Zahn 2011

With a voracious zest for living, in addition to being a full time textile designer and single mom (at 21), Zahn packed as many growth experiences as possible, from all ends of the spectrum, into her 70 years. This includes 8 years of therapy, 8 live-in relationships, studies in psychology, philosophy, fine art painting, photography, acting, voice, dance, yoga, etc. and running her own NYC based business for 18 years. Having worked intimately with color on many levels, for half her life, Zahn considers herself an expert on the subject.  While studying polarity, the first of several healing modes learned, she discovered that potent healing energies naturally flowed through her. Zahn considers this her second spiritual awakening, having had the first at age 30. All this and having spent 6 years as a spiritual vagabond, mostly in Europe, have given Zahn the clarity and wisdom she now possesses. It is from this platform, she is able to affect change for others, through her Divine Energy Sessions and Transition Coaching. In addition, along with her ability to distill information to its absolute essence, Zahn brings forth a truly simple, easy method to help you move through life with more grace and ease, described in her book, ‘R.O.L.L. With It!’ … a simple, easy way to gracefully glide from Fear To Love.