Spectacular Celestial Alignments & Empowering Summer Solstice Activation

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Dearest ONES,
Well, its that time of year again and it seems impossible that time has flown so fast… wasn’t it just winter?  I could not let such an auspicious occasion go by without at least a bit of info about the astrological energies and a possibility for celebration.  Keeping it simple, I chose Susanna Sophia Hart’s message and Summer Solstice Ceremony because of how truly poetically beautiful and potent her messages and activations are. This one is no exception. Be sure to read about the *TWO VALUABLE GIFTS you will receive once you sign up for her event (including one that gives you a FREE invitation for a loved one)
Here is an excerpt of her message, replete with lots of awesome astrological info, along with details about the Solstice event….

Summer Solstice

“As we have made our way through our pilgrimage of the Heart with our wings and Hearts open, into this most auspicious Summer Solstice gateway we fly, together entering into the Sacred Hoop, the circle of stars that surrounds the Galactic Cross. Forming a direct and Divine Alignment with our Sun, Solar system and the Galactic Heart, and from deep within the Heart Flame of Mother~Father God at the Galactic Center, it spirals to you from the Universal Altar of Love from where Beloveds Christos and Sophia are sending you a wave of Crystalline Christ Light and Unconditional Love.

As you open your Heart to receive this wave of universal awakening, your Heart Spark is ignited from within the luminous matrix of your Divine Christ Blueprint. At this very moment, Earth and all of humanity is aligned with the Galactic Edge, the very perimeters of our galaxy, to receive the Codes of Cosmic Grace flowing to us. As a spiraling lattice Light is activating your spiritual DNA, it is allowing you to receive more and more of the influx of Light at this magnificent time of Living Light in the New Renaissance.

Creative Cosmic flames ignite from the Heart center of the Divine Mother and Father, Christos~Sophia, sending out a spiraling electromagnetic flow of crystalline Christ Light. These ripples or waves of luminous Love and Light flow through the center of our Sun and into our Stellar Gateway, opening up cosmic communication with your I Am Presence, flowing into your Heart through your Soul Star and Crown Chakra Gateways, aligning all of us in the grace and beauty of the Universal Flow of Creation. These spiraling flames of Light, often called solar flares, are truly seeding us with vital information designed to give us the keys to open the gateways to the future, allowing the new, higher frequencies of Light to permeate the transmittal of the celestial song of your soul. Upon hearing this song, your Heart awakens…. As these solar flames/solar flares occur, our Hearts are simultaneously being lit on fire with universal passion and desire-the Holy Desire to grow, to learn, to become all that we can be….

The Summer Solstice Gateway on June 20, 2016

During this month’s most magical Summer Solstice Gateway occurring on June 20, 2016, the Solar Light of our Sun will enter into the constellation of Cancer at 3:34 p.m. PDT. In the twilight, the Full Moon in Sagittarius (29 Sagittarius 33) goes exact at 4:02 a.m. PDT. Here, the luminous light of the Moon in Sagittarius shines deep into your soul, igniting your inner quest for truth, universal grace, wisdom and enlightenment.

At 4:55 a.m., the Full Moon enters Capricorn, activating your inner alchemist as you manifest your Heart’s passions. Here you can connect deeply with your inner Earth Priestess and with Gaia.

As Golden rays of the Solstice Sun pierce our Hearts and Minds at10:11 a.m. PDT, our winged messenger, Mercury, squares Neptune retrograde. This powerful alignment brings a depth to the Neptune Saturn Square that we experienced on June 17th.

As a burst of expansion, Jupiter conjuncts the North Node at10:17 am, opening your inner vision to receive a glimpse into your soul’s true nature and your Divine Destiny, opening a beautiful path of light where you can tune in to universal wisdom to understand your Soul’s most valuable gifts. This will complete the third pass of this alignment, a rare triple alignment which we will not experience again until 2255 .

During this magnificent gateway, the exact Solstice point is located at the Galactic Edge and fully aligned with the Solar Light of the Galactic Cross, creating a direct alignment between Earth and the Galactic Center.

This auspicious alignment occurs over a 36-year cycle. At the beginning of each new 26,000 year cycle, this grand alignment ushers in and signifies the dawning of a New Age and a time of Spiritual Renaissance within the Hearts and Minds of the collective consciousness…. This current alignment reached its greatest magnitude in 1962 and will last until the Summer Solstice of 2034.


*To honor this event and the coming together of community, each person who signs up for the activation is invited to invite a loved one to participate in our Solstice Ceremony and Goddess Activation as my gift….

A Very Special Gift of A Subliminal Recording:

*After the activation, each person and each guest will receive a downloadable link to an Mp3 recorded subliminal message that I will personally record for this event.

This subliminal message will be gently spoken with sacred intention beneath beautiful music that allows your subconscious mind to override the thinking mind and take in the healing and illumination of the inspirational prayer intention.”

Summer Solstice Ceremony & Goddess Activation
At The Full Moon, with Susanna Sophia Hart
Monday Evening, June 20, 2016, 7:00 P.M. (PDT)
Phone In Meditation & Long Distance Activation
                                 To read more & to sign up…                                                                                    
I trust that no matter how you choose to celebrate the auspicious occasion of this spectacular Summer Solstice, you will receive the maximum benefits possible for your Soul’s Growth. Most of all, Enjoy!!!
Lots of Love, Joy & Celebration,
Zahn Quan Yin
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Zahn Quan Yin’s 5-Min Focused-Healing Group Wednesday June 8th

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For those of you who didn’t get my last email regarding my name change to Zahn Quan Yin, you can read about it by clicking:  http://conta.cc/25rJJok                                                                                                       
Now, I’d like to mention the Schuman Resonance Frequency and how its recently doubled for Planet Earth from 7.8 to about 16. This is really significant because we humans are having to recalibrate our bodies to this new frequency, which is wreaking havoc with many. I’ve noticed that many people are having more stress and pain as a result…. I know that I am.  Lucia Rene has a video that is quite interesting, and while I don’t agree with everything she says on it, I did feel a huge upgrade by listening to it.  However, beware… if you are already somewhat, or really in ‘OhShitsVille’ you may want to wait to do so… as it can actually exacerbate your situation/stress/pain.  For those who are ready and/or daring, you can click on: Lucia René ~ Ascension Game Changer and 
If you are already being negatively affected by Earth’s upgrade in Schuman Resonance Frequency and would like to get some possible healing relief, I invite you to come to this Wednesday’s event. Details below…
Here is a testimonial from one of the participants:
“While I was sitting there, its almost like the energy was boring into my skull, but not past the middle…. It seemed to be that my eyes would focus and there were a lot of strange feelings in my eyeballs. And we were working later on on my eyes predominantly. I guess because during the two prior sessions we worked on my eyesight, which really needed healing… But this time, the ear also. But then on the table, my whole eyeballs were really, really hot and the energy seemed to relax the muscles all around and I had some weird but good feelings about it all. it was really relaxing as well.”       
                                                       Maria Stanger
For more testimonials and info, go to http://zahnsmelange.com/5-minute-focused-healings/
In any case, I look forward to seeing you there!
Lots of Love, Joy & Healing,
Zahn Quan Yin
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Introducing The Newly-Minted Zahn Quan Yin

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About 20 years ago I was told to begin channeling Higher Energies.  The first one that came through was  Quan Yin,  saying she was delighted to have finally reunited with me after so many lifetimes apart.  During that joyful teary-eyed, emotional conversation, she told me I had been one of the orphans she fostered in one of her incarnations on Earth.  Since then Quan Yin has become an integral part of the very fabric of my ‘being’.  We’ve  had conversations daily for years and I now feel she’s with me constantly, especially when I am helping others, whether its in a formal healing session or even just in more casual situations. 

In retrospect, I now realize she has ‘always’ been with me in this lifetime, even when my boyfriend and I were about to be raped, pillaged and plundered in Central Park when I was 30.  I thought it was a samadhi incident, and perhaps it was that as well. But I now know she embodied me so that only the unconditional love without fear came through, which stunned these three men, so much so, after a short while, they just turned and left!  You can read the story in my book Roll With It!

I now realize I was one of the early Crystal Children in the first wave of Lightworkers who were born in the early 1940s.  I have always been helping people, first with my family, bringing unconditional love to a less-than-loving environment and then bringing loving wisdom to all those who I came in contact with. I now also realize that I’ve been an empath all these years as well, which was why many people were attracted to me and seemed to get help so easily from me. 
All this has become increasing clear to me recently, what with the accelerating energies that are pushing all of us to rise to embody our highest purpose.  I now have absolute clarity on what that will be. I am about to go global with all the gifts I’ve gleaned from LIVING LIFE LARGE, gathering great wisdom, from as much life experience as I could fit into my 73 years, especially having Quan Yin as my constant companion, to help me glean wisdom from each and every lesson (and there were many). 
This is why, on the threshold of this great change in my life, putting myself out there in a huge way, it seemed the perfect Divine Right Time to change my name to Zahn Quan Yin.  I’ve even been guided to superimpose my face on Quan Yin’s picture (thank you Jeff Leland for facilitating that).  
Stay tuned for more developments…
Lots of Love, Joy & Excitement,
P.S.  I just created a new gmail account:  ZahnQuanYin@gmail.com and will be using that in the near future to promote my events. 
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