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Dearest ONES,
Its interesting that I had felt a huge push to get to Europe by mid May which also reminded me of the same push I felt 30 years ago to leave the stress of living in NYC and transplant myself in Bisbee AZ in time for the Harmonic Convergence (August 1987). I wonder just how many of us were aware of the enormous significance of that event back then. For sure, my Higher Guidance was in charge of the timing of that move for me as I spent that glorious weekend with friends in Sedona.  
Having just read several Astrological Reports for June, I realized June is totally a pivotal month on planet Earth, which is also why I’ve decided to include several amazingly appropriate astrological reports, beginning with….

Neptune-to-Pluto: Turning Karma to Grace

by Mark Borax

“On June 1st the hellish planet Pluto enters 19 Capricorn and stays there all month. This precinct splits humanity into its darkest and brightest sections, a point in the zodiac that, with a single glance, conjures angels and demons.

“The irony of our time is that things had to get this bad to awaken the good sleeping in the soul of the species. Way down deep, below the lies of politicians and media, beneath the blindness and bigotry of the war machine that keeps people in different nations from banding together to realize how we’re all being screwed, a force of progressive change is rising.”  to read more….   

Here is a practical guide (astrologically speaking) on how to best navigate these shifting energies. 
from the Power Path School of Shamanism 

“It is a month of paying attention to the signs, of acceptance of what is and what is showing up, of choosing your own reality vs the reality of others, and of allowing your intentions to align with right timing. Emotional clarity confirms your right reality and synchronicity and ease of action confirms you are on the right track.”  To read more….  

Here is yet another one that I feel is spot on…..

Tips to Thrive in June 
By Selacia
“With several months of chaos and craziness behind us in 2017, it’s helpful to look forward with new eyes and a new resolve based on hope for a better world. In this article I’ll outline context for energy shifts and provide some tips for thriving in June. Yes, you can thrive in the face of uncertainty and daily doses of negativity out-pictured in our world.” 

Speaking of Thriving… whether or not you have heard of and/or have experienced Prageet/Julienne/Alcazar’s life-changing 4-week course in “Youthing”, you’ll want to know more about it as well as the subsequent timely 4-week course…. ‘Youthing part 2’ – ‘From Surviving to Thriving’ Here is a link to more info, where you can also sign up for the course….  

Here is a a transcript of Alcazar explaining what this course is about as well as its many/varied benefits. There is also an audio version when you go to that link. 
Allow the Stargate to dissolve mental and emotional cycles that continue to limit you…
Beloved Ones We Greet Thee, ’tis Alcazar
For many years we have been saying that what is occurring here on your Earth is on the leading-edge of creation, and that the Universe is watching.
There is great excitement now, because humanity’s awakening is in progress.  
And you who are drawn to this Stargate work are the way-showers.
And we wish to communicate with you on many levels:
 What is occurring,
What is about to become,
And your role in self-transformation, which leads to the transformation of humanity, which leads to the transformation of the whole Universe.  Hard for the mind to accept perhaps, but it is the case.
We invite you to join us for another four week series to find out for yourself HOW your humanness operates…  HOW your superconsciousness connects to your humanness…  HOW, by combining this understanding, you can re-create your reality.
How, with this understanding, you can change your body, you can re-program your mind into freedom, you can change your societies.
Beloveds, it is time… It is happening now. 
 There is so much support on so many levels for humans’ evolution right now.
You are riding the wave of transformation.  Allow us to give you a boost energetically, a boost on a mental level so you can understand what is occurring, and a boost on a feeling/emotional level, so that there is so much joy in your heart, so much love in your beingness – that the minor irritations of your old conditioning no longer limit you.
 Come join us, free the world, starting with yourself.
See below for ‘more info’ as well as ‘how to sign up’ for this course. 
Setting The Foundation For Zahn’s Zen Adventure
Before I tell you the benefits I gleaned from the ‘Youthing’ part 1 course, I’d like to give you the bigger picture by backtracking a bit to explain how ‘that’ became only an integral (but crucial) part of the foundation for the successful Zen Adventure I’m now enjoying. Here are the other pieces of that puzzle…
As I am very much about ‘nutrition’, I listen closely to my Higher Self to tell me what needs to be addressed in advance. The first conundrum came many months ago, when I was trying to solve the mystery of why mother nature would put wonderful minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients into dark leafy greens (like spinach), as well as some other fruits,vegetables, nuts, seeds and even dark chocolate, only to include Oxalic Acids (oxalates) to prevent their absorption by humans. I just now did a bit more research and found this great article that explains a lot about Oxalates especially for those who tend towards kidney stones…. they are the ones that should know about this and take heed.  

Also, I wondered why, in order to receive nutritional benefits from seeds, nuts and beans, one had to either soak and/or sprout them to release the Phytic Acid (phytates) that also prevented absorption of nutrients. That, at least made more sense, because the phytates made storing these easier, so that they would only grow when introduced to water.
After posing this question to my ‘Higher Self’, I simply surrendered and waited until the answer came through. I was reminded that I had been ‘releasing’ dischordant, toxic, harmful energies from clients, crystals, healing tools, etc. and then infusing beneficial healing energies into same for over 30 years. The first time was back in 1987, when working on my first client who was getting chemo therapy for resistant lung tumors (which I also helped eliminate energetically). My client could feel the chemo leaving her body as I worked, which was then replaced by healing energies.This phenomenon has become an ‘automatic’ part of my healing practice since then, which is why the answer at first eluded me.
Once I realized this I began intentionally, energetically clearing all my food of toxins, inorganic minerals, chem-trail debris, Oxalic acids (Oxalates), Phytic acid, (Phytates) while also infusing them with higher nutrient absorption as well as Love, Light, Happiness, Prosperity and whatever else I felt to in that moment. From that point forward, I continued to do these procedures to insure maximum benefit of the foods I ate.
This led to another major nutritional conundrum…’How do I eliminate carrying all my many and varied supplements; eliminate having to order and have them shipped during my travels, while still gleaning their benefits? This time the answer was way more obvious. After having reminded myself of the ‘release/infuse formula I simply applied it thus:
I took ‘samples’ of each and every supplement, put them in either small baggies or small bottles/vials I had been collecting,’knowing’ they would be useful at some point. I then filled 2 2oz dropper bottles with Mt Shasta water, energetically cleansed and activated that water in preparation for the infusion process…. one for daily ‘nutritional’ supplements, the other for ‘sleep’ remedies. I then, one-by-one, infused each individual supplement into the appropriate dropper bottles. 
I was now ready to begin replacing my usual supplements with these ‘Quantum Infusions’ taking 3 dropper-fulls a day, morning, noonand night. 
Then, in early March, I saw that Prageet and Julienne were presenting a 4-week ‘Youthing Course- Growing Young’ and my higher guidance jumped for joy! I remember thinking some years ago, that many/most of us who were working with the ascension energies, thought we could live well past 100 years. I kind of gave up on that at some point, thinking it was unrealistic. Now, I was thinking that even though I might not live that long, wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply NOT have any more health issues for the rest of my life. 
Needless to say, I was IN, especially since Alcazar (who brings through these miraculous energies) suddenly declared the original cost of $147 would be reduced to a mere $37 for the Entire 4-week Course!!  (This brought 3000 participants!) This “Youthing” course, as well as the upcoming Youthing part 2, “From Surviving To Thriving” course will continue to only be only $37… for everyone.
This was the only testimonial I wrote at the end of that 1st course…
“Throughout the entire webinar and especially during the ‘Alkazar ‘Activations, my body shook and jolted as the energies bolted through me. It felt like a giant clearing and cleansing of ‘all that was not love’, both in my body, mind and consciousness. Since then, even the remnants of pain from my hip surgery 4 months ago, seemed to simply become a vague memory as they melted into nothingness.” 
I waited to post any other benefits until later as I also wanted to take into account the collective effects of the Quantum Infusions, the Intentional Energetic Clearing My Foods, and continued facilitation of some powerful Self-Healing sessions, I had been doing for years. 
Therefore I verified them thorough blood tests (ordered and read by Dr Shearer, local holistic doctor) and took 3 eye exams. 
And now here are the results for all the categories, with the calibrated (with my pendulum) percentages of what worked best:
I had gone for an eye exam several months ago and discovered the retina, especially in my right eye, was beginning to deteriorate.  Dr Brooks suggested I go to the Retina Center in Medford for more complete tests. It was confirmed but Dr Resnick said there was nothing to be done and there was a possibility this condition might never worsen. While that was comforting, I noticed the next day that suddenly my vision had improved, so much so, that when I went for another eye test, Dr Brooks told me my vision had improved 30%!!! 
These were the calibrated contributing factors: 
*Quantum Infusions: 15%
*Energetic Clearing of Foods: 10%
*Self Healing:  30%
*Youthing Course: 45%
Blood Tests: 
The results proved that in most cases I was doing as good or better than before. I was maintaining good levels of vitamin B12, iron, and other necessary nutrients. I was told that my thyroid and estrogen levels had dropped a bit, which I remedied with adding Lugol’s Solution for thyroid, and Young Living’s ‘Progessence Plus’ for increased female hormones. I felt I had pretty much covered all bases, except for my omega 3’s and 6’s, which I’m now supplementing with eating raw nuts and seeds (even here in a fairly remote area in Italy) and fresh caught wild salmon when possible.
These were the calibrated contributing factors: 
*Quantum Infusions: 30%
*Energetic Clearing of Foods: 20%
*Self Healing: 10%
*Youthing Course: 40%
Actually, while I’m in an incredibly, wonderfully healthy, flowing place regarding my spiritual/emotional/physical evolution, after having taken the first ‘Youthing’ course, and ‘knowing’ I really do not ‘need’ this 2nd one, I also ‘knew’ there will be great benefits for me from this one as well. And so, I signed up immediately. 
Well, at this juncture, if you have not taken the 1st Youthing Course Part 1 (Growing Young)  Click here to learn more and sign up….
If you would like to know more about the Youthing Course part 2 (From Surviving To Thriving),and/or sign up for it, click here….
If you are thinking to take BOTH, it is suggested you choose which Youthing Course you’d like to take first and then stick with it until the end, which includes listening to the appropriate activations in consecutive order for the week between segments 1 to 4. 

If you are working on Youthing 1 when Youthing 2 begins (on June 11th) we suggest you put Youthing 1 on hold and focus on Youthing 2, unless you have time and energy to do both simultaneously. It’s important to be consistent with what we are doing in order to receive the maximum benefits. 
If there are any questions, please let me know. In the meantime, here’s wishing you..
Lots of Love, Joy & Thriving,
P.S.  Learn about the first part of my Zen Adventure in my next ZZA Blog…