2 Zahn Events Sat. 2/20 ‘Locals Supporting Locals’ at ChaiShop Cultural Center

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Dear Shastians,
I have decided to take advantage of the new alternate-Saturday events at the Chai Shop Cultural Center this Saturday, 2/20, advertised as ‘Locals Helping Locals’. 
The first segment, I will be participating in, is from Noon to 2 pm and is for Arts, Crafts & Products For Sale. Here I will present two amazing health products, many of you consistently get from me. At this event, there will be significant discounts, especially if you buy the two together. To read more, you can info and testimonials go to  http://zahnsmelange.com/shop/  Here is the front of the flyer with product info.                                                 
            Local Service Samples: Massage, Reiki, Healing, Etc.                                   
This 2nd part is from 2:30pm – 4:30pm. Here I will be presenting a form of healing that I’ve had great success with through the years, except its always been a very spontaneous, in the moment, UP-TO-5-MINUTES OF FOCUSED HEALING. This is completely different than my full-body Divine Energy Sessions, as in these sessions I only focus the healing energy directly where there is pain. These will be offered FREE AT THIS EVENT. I may or may not continue to offer this to the community, so if you are interested, be sure to be there if you have a pain that needs attention and healing. Here is a testimonial from a satisfied community member.                                                                                              
“Zahn’s brief Focused Healing work is a light hearted experience. I could feel my condition melt away with ease. I left with with confirmation of it’s cause, and greater peace.” -LD                                                                                                           
While this event takes place in the Chai Shop Cultural Center (across the inner lobby from the Chai Shop), I can be found at the offices of the MS Author’s Guild (through the 2 doors, at the back of the Cultural Center room) I will be in the first room to the right. There will be signs showing the way. 
I am looking forward to seeing many of you there to co-create with me and the rest of the community.                                                                                            
Lots of Love, Joy, & Healing,                                                                        
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