Beltane & Wesak Info & Celebration/Activations May 2 & 3

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Dearest ONES,

I have to say, when I read Susanna Sophia Hart’s email post about her upcoming Beltane Ceremony/Activation, it invoked such strong reconnections to my Celtic roots (from many lifetimes ago) I was truly blown away. I experienced chills up and down my body throughout the reading of it. I wonder if any of you might have a similar experience, even if you don’t think you’re connected to the Celtic culture. Here is an excerpt from Susanna’s truly beautiful Beltane message followed by the info to attend her  

Magical Beltane Full-Moon Gateway Meditation/Activation 

At this enchanted Beltane gateway, in the reflective Light of theMoon Maiden’s pearl essence we honor Bridget, Goddess of the Hearth fire. For she is overlighting us at this time with magical blessings from her Heart… At this most auspicious time we also pay homage to Buddha’s birthday as Wesak’s portal of Lightbecomes a threshold to the higher dimensional etheric temples of Light , a time when we are more easily able to connect with ascended masters and angels. This truly is a time of igniting the Heart fires that produce stellar awakenings within our Heart and Minds.
We will experience the pearl essence beauty of our fertile Beltane Full Moon, called the Flower Moon, in all of her ripe fullness throughout the entire evening of May 3rd. She she will turn precisely full at 11:42 p.m. EDT, 10:42 p.m. CDT, 9:42 p.m. MDT and 8:42 p.m. PDT.
At this potent and empowering time, the cosmic energies of the Sun and the Moon in the archetypal sign of the Alchemist, Scorpio, are dancing together in harmony to help shape the destiny of your deepest desires and most soulful dreams… The energies are so powerful on this day that you literally have the opportunity to merge within the Light of your Soul’s highest destiny and to choose to anchor the New Renaissance into the latest and next Light frequency of living Light.. 


Let us come together in the sisterhood and brotherhood of Light to share in the Hearth Fire of Beltane’s magic to open ourselves up to creating our deepest desires, birthing them into our lives right now..

to read more… 

Enter the Magical Beltane Full Moon Gateway to… 
Set your creative intentions and manifest 

your Dreams 

right here and right now!!! 
Phone Meditation and Crystalline Grid Ceremony
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 
7:00 PM PT (Los Angeles Time) 

Here is an excerpt of Selacia’s Wesak message followed by info about her Annual Wesak Celebration with The Council of 12…
Wesak Message – Signs of Awakening 
by Selacia
As you prepare to celebrate Wesak and the Buddha’s birthday onMay 2nd, you have been through an intense cycle of energy. Most likely, you are still working through some of the issues that came to light the past couple of months. Besides these challenges, you also connected with some helpful new insights about your life – discovering more about what’s working an what needs to change.
Since Wesak last year, you indeed have shifted so much energetically that it’s like you are a different person in some ways. Yes, you may look similar and much in your day-today world may appear unchanged. On an Inner level, however you are quite different. From a spiritual perspective, notes these key signs of awakening contributing to your energetic shifting.
Annual Wesak Celebration with The Council of 12
Experience the Masters in the Wesak Valley and connect with Wesak blessings – on site Santa Monica or anywhere you are – with a powerful C12-guided meditative journey process that is both a personal healing and a healing for the planet.
Have a personal experience with one of the enlightened Masters like Buddha, Kuan Yin, or the Christ – in the Wesak Valley of Tibet.
Receive a powerful healing and insights about your life path 
and spiritual purpose.
Attend May 2 live or remotely via mp3 from anywhere
On Site $40 * Teleclass remotely $30
and begin connecting with the Wesak blessings 
and healing energies in advance!
I trust you now know all you want and need to know about these the Wesak and Beltane and will celebrate in whatever way you are drawn to. Perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you at one of these or both. In any case, be sure to ENJOY!
Lots of Love, Joy, & Celebration,
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4/4… Info, Events & Healing Energies

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Dearest ONES,

And the roller-coaster ride continues… As you all know, we are coming up upon this power-packed Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon tomorrow, 4/4. To maximize the potential of these energies, here is a melange of info, events and healing modalities, including a potent FREE DNA Sound Transmission from Judy Satori. If you have not experienced her Language-of-Light you are in for a treat!


We begin with an excerpt of Kelley Romano’s astrological reading…

Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4
There is a total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4. This Full Moon eclipse is action packed. The Pluto/Uranus square is involved. You are in acceleration mode. The winds of change are blowing. Change or be changed. The Aries energy is moving you forward. Asking you to blaze a new trail. Be true to who you really are. Be courageous. Be bold. The Libra moon asks that you listen to the needs of others. Consider others in your choices. Do what supports your balance. Balance is the key. Balance in your life and work. Balance in your relationships. Are you receiving as much as you are giving? It is time to release what no longer serves you. The Libra Moon encourages you to evaluate your relationships. You are to find the middle ground. Alternatively, you are to move on if the union is no longer helping you. To read more… 

And now on to the events, beginning with Meg Benedicte’s message and event info…
Intense T-Square Lunar Eclipse April 4th
We are currently standing between two Total Eclipses, moving through the final days of the Eclipse Zone that culminates with a Total Lunar Eclipse in 14º Libra on Saturday, April 4th at 5:06am PDT/ 8:06am EDT. The pair of Eclipses act like bookends to a 19 year cycle completing this week. This is the time to set ourselves free from old constraints and limitations. While the window is open, take some time to redefine who you are, and set your sights on who you desire to become in the new era. To read more… 
Contribute to Birthing the New Earth
Receive Ascension Activations with Metatron
Date: Saturday, April 4th, 2015
Time: 12:00pm PT – 1:00pm PT
Registration Fee $10 Register HERE

Here is Raquel Spencer’s take on the energies and info about her Live Energy Transmissions…
We are coming into the final surge of this SUPER powerful 30 day cycle. 
If you remember back to the full moon of March (which was a particularly powerful full moon for me :-), then the 3.14.15 Pi energy activation, followed by the Total Solar Eclipse, Super New Moon and finally the Equinox – the last 30 days have had a powerful punch!
 The energy portal this Saturday is another powerhouse!  We begin with the 4-4 portal energy (which is an 8, although not the powerful as the 8-8-8 as we have in August), the Full Blood Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse moves us through a major threshold, as we move into the “Window of Opportunity” between now and the 8-8-8 Portal in August. 
It’s a time to really focus and co-create into physical reality your truest desires and dreams.  The energy during this window, holds frequencies to intensify your emotional commitment, focused will and action oriented energy to support you deeply. 
Join me and lets keep the energy anchoring in at the highest level possible!
Live Energy Transmissions
4-4 Portal – Total Lunar Eclipse
Saturday April 4 10am PT 
1 Hour $25

Here is a brief commentary on the energies from An-Ra-Nae followed by an offering of Sacred Rebirth Sessions: 

The Total Lunar eclipse on April 4th is all about the REBIRTH–leaving the past behind and releasing the old–And being in the sign of Libra it is also about taking a look at our relationships—are they still in alignment or is it time to move on? And Libra is also calling us to bring balance into our lives–Are you getting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs fulfilled? Are you working too much and not enough play?  Does your life feel like it is in balance??  To read more…

Sacred Rebirth–Potent Time for Transformation!
Only a few appointments still available this week–and as an Easter Rebirth special I am offering them at a $20 discount.SACRED REBIRTH SESSIONS SPECIAL–90 min–Only $155
Friday and Saturday April 3 and 4th (REGULAR PRICE IS $175)

Last but definitely not least, is Judy Satori’s offering…

This DNA recoding energy transmission balances and harmonizes the water in the cells. The transmission will create more vitality in every cell of the body and help to give you more energy. Listen three times on the same day, over three consecutive days, or as desired. More Info and To Listen  

I trust you are now well prepared to take full advantage of these amazing energies…. Enjoy!  Perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you at one of the events.

Lots of Love, Joy & Transformation,