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Dearest Ones,

Meg Benedicte is hosting a ‘Live’ Webinar on Thursday, June 12th at 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern time. The Webinar training is focused on practical steps and understandings of the current Ascension Process that is shifting the world paradigm at this time.  The Webinar includes an online presentation, Energy Activations, and Callers Q&A.

Here is the message I received from Meg, which I was guided to forward to all of you….  


FREE Webinar –  Activate Your Ascension

I’ve been getting a TON of questions lately from people all around the world about the Ascension Process…

How do I increase my energy frequency?

How do I connect to my Soul Presence?

How do I break free from sabotaging patterns?

How do I access more abundance?

How do I feel energy in my body?

How do I stop astral attacks?

How do I open my intuition?

…so I’ve decided to offer a Free Webinar training on this topic. I realize this is short notice…hopefully you will be able to join me.

You can grab your seat here!


I am hosting the ‘Live’ Webinar on Thursday, June 12th at 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern time. All you need to do is click on the Event Link and the webpage will open. You can participate in the ‘Live’ event or listen to the replay at a time that will fit your busy schedule.

As I plan to attend… perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you there!

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,




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