorganic minerals, chem-trail debris, Oxalic acids (Oxalates), Phytic acid, (Phytates) while also infusing them with higher nutrient absorption as well as Love, Light, Happiness, Prosperity and whatever else I felt to in that moment. From that point forward, I continued to do these procedures to insure maximum benefit of the foods I ate.
This led to another major nutritional conundrum…’How do I eliminate carrying all my many and varied supplements; eliminate having to order and have them shipped during my travels, while still gleaning their benefits? This time the answer was way more obvious. After having reminded myself of the ‘release/infuse formula I simply applied it thus:
I took ‘samples’ of each and every supplement, put them in either small baggies or small bottles/vials I had been collecting,’knowing’ they would be useful at some point. I then filled 2 2oz dropper bottles with Mt Shasta water, energetically cleansed and activated that water in preparation for the infusion process…. one for daily ‘nutritional’ supplements, the other for ‘sleep’ remedies. I then, one-by-one, infused each individual supplement into the appropriate dropper bottles. 
I was now ready to begin replacing my usual supplements with these ‘Quantum Infusions’ taking 3 dropper-fulls a day, morning, noonand night. 
Then, in early March, I saw that Prageet and Julienne were presenting a 4-week ‘Youthing Course- Growing Young’ and my higher guidance jumped for joy! I remember thinking some years ago, that many/most of us who were working with the ascension energies, thought we could live well past 100 years. I kind of gave up on that at some point, thinking it was unrealistic. Now, I was thinking that even though I might not live that long, wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply NOT have any more health issues for the rest of my life. 
Needless to say, I was IN, especially since Alcazar (who brings through these miraculous energies) suddenly declared the original cost of $147 would be reduced to a mere $37 for the Entire 4-week Course!!  (This brought 3000 participants!) This “Youthing” course, as well as the upcoming Youthing part 2, “From Surviving To Thriving” course will continue to only be only $37… for everyone.
This was the only testimonial I wrote at the end of that 1st course…
“Throughout the entire webinar and especially during the ‘Alkazar ‘Activations, my body shook and jolted as the energies bolted through me. It felt like a giant clearing and cleansing of ‘all that was not love’, both in my body, mind and consciousness. Since then, even the remnants of pain from my hip surgery 4 months ago, seemed to simply become a vague memory as they melted into nothingness.” 
I waited to post any other benefits until later as I also wanted to take into account the collective effects of the Quantum Infusions, the Intentional Energetic Clearing My Foods, and continued facilitation of some powerful Self-Healing sessions, I had been doing for years. 
Therefore I verified them thorough blood tests (ordered and read by Dr Shearer, local holistic doctor) and took 3 eye exams. 
And now here are the results for all the categories, with the calibrated (with my pendulum) percentages of what worked best:
I had gone for an eye exam several months ago and discovered the retina, especially in my right eye, was beginning to deteriorate.  Dr Brooks suggested I go to the Retina Center in Medford for more complete tests. It was confirmed but Dr Resnick said there was nothing to be done and there was a possibility this condition might never worsen. While that was comforting, I noticed the next day that suddenly my vision had improved, so much so, that when I went for another eye test, Dr Brooks told me my vision had improved 30%!!! 
These were the calibrated contributing factors: 
*Quantum Infusions: 15%
*Energetic Clearing of Foods: 10%
*Self Healing:  30%
*Youthing Course: 45%
Blood Tests: 
The results proved that in most cases I was doing as good or better than before. I was maintaining good levels of vitamin B12, iron, and other necessary nutrients. I was told that my thyroid and estrogen levels had dropped a bit, which I remedied with adding Lugol’s Solution for thyroid, and Young Living’s ‘Progessence Plus’ for increased female hormones. I felt I had pretty much covered all bases, except for my omega 3’s and 6’s, which I’m now supplementing with eating raw nuts and seeds (even here in a fairly remote area in Italy) and fresh caught wild salmon when possible.
These were the calibrated contributing factors: 
*Quantum Infusions: 30%
*Energetic Clearing of Foods: 20%
*Self Healing: 10%
*Youthing Course: 40%
Actually, while I’m in an incredibly, wonderfully healthy, flowing place regarding my spiritual/emotional/physical evolution, after having taken the first ‘Youthing’ course, and ‘knowing’ I really do not ‘need’ this 2nd one, I also ‘knew’ there will be great benefits for me from this one as well. And so, I signed up immediately. 
Well, at this juncture, if you have not taken the 1st Youthing Course Part 1 (Growing Young)  Click here to learn more and sign up….
If you would like to know more about the Youthing Course part 2 (From Surviving To Thriving),and/or sign up for it, click here….
If you are thinking to take BOTH, it is suggested you choose which Youthing Course you’d like to take first and then stick with it until the end, which includes listening to the appropriate activations in consecutive order for the week between segments 1 to 4. 

If you are working on Youthing 1 when Youthing 2 begins (on June 11th) we suggest you put Youthing 1 on hold and focus on Youthing 2, unless you have time and energy to do both simultaneously. It’s important to be consistent with what we are doing in order to receive the maximum benefits. 
If there are any questions, please let me know. In the meantime, here’s wishing you..
Lots of Love, Joy & Thriving,
P.S.  Learn about the first part of my Zen Adventure in my next ZZA Blog…


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Dearest ONES,

Due to the fact that I am soon leaving the USA, for my endless global Zen Journey, I am paring down to the bone.  I have too much stock in the Liph
Alkalizing Concentrate and Soothing Face Gel to take with me…. both of which I simply cannot live without (see my testimonial + those of others on my website). Therefore, I decided to pass on huge savings to all of you, whether or not you have even tried it (its a perfect time to do so).  You will be able to order it after I’m gone as I have a deal with the distributor who will drop ship to you, but the prices will go back to my normal ‘still below retail’ ones then.  Please read the flyers below for more info about these two ‘stellar’ products to see why they are ‘must-haves’ for YOU!!  
Please be sure to click on this link ( see why the Liph Alkalizing Concentrate is so very special… its even successfully used together with MSM to treat the big ‘C’. I also recommend clicking on those orange links to get a full picture why you need to include this product into your daily health regime.
Also, be sure to click on this link ( learn more about the Gel and to read more testimonials.
What better time than this to try out one or both of these awesome products and/or,take advantage of this huge one-time-only BLOWOUT SALE to STOCK UP if you already love them!  Well, ’nuff said…
Lots of Love, Health & Beauty,

The Great Transition Begins… Zahn’s Final Blog!! Includes 3 DIVINE Posts!!

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Dearest ONES,
I can’t believe its been 5 months since my last post (, but then again, this healing process for my hip-replacement surgery has been different, more intense, and life-changing than any other surgery I’ve ever experienced. I’m thinking I’m not alone in feeling at a major turning point. 2017 definitely feels that way. Having just read the wisdom from posts by Judy Satory Lauren Gorgo & Meg Benedicte , I now realize its not just my surgery but the intense energy influxes, causing those who are ready to really engage with 5th Dimensional energies. I’m totally Time Warping…. what an adventure!! There’s wisdom in these posts for everyone who is engaged with the energy changes no matter where they are in their evolvement. 
Part of the shift for me is that for the first time in my life, I am finally a Human ‘Being’ rather than a Human ‘Doing’, which I’m truly grateful for. As a consummate work-a-holic, in the past, even when I’ve had major, life-threatening health issues, I’ve always just kept on keeping on as if nothing in my life had changed… even after a major heart attack. Its such a relief to now just relax while vegging-out on Netflix movies all day long in order to allow the healing process to progress, which has been on going for almost 3 months!  I just realized this was actually smart because when we engage our brains during the flu, an accident, or after surgery, the mental activity actually slows down the healing process,as it takes a lot more energy to think than you realize! 
I didn’t really have much of a choice as, since right after the surgery I had this intense brain fog take over me, which I, at first, attributed to all the toxic meds  and anesthesia they gave me during my 2-day hospital stay. This was also exacerbated by the continuing dimensional wobble and intense energy influxes we’re all experiencing these days. I now know, while both may have been contributing factors, it was most likely even more my body’s way of slowing me down in order to speed up the recovery. The greatest benefit to me was/is the turning point away from workaholism. 
I recently talked with several people who have had the same or similar brain fog after some life crisis.. one person for about a year! BTW, I realized that this phenomenon has nothing to do with age (alzheimer’s) as another person was in her 40s when that happened to her. I also remembered 5 years ago, when I had a nasty case of flu while organizing a very complicated, detailed event for my spiritual teacher, which required extremely clear thinking, I could barely do it. My usual crystal clear detail-oriented brain was not able to complete the task until just before the event took place, after the flu was gone. 
This is the first time in almost 3 months that I finally have the mental clarity I’ve been waiting for in order to move on with my life in a completely new way, which is why I’m finally able to write this newsletter. One thing is clear, I am leaving the USA and heading South for a warmer climate and gentler way of life…. perhaps you could say I’m finally retiring….something I never thought I’d say or do. More importantly, I now realize that after over 30 years of intentional service to humanity (by helping to raise the love and light on the planet), my life purpose is complete. Hallelujah!!  
That’s not to say I won’t continue using the gifts I was born with… the energy healing and counseling (to mention a few), as needed, but doing it quite organically… just flowing along during this new zen journey, very much like the 6 years I spent, mostly in Europe, spreading love and light from 1997 till 2003, often in trade for room and board.  They were the most magical years of my life and I’m looking forward to a similar adventure. 
While that is the main reason I’m leaving the USA, there’s also another. Since Herr Trumph has taken office he reminds me too much of Hitler. And we all know how that turned out! I already spent my last lifetime being tortured as a child, in one of Hitler’s concentration camps. Its taken most of this lifetime to realize that and heal the post traumatic stress from it. Since I’ve also been gifted with a divine sense of timing, that guidance tells me ‘Get the hell out of Dodge!!’ This is not necessarily guidance for all, as many are here to balance out this energy. 
Soooooo, I’m now picturing warm, nurturing weather, lots of sunshine, pristine beaches with gorgeous clear blue water and white sand, and beautifully lush green landscapes, where living is easy and affordable. Since I’ve already spent 3 months in Vilcabamba Ecuador, about 8 years ago, I just may begin there… but the research has only just begun. I’ve subscribed to International Living – a service to help find these magical, affordable destinations and I can tell you, I’m inspired!!!
Although I’m also still in the think-tank about what else might take my time and creative energies, for the time being, I will discontinue writing these newsletters/blogs. Perhaps once I get on the road, I’ll send out a travelogue, which is really where this newsletter journey began 20 years ago during my 6-year zen adventure. And there still is a possibility I may eventually begin producing and facilitating ‘The Zahn Quan Yin Love TV Show’, but that’s only if I am inspired to. Ooor, maybe I’ll simply enjoy this next zen journey and share it only with those I meet on the road. I guess we’ll all have to simply wait and see…  
If you want to be on my ‘Travelogue’ mailing list and you ore NOT on any of my mailing lists now,  click on the ‘Join My Mailing List’ at the bottom and select any category as I will send to EVERYONE on my whole mailing list IF & WHEN I decide to continue with mailings. Please note, you can unsubscribe any time from that. 
Well, that’s it for now…  Here’s wishing all of you a magical, mystical, healthy, prosperous 2017 & beyond!   
Lots of Love & Adventure,
P.S. Since many of you live in various places on the planet; some having traveled to other places as well, if you have any suggestions even beyond South America, please feel free to give me any pertinent info. Also, please note, I’m willing to trade room and board for healing and counseling  as well as a myriad of other abilities. You can check out some of those gifts on my website: 
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THINNING HAIR? Here Are 2 Solutions!

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I would like to introduce you to 2 amazing products for your hair. The Vital Image products are the Best Kept Hollywood Secret!!! The owner has built his business by developing the very purest, plant-based, effective, affordable beauty products one can buy. He’s never had to advertise, which keeps the prices low, as word-of-mouth has spread the business world-wide. Unlike other cosmetic products, you never have to change off, as they are consistently wonderful used daily for years. Here is info about each hair product, followed by my testimonial.  
Hair Renewal Shampoo’s herbs and its unique  Sub-microscopic ‘Charged Organic Particles’ technology combine to: 
*Clean hair and scalp while leaving NO residue                             *Cleans pores & hair follicles of debris for increased oxygenation & improved circulation                                                         *Moisturizes the scalp and smoothes the cuticles for silky manageable hair.                                                                      
*Gives you the healthiest thickest hair your body can grow       
*Is concentrated with active biodegradable ingredients that are pro-ecology, food grade and never tested on animals.  
Ingredients: Charged Organic Particles, Purified Water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, castor oil, rosemary, rose, organic calamine, bee pollen, almond oil, sassafras, horsetail, olive oil, alfalfa, flax oil, kelp, watercress, seaweed, and walnut oil,
               For more info & to purchase at a discount:                
for those who wish to reverse major hair loss 
                    How Hair Again Works:                                 Our blended natural botanicals may work to rid the scalp of barriers that block or impair hair growth while delivering missing key nutrients that promote existing and renewed growth of stronger, healthier hair shaft. How HairAgain may help to re-grow your own lost hair:                                                                                                     *HairAgain is NOT a drug, NOT a synthetic, NOT a medication, NOT a cure. It is: *totally safe, *100% natural, *free of side effects and has been *shown to be effective! *HairAgain just cleans, softens, nourishes and oxygenates the scalp so that your body can manifest the hair it is well capable of producing.
In the website blurb, there is info on how to maximize the potential of this product to regrow hair. Even if you don’t purchase the product, this is important info especially for men because it also addresses prostate issues, which are totally connected with balding.  Look for ‘Keys to Inhibit 5-alpha Reductase’ 
Ingredients: De-ionized water, COPS, vinegar, aloe vera, extracts of lemon, mint, chamomile, rose, horsetail, rosemary, plantain, acrimony, borage, chervil, comfrey, fennel sweet.


 For more info & to purchase at a discount,


Zahn’s Testimonial:
“Awhile after open heart surgery followed by a hip replacement, I noticed my hair had become quite thin. Although I had already been using a really pure, chemical-free shampoo at that time, I knew I could up my game by using Renewal Shampoo as I had been using The Vital Image products for my face successfully for about 8 years at that time. So I made the switch, also adding the HairAgain product to my routine a year or two later, after my hair stylist told me I had a bald spot that would never go away. I love that the Renewal Shampoo keeps me from excessive hair-loss and believe it is an important part of my hair regrowth. It also leaves my hair soft, manageable, shiny and beautiful. I’ve been using it for about 4 years now and don’t ever plan to stop. I also love that, while using it twice a week it lasts me about a year and a half!!! What a bargain at $12 for 8oz! My hair is now full, beautiful and literally my ‘crowning glory’. The Hair Again has brought my hair to a new level of thickness, totally filling in that bald spot my hair stylist said would never go away.” 
So if you are like me and use only the purest, most effective products for your body at the best prices possible, try at least the Renewal Shampoo. You won’t be sorry you did. Please feel free to contact me to learn more …. 
Lots of Love, Joy & Healthy Hair,

#Changes According to Tom Kenyon & Susanna Sophia Hart+ #Healing #Sounds & #Activation

July 19, 2016 | Posted in Zahns Spiritual E-Zine | By


Dearest ONES,
Yes, Change seems to be very much in focus these days, perhaps because of the continuous unrelenting accelerating energies, intense astrological influences, especially Mars in Scorpio, causing anger, depression (anger turned inward,) and technological challenges, continuous rain of Photons, world affairs, etc. 
I believe, ultimately, all this is pushing all humans to choose either love/expansion/multidimensionality/ease & grace or fear/contraction/3rd dimensional reality/struggle. An ET walk-in teacher of mine once said, ‘The Ego is the janitor who thinks he’s the CEO’ Its time to finally let go of that ego and let our higher selves and hearts run the show. Yes, change is a good thing if we see it as a turning point for the better. Also, as each of us shifts in this way, the effect goes out exponentially, until there are only loving multidimensional ‘beings’ on the planet. That is the bigger picture, which I hold for myself and everyone else…and the very reason I’ve decided to create ‘The Zahn Quan Yin Love Hour’ Web TV Show… to help others get there. Until it begins in August, I am available for private sessions face to face via Zoom. 
You can also read my book R.O.L.L. With It!, which is designed specifically to take you from Fear to Love.    
While pondering all this, interestingly enough, on the very same day I received emails from both Tom Kenyon and Susanna Sophia Hart regarding this very subject – each of course – with their own unique take on it.  I’ll begin with an excerpt from Tom Kenyon’s…

“The shock waves of change that many of you are experiencing can be likened to the re-potting of a plant that has become root-bound. For many of you, your psychological and biological roots to your current perceived reality are bound up. With some exceptions most humans are finding the current transition that the world is passing through most difficult to contend with.

“Much of what you might have believed to be true is being revealed as lies. Many of the institutions you counted upon to protect you are increasingly being unveiled as insidious. Interpersonal relationships are strained due to the simple fact that so many of you are stressed by the complex changes around you, changes that you seemingly have no control over. This produces destructive patterns of response within your biology meaning how your body is responding to the stressors around you, including your mental and emotional faculties.”
After further expanding upon all this, as usual, he gives us one of his awesome sound-healing antidotes:
“The Aetherium is a sound tool for you to address these issues head-on. The sound codes that comprise this sound meditation come directly from the higher realms of light.” To read more and to get this sound tool… 
I have just listened to this and on a scale from 1-10, I give it a WOW! For those of you who may be new to Tom’s work, I believe he is THE foremost sound-healer on the planet. Enjoy!


After receiving a post from Susanna Sophia Hart’s magically poetic, beautifully crafted announcement of ‘Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day Celebration & Ceremony’ over a week ago, I just I received quite a different sort of message from her, very much akin to Tom’s. Here is an excerpt from that one…


“As I share this, it is in my Heart to inspire courage, Love and protection in a time that seems so uncertain in so many ways. Over the last few mornings, I have journeyed deep into the Heart of Mary Magdalene to find some answers for myself. Feeling the tension and adversity of so many different fellow brothers and sisters around the world, I went deep within to find peace inside this world so full of confusion.

“The Sun in Cancer trining Mars in Scorpio. This alignment is a clarion call to heal the masculine in its role as father and husband in a quest to heal the family as a whole. Here, we see the shadow warrior who has lost his nobility and honor. This signifies a time to go within our Hearts and Minds to discover how we will engage with our inner masculine. Will we choose war or will we choose peace? This trine calls for a rebirth through the mysteries of Scorpio (the deep alchemical mysteries; the place of the phoenix rising, death and rebirth), into the healing arms of the Mother (Cancer), the archetype of home, family and the healer within–these energies are reflected to us through the Sun in Cancer.

“Uranus, the archetype of planetary change and evolution–famous for his lightening-like changes that often spark the flames of revolution for the greater quest of humanity’s awakening–stands in a hard square with the Sun in Cancer, once again bringing about sudden and unexpected events that may spark a sudden revolutionary path of change.”  

Both Tom’s and Susanna’s messages were insightful, wise, inspiring, and helpful, revealing an emerging pattern of change on the planet as well as remedies to deal with it. 
Tom offers, of course his Sound-healing…. Susanna, her wisdom and ‘Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day Celebration’ Activation on July 22nd. Speaking of which, here is an excerpt from her original beautiful message, which, BTW, also includes many helpful references to astrological aspects.  

“On Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, you will receive a beautiful healing and the activation of your Womb’s Sacred Creation Flame as it is restored to its true Divine Nature, burning bright and blazing forth in total freedom with Love and Holy Passion, propelling you into the grace of pure consciousness–your true nature as Co-Creator with the Source of All Creation, Christos~Sophia.

“This evening promises to usher you to a deeper inner connection and healing of your beautiful Womb Temple of Light…. Healing your Soul and bringing wholeness and flow to your Life and to all those that you Love–and then into rapturous Holy Love with the Divine.  
During the Crystal Grid Womb-Grail Ceremony, a crystal will be buried within the crystalline matrix of the Christos~Sophia Grid in honor of your Rose-Womb, along with any intentions/wishes you send Susanna. At that time Susanna will send each person the Womb Love Healing and Activation. Once the transmission is sent, the energy will continue to flow throughout the day and into the night and while you are asleep.”  
Believe me, Susanna’s ceremonies are magnificantly magical, mystical experiences, you don’t want to miss!  I feel this is ‘just what the doctor ordered’, especially for those of you who may be somewhat stuck in the ‘fear’ zone. I highly recommend attending. Perhaps I’ll even ‘see’ you there…
Well, that’s it for now. Here’s wishing you all,
Love, Joy, & Multi-dimensionality,
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Change Is Inevitable & The Only Constant….

July 14, 2016 | Posted in Zahns Spiritual E-Zine | By

Dearest ONES,
WOW!!!  So much happening both glabally and locally, at least here in Mt Shasta.  I think the real turning point, especially for the Illuminati was when the Brits decided to EXIT the EU. Apparently they are finally running scared. Since I never tune in to the commercial news, just get bits and pieces from my spiritual brethren, it was not until I read an amazing channeling from Adamu through Zingdad (no longer available) that I became aware of this. I’m also seeing the huge shift locally and especially for myself.
Soon, (date not yet determined, but most likely later in August) I will launch ‘The Zahn Quan Yin Love Hour’, web-TV show.  I won’t get ahead of myself, except to offer you a visual (my local preliminary flyer) and a few tidbits. 
I am also in the process of changing the domain name of my website, but apparently the energies are still quite wonky and it has yet to go through, but please note my new email address (still pending) All I want to add is that it will be totally interactive, inclusive of healing energies, projected through my computer screen to all participants, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional coaching, and much, much more.  I have tested this out on a new client and it works wonderfully!!!  Here is her testimonial:
“I was divinely guided to Zahn and for that I will always be grateful and feel blessed. We connected right from the start and her down to earth, loving and compassionate heart assisted me deeply as I was in the midst of a major transformation. I read her book R.O.L.L. and immediately started implementing such in my daily affairs. If I needed more or deeper insights Zahn always made herself available as she was a big part of my growth.
I had the beautiful opportunity to work with Zahn 1on1, she always made me feel safe and protected which allowed me to share my deepest secrets, thoughts and feelings and I never felt judged.
Now when it comes to Zahn’s energy healing sessions…oh my…time and space….gone however they left me feeling like a cat that just rolled around in cat nip…aahh and the energy would surge throughout me long after our session was done. I will continue to reach out to Zahn as guided.”
Its so interesting that by simply emptying my ‘cup’, so to speak, all this came about. I highly recommend taking the leap, if you’re sitting on the fence thinking about doing something new and exciting. 
In closing, have a glorious summer and stay tuned…. 
Lots of Love, Joy, & Change,
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Spectacular Celestial Alignments & Empowering Summer Solstice Activation

June 17, 2016 | Posted in Zahns Spiritual E-Zine | By

Dearest ONES,
Well, its that time of year again and it seems impossible that time has flown so fast… wasn’t it just winter?  I could not let such an auspicious occasion go by without at least a bit of info about the astrological energies and a possibility for celebration.  Keeping it simple, I chose Susanna Sophia Hart’s message and Summer Solstice Ceremony because of how truly poetically beautiful and potent her messages and activations are. This one is no exception. Be sure to read about the *TWO VALUABLE GIFTS you will receive once you sign up for her event (including one that gives you a FREE invitation for a loved one)
Here is an excerpt of her message, replete with lots of awesome astrological info, along with details about the Solstice event….

Summer Solstice

“As we have made our way through our pilgrimage of the Heart with our wings and Hearts open, into this most auspicious Summer Solstice gateway we fly, together entering into the Sacred Hoop, the circle of stars that surrounds the Galactic Cross. Forming a direct and Divine Alignment with our Sun, Solar system and the Galactic Heart, and from deep within the Heart Flame of Mother~Father God at the Galactic Center, it spirals to you from the Universal Altar of Love from where Beloveds Christos and Sophia are sending you a wave of Crystalline Christ Light and Unconditional Love.

As you open your Heart to receive this wave of universal awakening, your Heart Spark is ignited from within the luminous matrix of your Divine Christ Blueprint. At this very moment, Earth and all of humanity is aligned with the Galactic Edge, the very perimeters of our galaxy, to receive the Codes of Cosmic Grace flowing to us. As a spiraling lattice Light is activating your spiritual DNA, it is allowing you to receive more and more of the influx of Light at this magnificent time of Living Light in the New Renaissance.

Creative Cosmic flames ignite from the Heart center of the Divine Mother and Father, Christos~Sophia, sending out a spiraling electromagnetic flow of crystalline Christ Light. These ripples or waves of luminous Love and Light flow through the center of our Sun and into our Stellar Gateway, opening up cosmic communication with your I Am Presence, flowing into your Heart through your Soul Star and Crown Chakra Gateways, aligning all of us in the grace and beauty of the Universal Flow of Creation. These spiraling flames of Light, often called solar flares, are truly seeding us with vital information designed to give us the keys to open the gateways to the future, allowing the new, higher frequencies of Light to permeate the transmittal of the celestial song of your soul. Upon hearing this song, your Heart awakens…. As these solar flames/solar flares occur, our Hearts are simultaneously being lit on fire with universal passion and desire-the Holy Desire to grow, to learn, to become all that we can be….

The Summer Solstice Gateway on June 20, 2016

During this month’s most magical Summer Solstice Gateway occurring on June 20, 2016, the Solar Light of our Sun will enter into the constellation of Cancer at 3:34 p.m. PDT. In the twilight, the Full Moon in Sagittarius (29 Sagittarius 33) goes exact at 4:02 a.m. PDT. Here, the luminous light of the Moon in Sagittarius shines deep into your soul, igniting your inner quest for truth, universal grace, wisdom and enlightenment.

At 4:55 a.m., the Full Moon enters Capricorn, activating your inner alchemist as you manifest your Heart’s passions. Here you can connect deeply with your inner Earth Priestess and with Gaia.

As Golden rays of the Solstice Sun pierce our Hearts and Minds at10:11 a.m. PDT, our winged messenger, Mercury, squares Neptune retrograde. This powerful alignment brings a depth to the Neptune Saturn Square that we experienced on June 17th.

As a burst of expansion, Jupiter conjuncts the North Node at10:17 am, opening your inner vision to receive a glimpse into your soul’s true nature and your Divine Destiny, opening a beautiful path of light where you can tune in to universal wisdom to understand your Soul’s most valuable gifts. This will complete the third pass of this alignment, a rare triple alignment which we will not experience again until 2255 .

During this magnificent gateway, the exact Solstice point is located at the Galactic Edge and fully aligned with the Solar Light of the Galactic Cross, creating a direct alignment between Earth and the Galactic Center.

This auspicious alignment occurs over a 36-year cycle. At the beginning of each new 26,000 year cycle, this grand alignment ushers in and signifies the dawning of a New Age and a time of Spiritual Renaissance within the Hearts and Minds of the collective consciousness…. This current alignment reached its greatest magnitude in 1962 and will last until the Summer Solstice of 2034.


*To honor this event and the coming together of community, each person who signs up for the activation is invited to invite a loved one to participate in our Solstice Ceremony and Goddess Activation as my gift….

A Very Special Gift of A Subliminal Recording:

*After the activation, each person and each guest will receive a downloadable link to an Mp3 recorded subliminal message that I will personally record for this event.

This subliminal message will be gently spoken with sacred intention beneath beautiful music that allows your subconscious mind to override the thinking mind and take in the healing and illumination of the inspirational prayer intention.”

Summer Solstice Ceremony & Goddess Activation
At The Full Moon, with Susanna Sophia Hart
Monday Evening, June 20, 2016, 7:00 P.M. (PDT)
Phone In Meditation & Long Distance Activation
                                 To read more & to sign up…                                                                                    
I trust that no matter how you choose to celebrate the auspicious occasion of this spectacular Summer Solstice, you will receive the maximum benefits possible for your Soul’s Growth. Most of all, Enjoy!!!
Lots of Love, Joy & Celebration,
Zahn Quan Yin
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Zahn Quan Yin’s 5-Min Focused-Healing Group Wednesday June 8th

June 9, 2016 | Posted in Zahn's Mt Shasta Events | By


For those of you who didn’t get my last email regarding my name change to Zahn Quan Yin, you can read about it by clicking:                                                                                                       
Now, I’d like to mention the Schuman Resonance Frequency and how its recently doubled for Planet Earth from 7.8 to about 16. This is really significant because we humans are having to recalibrate our bodies to this new frequency, which is wreaking havoc with many. I’ve noticed that many people are having more stress and pain as a result…. I know that I am.  Lucia Rene has a video that is quite interesting, and while I don’t agree with everything she says on it, I did feel a huge upgrade by listening to it.  However, beware… if you are already somewhat, or really in ‘OhShitsVille’ you may want to wait to do so… as it can actually exacerbate your situation/stress/pain.  For those who are ready and/or daring, you can click on: Lucia René ~ Ascension Game Changer and 
If you are already being negatively affected by Earth’s upgrade in Schuman Resonance Frequency and would like to get some possible healing relief, I invite you to come to this Wednesday’s event. Details below…
Here is a testimonial from one of the participants:
“While I was sitting there, its almost like the energy was boring into my skull, but not past the middle…. It seemed to be that my eyes would focus and there were a lot of strange feelings in my eyeballs. And we were working later on on my eyes predominantly. I guess because during the two prior sessions we worked on my eyesight, which really needed healing… But this time, the ear also. But then on the table, my whole eyeballs were really, really hot and the energy seemed to relax the muscles all around and I had some weird but good feelings about it all. it was really relaxing as well.”       
                                                       Maria Stanger
For more testimonials and info, go to
In any case, I look forward to seeing you there!
Lots of Love, Joy & Healing,
Zahn Quan Yin
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Introducing The Newly-Minted Zahn Quan Yin

June 9, 2016 | Posted in Zahn's Mt Shasta Events | By


About 20 years ago I was told to begin channeling Higher Energies.  The first one that came through was  Quan Yin,  saying she was delighted to have finally reunited with me after so many lifetimes apart.  During that joyful teary-eyed, emotional conversation, she told me I had been one of the orphans she fostered in one of her incarnations on Earth.  Since then Quan Yin has become an integral part of the very fabric of my ‘being’.  We’ve  had conversations daily for years and I now feel she’s with me constantly, especially when I am helping others, whether its in a formal healing session or even just in more casual situations. 

In retrospect, I now realize she has ‘always’ been with me in this lifetime, even when my boyfriend and I were about to be raped, pillaged and plundered in Central Park when I was 30.  I thought it was a samadhi incident, and perhaps it was that as well. But I now know she embodied me so that only the unconditional love without fear came through, which stunned these three men, so much so, after a short while, they just turned and left!  You can read the story in my book Roll With It!

I now realize I was one of the early Crystal Children in the first wave of Lightworkers who were born in the early 1940s.  I have always been helping people, first with my family, bringing unconditional love to a less-than-loving environment and then bringing loving wisdom to all those who I came in contact with. I now also realize that I’ve been an empath all these years as well, which was why many people were attracted to me and seemed to get help so easily from me. 
All this has become increasing clear to me recently, what with the accelerating energies that are pushing all of us to rise to embody our highest purpose.  I now have absolute clarity on what that will be. I am about to go global with all the gifts I’ve gleaned from LIVING LIFE LARGE, gathering great wisdom, from as much life experience as I could fit into my 73 years, especially having Quan Yin as my constant companion, to help me glean wisdom from each and every lesson (and there were many). 
This is why, on the threshold of this great change in my life, putting myself out there in a huge way, it seemed the perfect Divine Right Time to change my name to Zahn Quan Yin.  I’ve even been guided to superimpose my face on Quan Yin’s picture (thank you Jeff Leland for facilitating that).  
Stay tuned for more developments…
Lots of Love, Joy & Excitement,
P.S.  I just created a new gmail account: and will be using that in the near future to promote my events. 
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How To Achieve #Healthy #TEETH On A Tight #Budget -Part 2 Healthy TEETH

May 21, 2016 | Posted in Health IS Wealth | By

Dearest ONES,
Last March (2015) I went to the McCloud Dental Clinic for the first time and apparently got really lucky. There, they have ‘traveling’ dentists and the one I saw, on her very first day, told me she aspired to be as #holistic as possible. This was my dream come true! After checking my teeth, she told me there were a couple of crowns that might need replacing but after I told her about how holistic I was about my #health, she said, lets give it about 6 months and see what happens. She also recommended I use #Xylitol to strengthen my teeth, which I did. (more about that later). The #hygienist also told me to use my tooth brush angled against my gum line to make sure all the plaque was removed.  Low and behold, when I went back, the dentist took x-rays again and declared my teeth PERFECT!  Through the nutritional program, I upgraded even more towards this goal, and their recommendations, I healed the teeth other #dentist guaranteed would soon need replacing. Here are the guidelines I followed…

Here is WHAT YOU NEED IT FOR Healthy Teeth and what each is for:
Protein:   Tooth structure, mucosal/connective tissue development, and immune function.
Calcium:   Tooth structure; may enhance enamel remineralization.
Phosphorus:  Tooth structure.
Zinc:   Mucosal/connective tissues and immune function.
Antioxidants:   Mucosal/connective tissues and immune function.
Folate:   Mucosal/connective tissues and immune function; low levels are associated with periodontal disease.
Iron:   Mucosal/connective tissues and immune function.
Vitamin A:  Mucosal/connective tissues and immune function. But be aware that getting too much from supplements may result in gum problems.
Vitamin C:  Collagen maturation and to maintain the integrity of the periodontal ligament; mucosal/connective tissues and immune function.
Omega-3 fats:  Mucosal/connective tissues and immune function; modulates the inflammatory response.
Vitamin D:  Mucosal/connective tissues, immune function; may enhance enamel remineralization.
B vitamins:  Epithelial cell turnover.
Arginine:  This important amino acid may alter oral pH and reduce chances of cavities.
I’ve mentioned this next vitamin before in regards to heart and bone health. Here it is again (no surprise) for tooth health….

Vitamin K2 and tooth decay.  Research shows that vitamin K2 and vitamin D together result in a far greater reduction of tooth decay than does either vitamin alone. To read more…   

In addition, here are a couple of Foods to eat for good teeth:
Green tea
Polyphenols have been known to reduce bacteria and toxic products of bacteria in the mouth. Tea also tends to be rich in natural fluoride, possibly the most well-known tooth strengthener, but definitely not the ones you get from the dentist or pharmacy! .
Cranberries and other plant foods rich in anthocyanins (such as blueberries, red cabbage, eggplant peel, black rice, and raspberries) may prevent the attachment and colonization of pathogens on host tissues (including teeth).
Also, using #Xylitol or Erythritol by either chewing gum that contains them or by making a solution of Zylitol in water, to use as a mouth wash (or buying a mouthwash that contains it) after brushing.  Either one will help greatly reduce tooth decay by…
*Reducing the development of dental caries
*Reducing #plaque formation
*Increasing salivary flow to aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel
…and may be useful as a sugar alternative for people with diabetes (on the advice of their healthcare providers)  And while diabetics can use this one without worry, it has a delicious sweet taste… with no unpleasant aftertaste and 1/3 fewer calories than sugar. Beware… consuming too much can cause diarrhea.

#Erythritol is touted as not having that side effect, but its made from corn, so I’m a bit wary as I have not seen any that say ‘no GMOs’. 
Studies using xylitol as either a sugar substitute or a small dietary addition have demonstrated a dramatic reduction in new tooth decay, along with arrest and even some reversal of existing dental caries. This xylitol benefit is long-lasting and possibly permanent. Low decay rates persist even years after the trials have been completed.
Foods that contain Phytic Acid: Phytic Acid is found in whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and in some fruits and vegetables. The body naturally converts phytic acid into #phytates, which are un-absorbable and take calcium, iron and other minerals from the body. Those who consume high amounts of phytic acid will lose calcium and absorb other minerals at lower rates. 
The answer to this dilemma is soaking or sprouting all nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes to release most of these phytates and/or by slow cooking them. This link gives you a great deal more of info about what foods contain phytic acid, how to counteract the effects in foods you eat, etc. To read more..

Foods that contain Oxalic Acid (#Oxalates):  Dark leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, chard, etc. contain Oxalic Acid that also inhibit absorption of the minerals. Steaming them will significantly reduce the Oxalic Acid but do toss out the left-over water. Also, one can ferment veggies (like cabbage to sauerkraut, or carrots, beets, etc) to release them. Here is a link to how much Oxalic Acid is in various veggies and fruits: To read more…   

I’ve recently learned that both phytic acid and oxalic acid can cause #auto-immune disease and/or inflammation in the body, which in turn causes pain. 
I recently realized that because I have been able to #detoxify people of toxins (even chemo) and drugs (recreational &  pharmaceutical), as well as crystals of discordant energies and foods of toxins, for about 30 years (pretty much since I realized I could bring powerful healing energy through my hands), I decided to use this unique gift to release Oxalic Acid and Phytic Acid from all my foods before I eat them.  I am looking towards finding ways to use this gift for the benefit of all. Stay tuned…  
First of all, it is of utmost importance to NOT use any toothpaste that has GLYCERINE, as that actually prevents teeth from healing themselves, which is why I have created my own toothpaste from equal parts of #Organic #Coconut Oil and Baking Soda. The coconut oil needs to be soft but not melted (or the baking soda will drop to the bottom). It is recommended to add peppermint essential oil drops as well. If you have really bad gums, or even if you don’t, I also recommend adding antibacterial oils such as Tee-tree oil, Oil of Oregano, or possibly Thieves by Young Living Oils, or whatever else you feel guided to add.
Oil Pulling is not only great for your gums, but for detoxifying your body and strengthening the teeth. Here is a video that describes how to do it and the benefits gleaned from it. Perhaps because I eat a very pure, organic diet and take several health products (Biotite & Liph Concentrate daily to help detoxify my body and strengthen my immune system, I don’t need as much of the detoxifying effects. But I am sure that this method is helping my gums stay firm and plaque-free. BTW, because I do everything else for my gums, I’m guided to only oil-pull for 10 – 15 minutes a day and I do it in the bath, because a couple of times I coughed while doing it and it was sort of messy, to say the least.

Also, it is recommended to rinse with baking soda in water, unless you brush afterwards, as I do, with coconut oil/baking soda toothpaste, followed by Xylitol rinse. Here is a video that tells how to do it and the results….

No more fillings as dentists reveal new tooth decay treatment
Scientists in London develop pain-free filling that allows teeth to repair themselves without drilling or injections.  To read more…    

Scientists Regrow a Tooth with Ultrasound
Photoactivation of Endogenous Latent Transforming Growth Factor-β1 Directs Dental Stem Cell Differentiation for Regeneration 
this is highly technical and you may have to sign up to receive the full article, which I did. You’re on your own from here….

If you missed my last blog on how to have healthy GUMS on a tight budget, click:

Well, that’s it for now.  There’s no telling when I may send another Health IS Wealth blog, as I’m living totally in the NOW these days, so enjoy this and stay tuned….
Lots of Love, Joy, & HEALTH,