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Dearest ONES,

Well, the results are in… since I received only about 3% response from the 256 of you who opened my last email, the message is clear… to continue with posts but only once a month. This will mean many time-sensitive important events will be omitted as I will have to follow my higher guidance to decide when to send each month. I therefore suggest if there are particular Astrological, Spiritual Messages or Events you enjoy most, subscribe to them. While this actually works better for me, I thought you should know, I don’t intend to send out another one till mid-March for the Equinox, as I consider this one my early February E-Zine (more accurate term for my posts). 

I feel to begin with ‘Messages Plus Events’ as they are, of course, time sensitive…. beginning with one from Susanna Sophia Hart. As usual, Susanna waxes lyrical while conveying the significance of celebrating Imbolc, also known as Candlemas or Brigid’s Festival… one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals celebrating the first glimmers of Spring. I’d like to add that Susanna, a superb Vedic Astrologer, in her Celestial Sky Report not only give us pertinent astro-information, but puts it in perfect poetic prose. Here is an excerpt from her message along with info about her Imbolc Celebration. 

Galactic Goddess Stargate Activation/Celebration
by Susanna Sophia Hart Phone-in Meditation February 2nd
“Imbolc marks the seasonal change where the first signs of spring and the return of the Sun are noted. Here, the first sprouting of leaves can be viewed. The Festival of Imbolc also marks the transition time of the Three Fold Goddess energies shapeshifting from those of Crone to Maiden. As the Crone is activated to watch over the winter months, so is the Maiden birthed in the spring.
As we enter this most auspicious celebration, This month’s activation signifies a birthing portal of Divine Love within your Heart’s Fire, elevating the three fiery plumes of your Three Fold Flame of Divine Will, Wisdom, Love with Pink, yellow and blue pulsations of Living Flame. Thus the heavenly Trinity gains expression in the world of material form. The energies of Divine Will (electric blue), Sophian Wisdom (gold), and Holy Love (pink) are resplendent in the Heart of Man. This flame within your Heart is your personal focus of the sacred fire. It is your opportunity to become the Christ. It is the potential of your Divinity waiting to burst into being within your humanity.”
TWO Special Gifts for everyone who feels called to participate in this Activation: 
1)You will have a crystal infused with your prayers placed into the grid of our Altar in your honor.  
2)  In the spirit of opening our circle of Light of Divine Love and blessings that are flowing to us now, you may Gift this Activation to Someone New to the circle. More details in Susanna’s Message. To read more and to register…  http://tinyurl.com/jyx9pm9                              
Selacia gives us why our mastery of relationships is important 2016, plus info about an event to celebrate the Chinese New Year…                                                                
A Watershed Year for Relationships
                          by Selacia – Event, February 6th                                              
“For divine changemakers 2016 can be a watershed year for relationships. In this article I describe what this means in general as well as how it may apply to key relationships in your life. I will show you how pretty much everything wonderful you want to manifest this year is contingent upon your mastery of relationships. In fact, I will describe how harmonizing even one key relationship could be significant in changing your whole life.”
To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/zjwyuf2                                          
Be sure to check out Selacia’s upcoming event on Feb 6th… Celebrate Chinese Year of Monkey!  http://tinyurl.com/gscxqfk 

Here is a fabulous-looking event from Jo Dunning for Feb 1st…                                     
Your Fountain of Youth! Glowing Younger
by Jo Dunning – Event, February 1st
Are you ready for your body, mind and life to be elevated in a whole new way?
Do you know that within you right now exists your very own FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.
     *There are genetic codes just waiting to be called into Awakening.
     *There are capabilities of the mind available to help carry you to new heights.
     *There are deep energetic and Spiritual waters ready to bubble up and flow.
About what’s happening since the beginning of January forward, my experience has been that the first half of January was about letting go of old dark energies…whatever was unlike love… to allow the new energies to come forth within each of us so that this year and beyond will be more profoundly positive, fruitful, eventful, etc. This has been confirmed by several other spiritual teachers.  Now that Mercury has gone direct, and communications are back online, so to speak, we can begin to get out lives on a new, wonderful track.
Here is a 2016 forecast from Annamerkaba that speaks to just that, beginning with an excerpt from her message through Kuan Yin:
Disclosure – Babies – Fertility – Kwan Yin – 
Ancient Discoveries – The Council of 12 
by Annamerkaba
“Kwan Yin has shared some incredibly exciting news with me, that this particular year 2016 is going to be an incredibly fertile year! Both in terms of actually having babies for those who have been anxiously trying to conceive, and birthing of new ideas, new opportunities, new creative ways of assisting humanity and earth. This year truly is about creation, new beginnings and of course endings. Keep this in mind as you see some doors close for you, remember that as one door closes another one is waiting to be opened. Be open to various opportunities presenting themselves to you and allow this beautiful energy to permeate your whole being and help you to birth that which you truly wish!”
To read more…http://tinyurl.com/jjhxws2                                                              
I have not sent one out by Lauren Gorgo in a long time, but felt her message fit perfectly here…

Think With Your Heart
The New Default a brand new life program… 
                                           by Lauren Gorgo                                                                                          

We have been challenged on the deepest levels over the last few weeks, really pressed to let go of those expired core-level programs that kept us small in order to feel safe and secure in the 3D world.

Those programs are simply not compatible with the 5D world and the new human processor which means we were all forced in one way or another to step up, choose new/higher thoughts, and let go of those tired, played out patterns of limitation.

In the new report I talk about our new communication system…how we perceive, parlay and interact with the world hologram…and how it is reassembling itself to reflect our new, higher consciousness.

Here is some of what you can expect in the FULL (paid-for) version of the article:
*A brand new life program-malleable, responsible, ALIVE with consciousness
*Rewriting our life scripts based on the full truth of who we are
*Breaking thru our old mind-molds- the new communication system
*Upgrade to the GOD processor- reconnection to the high mind complete
*Believing magic into BEing again-imagining the unimaginable
New earth ambassadorship- activation of higher/galactic level purpose
*Our Precious Jewels- opening our new level soul gifts
Body system upgrade-advanced our crystalline technologies

Here is a totally unique perspective from Lucia Rene…

2016: Your Back Is Up Against the Wall

In one of his books, Carlos Castaneda recounts a story of the Mexican sorcerers of old. They had completed their apprenticeships. They were well versed in the arts of sorcery (mysticism, shamanism, whatever you want to call it). Then, the Spaniards arrived and began to push through the country, overriding the culture. Suddenly, the sorcerers found themselves with “their backs up against the wall”. Everything they knew, they had to begin using in order to resist, defend, and outsmart the invaders.
The point of Castaneda’s story was that having your back up against the wall is a fortunate position to be in. Those sorcerers suddenly had to own all of their knowledge. It was, in essence, the final phase of their education.
Now, as we begin 2016, that is exactly where we find ourselves. Our backs are up against the wall. We are challenged to put everything we have learned, up to this point in our spiritual journeys, into action. We are being invited to make the most phenomenal leap in consciousness ever known to humankind.

So how do we do that? How do you, personally, do that? How do you optimize your time this year to transform and upgrade yourself, completely?  To read more…   http://tinyurl.com/h7d3a6t

Here are TWO very positive and constructive ones from Judy Satori…

Sowing The Seeds Of A New Beginning….
by Judy Satori 

“We are at a time of unprecedented change and transformation; physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the ‘quickening’ of an evolutionary upgrade for us as human beings, the activation of more of our 12 strand potential human DNA. If you are energy sensitive, you are likely to be feeling change on many levels.
You may have been feeling a bit lost and uncertain as to how to live your life… not knowing how to go on…no longer feeling connected to Spirit like you once were…not know what you want, or be unsure of how to achieve it.
To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/gss6bl7                                                         
Spirit Teaches How to Create   
Use the Power of Your Spoken Word  
by Judy Satori

I’m being asked by Spirit to explain how we can use our words to create.  God created with the WORD and so can we.  You know this I’m sure, but let’s learn to use our words more potently to create the outcomes we seek.  
Every word we speak has an energy and energy is light, sound, vibration and color. We are energy beings, existing in a universal ‘sea’ of energy.  Every thought we have, but more especially, every word we speak, has an energy effect.  
I felt this one from’The Beacons of Light’ newsletter by Steve Rother and The Group was quite appropriate…. 
~ Day of the Conscious Creator ~
A New Balance Between Spirit and Human 
by Steve Rother & The Group
“You have been walking around playing this wonderful game of pretending to be human. Bumping into and tripping over each other, calling this person “right” or that person “wrong,” all in a justification of where you are and everything you can see from your limited perspective. What is happening now is magical, because that perspective is starting to open very quickly. Look at all the things you have done in your lifetime. Consider the laws that have passed even in recent years, and all the changes you thought would never even take place which are now commonplace. These are exciting times for everyone – and for us to watch – as the game on planet Earth now evolves to the next level of conscious creation.” 
To read more…http://tinyurl.com/havlyar                                                           
I was drawn to this one From ‘Sacred Science’… tried and loved the stretches he demonstrates… sort of yoga but not… It’s taught by Pedram Shojai AKA “The Urban Monk” – and is loaded with simple yet powerful teachings.

7 Secrets For Deep Transformation 
“All of us know deep down that we have the power to be more, do more, LOVE more. But it can sometimes feel like an invisible weight is on top of us, holding us back.

How do we work through this resistance and become the magnificent and pure version of ourselves that we know exists within?  Sometimes we could all use a little guidance from the ancient masters…

Today, I want to share a FREE 7-part video series that will show you how to dissolve inner blocks and create real physical and spiritual transformation in your life.” 
I feel this last one from Maureen Moss is a perfect segue to the next section of this post. She talks about us as the Phoenix, which I totally resonate with, as I’m feeling truly REBORN, as of mid- January.  Here is an excerpt…                                                
“Parallel Realities”

“As always, I pray you are well as we jettison forward in this year of 2016…a year of breakdowns, breakthroughs and alchemy as we continue to shift reality systems and integrate, assimilate, align and adapt to the new beings we are becoming.

It’s quite miraculous to be cultivating a relationship with the re-incarnation of ourselves (while in the same physical body) and often, to bear witness to many as they dust off the ashes on their very own wings and Rise…Phoenix’s many have discovered themselves to be.

This is not to say we are out of global chaos nor removed from further personal reconstruction…for we are not.” to read more…   http://tinyurl.com/jv9tsej                                       
As of course I feel its important to also see how humanity has been evolving in a positive way, here is the Planetary Progress segment:                                                             

Planetary Progress:

While many of you may balk at this one, as it may at first seem really negative (and in a profound way it is), it is also about having the “Thrive Movement” folks EXPOSE the most evil travesty perpetrated on the children of our planet. To me, exposure is positive as how can we combat these travesties, if the whole world is ignorant of them?  In this excerpt from their comprehensive, thoroughly researched article, among other things, Foster & Kimberly Gamble awaken us to this fact.

“Here is a  video  http://tinyurl.com/okt93wc that suggests that nagalase is INTENTIONALLY put into vaccines to WEAKEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Dr. Bradstreet found that autistic children tended to have a highly elevated level of nagalase in their blood. He claimed to have tested over 400 autistic children for the viral marker nagalase, and found that close to 80% of them had significantly elevated levels. This would make sense as part of a dumbing down and depopulation agenda as described in THRIVE.”                                                       
This is particularly important to people in states (like CA) that have mandatory laws for school children to get vaccinated!!!  Please send to friends and relatives whose children may be getting vaccinated!!!  To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/j8hlbct                                           
Here are 2 pieces of good news for alternative energy…
Half of U.S. Fracking Industry Could Go Bankrupt as Oil Prices Continue to Fall.  To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/jjddcre                                                                  
Here are three reasons Big Coal had a bad week…
To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/hvg2yms                                                          
Scientists create eye drop that dissolves cataracts with naturally occurring chemical  To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/zopte43                                                                    
2015 Was the World’s Warmest Year-Here’s What to Expect in 2016/ To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/jthg5uy                                                                     
Well, that’s it for now…. until we ‘meet’ again…. have a wonderful February!  ‘See you again in March’  Till then…
Lots of Love, Joy & Multi-Dimensionality,

Happy New NOW! Great Energy Updates, Astrological & Spiritual Info, Events….

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Dearest ONES,
On New Year’s Eve Morning, I tuned into what I wanted to focus on for this New Year of 2016. I came up with BALANCE… 
I have recently realized just how much I have been out of balance regarding my working too much and not taking more time for myself… Also just how much my ‘giving & receiving’ quotient is out of balance.  For instance, it takes a lot of time and energy to create these emails and I rarely even get notes of thanks except for maybe a couple of ‘local’ ‘thank-you’s’. Also the donations have completely dried up many months ago and before that were thin to say the least.  

And while I don’t do this ‘for’ the money, as I consider it one of my contributions to humanity, and I do it out of love for humanity, I’m beginning to feel this lack of balance.

As balance is my main focus for this year (and I’m sure for many of you) and being in balance (the giving and receiving) could mean I pare down to just one post a month. This would also mean you may miss important info for specific astrological/spiritual events during each month. And so, I feel to say, if you’d like me to continue with twice a month, please consider donating even just $5 a month. 
I’d love some feedback on this so that I can better decide how to proceed. I won’t make any decisions until Mercury goes direct at the end of the month, so this is a good time to weigh in on the subject. I also suggest, if this is YOUR issue, as well, you may want to consider taking some action to get yourself into greater balance. 
OK!  ‘Nuff’ said…. now on with the post, beginning with several of our favorite Astrology Reports…
Capricorn New Moon and Mercury Retrograde
by Kelley Rosano

The Capricorn New Moon on January 9 -10 is your fresh start for the New Year. The New Moon can empower you to be inspired. Be focused and determined to reach your goals. It has you centering on your Personal Path of Development. Where you are going in life. Where you are going in your work. Building a strong relationship to your Inner Being. This keeps you on track and in the flow with life. The mind can be fooled. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition. If something is not true for you. Then it is not your truth. The Capricorn New Moon, you are going back in your life to move forward. 

Mark Borax gives his usual ‘philosophical’ view of the energies…
Special New Year’s Report:
Playing A New Game
by Mark Borax
“The best way to understand the meaning of a year is to combine its numerological value with its Oriental Animal. At midnight New Year’s Eve we crossed from an 8 year to a 9. On February 8thwe’ll make a further crossing from an oriental Sheep to a Monkey. (You get the numerological value of a year by adding its numerals and subtracting ten if the sum is larger than ten.)” To read more…  http://tinyurl.com/zjo4gd7
To see what’s in store for you this year, here is an unusual ‘game’ Adrienne Goff offers through the use of crystals she recommends
January 2016 Crystal Newsletter
by Adrienne Goff
“Crystal Divination: What Does 2016 Hold In Store For You?
What wonderful things are you going to create in 2016? Does this year hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences? After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and insight into the inner workings of your soul. Here’s how to play:
Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look a the photo below. Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to? Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance. Tune into your intuition, and feel out which one is calling to you the most. Once you have your number, click on the link below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2016. (Having a hard time choosing just one? Try to narrow it down if you can. But go ahead and read the messages of any others you like, because they might also apply to you.) Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful!”
Here is a real favorite of my readers….                                                           
 Theme For January is RESET
from the Power Path School 

“We have been through a time of transition, change, scatter, chaos, and unexpected challenges as well as powerful opportunities for creativity, improvement and personal growth. The general influences of this year will continue to support our evolution enabling us to shift our experience of life to a different energetic platform, one of a higher vibration and expression of essence.

The TRANSITION of December has already put choices, decisions and changes into motion. Now comes the RESET. In order for us to have the right setup for this to occur, we must allow a RESET on all levels. This month is a balanced combination of going within to sort what’s true for you and to reset your relationship with how you manifest that truth, and activating a plan of action that pushes you to step up to a higher level of functioning based on that truth. The days of being unconscious with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are over. It is time to focus on eliminating destructive patterns that will stand in the way of your spiritual evolution and to allow what is down the road to unfold in your life without needing to control or second-guess every step.” To read more…  

Meg Benedicte also talks about RESET in her New Year’s message..
Happy New Year – 2016 Reset Cycle

by Meg Benedicte 

Happy New Year 2016! Today we step into a new cycle of rebirth and renewal, as our human energy field is being repatterned, recoded and activated with higher Light consciousness. We live in extraordinary times and our Soul’s are calling us into position for the coming year. Heed the call to respond in loving service with an inspiring vision of the new paradigm.

December was pack-full with celestial upgrades during the portal window of 12:12 and the 12:21 Solstice. What a powerful time of transformation and intense photon Light infusion! If you are sensitive to energy, you may be experiencing some purging from the gamma Light. It is also uplifting, as the Light circulates in your bio-electrical system. Do your best to ground every day all the new Light coming in. 
And now for another Higher Perspective from Sandra Walter…
Happy NOW Year – A Year of Revelation

By Sandra Walter

Happy NOW Year! I AM sure most of you feel the magnitude and gratitude of this path unfolding right here, right now. All of our hard work – the expansion, the journey of unconditional Love, the Self-realization – is culminating in our transformation as we embody the NEW HUman expression upon Gaia. 

Wayshowers and first-embodiers are going to be focused on this unique shift through (at least) January. Some of the experiences and energies are bizarre as ancient energies, codes, activations and beings re-join our journey. All of this was put in place as our best-case-scenario for the Ascension timelines, and here we are. Living it, fully conscious that everything is accelerating onto greater, higher light. How wonderful to receive this with an open heart! To read more…  

I love this one from Suzanne Lie…. I actually wrote something about this subject in one of my recents posts and feel its absolutely KEY to moving forward abundantly in 2016 and beyond…
Make Ascension Normal with Unconditional Love for Yourself
by Suzanne Lie
Beloved Ones, we ask that you release your attachments to the ego of your third dimensional vessel so that you can fully remember WHO you truly are and WHY you took an earth vessel within this vital NOW of the transmutation of all planetary life.
How do you release your attachment to your ego that has served to protect you for your entire incarnation? There is only one tool that is strong enough to pry you from the safety of your protective ego and open your conscious awareness to the higher light that is NOW streaming into your reality, your planet, and your own physical body.
That tool is unconditional love for your self. Your ego has taught you that it is “conceited” to love your self. Your ego has taught you to hang your head in disappointment or shame that you did not do “better.”

On the other hand, your true Multidimensional SELF has been whispering into your heart that YOU are here to usher in New Earth. How can YOU, just a regular person, have the ability to assist with the establishment of New Earth?  

Because you will need to regenerate and heal your earth vessel for your higher octave of your service, we present…
*7 Minutes  *7 Chakras * 7 Weeks
 Go to the blogspot to get your FREE Chakra Meditations 
You will receive a FREE 7-minute meditation download
every Monday for seven weeks.

While this began Monday the 4th, it is not too late to download the first and all the other meditations. Here is the link to the 1st one..http://tinyurl.com/zvks5eh  as its no longer on her blogspot.  

I’ve had a killer week, ending in fighting a cold/flu, so have not even had 7 minutes until now, and its great! One can never get enough upgrades, especially from a highly evolved Multi-dimensional ‘being’ such as Suzanne Lie. Also, I wanted to mention, I had an email conversation with Suzanne who would love feedback on the Blog page.

Here are 2 from one of our favorite Savants….Matt Kahn...the first newsletter…
Another great one to begin 2016 is:                                                                      

by Patricia Cota-Robles

As we Birth 2016, the 4th year of the New Earth, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call beseeching you and me and every Awakening man, woman, and child to live, move, and breathe within the profound Truth of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. We are being called to demonstrate this Truth with every thought, feeling, word, action, belief, and memory we express. This is the reality which we have been preparing for lifetimes to Co-create. We already have all of the skill, wisdom, strength, courage, and ability we need to accomplish this Holy Endeavor. All we need now is the willingness and the Heart commitment to do so. Fortunately, the floodgates of Heaven have opened during the past three years and in addition to the Divine Momentum blazing in our Hearts, we now have more support from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven than ever before in the history of time. This Divine Intervention is empowering every single one of us in miraculous ways.  

To read more…
As this seems to also be a favorite for many, I’m continuing to bring stories that demonstrate….

Planetary Progress 

Couple Builds Greenhouse Around Home to Grow Food and Keep Warm
$300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Your Food Year-Round

Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’: Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm http://tinyurl.com/z2uljgr

Solar-Powered Water Wheel Removes 350 Tons of Trash From Baltimore Harbor  

Elon Musk: We Can Power America by Covering Small Corner of Utah With Solar  


World’s First Off-Grid EcoCapsule Runs Entirely on Renewable Energy  http://tinyurl.com/jukw43p
Monsanto to Be Put on Trial for ‘Crimes Against Nature and Humanity’  http://tinyurl.com/jk2jugr                                                                          
Well, that’s it for now.  I’ve taken time from my much-needed last day of rest, in order to recover from this cold/flu and must now go back to that. Here’s wishing all of you your BEST YEAR YET!!!
Lots of Love, Prosperity & Balance,