Leveling Up…Turning Point Just Ahead…

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Dearest ONES,                                                                    
Its so interesting to me how truly ‘in the moment’ I am lately. I no sooner send you an email after a 3-week break, and then another within a week. These two posts explain perfectly how I’ve been feeling lately. I have completely lost all sense of linear time and with it, important details of complete conversations, only to find myself laughing about how comical it all is. I now realize that some conversations take place in another #dimension. 
I set intentions to accomplish certain tasks or projects and time seems to collapse, so little gets accomplished. I feel fine about it when I realize I’ve been spending much of my time lately helping others move through #challenges by facilitating my #Transition Coaching. In the greater scheme of things this is quite perfect as we’re all in this together. Its sort of like ‘Jacob’s Ladder’… each helping the other up.
Below is an excerpt from Aluna Joy’s #channeling, which addresses some of this:
‘Another Upsurge In The Ascension Bandwidth’


There is a turning point where the #transitional pressure becomes so strong, and we have lost any hope of having any control over it, that we burst in and out of control with giddy laughter at all the things that have caused us so much pain. The cosmic relief valve is coming! And when it does, we can embrace all the challenges, and celebrate all the victories that we have achieved as we have traveled through this quagmire of transformation.

The energy these past weeks has felt very confusing, fragmented, disjointed and fuzzy. Comfort zones are all but gone as we second-guess nearly everything, because we still don’t have our guide book. Nothing feels familiar as old reference points are fading. We can feel emotional and physical discomfort. We will either sink or swim. #Fear will cause you to sink. #Love will keep you stay afloat. It is pretty simple if you can hold that focus and don’t judge yourself if you can’t. To read more…  http://www.alunajoy.com/2014-nov24.html

Here is an excerpt from a Sandra Walter channeling called: 
‘Leveling Up’

A brief update: November 25 – 26 is our next wave of amplification. Gatekeepers, we are opening today (you may be feeling this already). Focusing on revelation and an easy, graceful veil-lifting in the highest interests of all concerned. #Harmony, #Balance, #Ascension.

#Transparency is simply willingness to participate in co-creation with an open heart. I have never felt a sense of isolated Ascension; the process is not just about me, what I have attained, my own Ascension. Rather I feel the choice of Source to Ascend a collective into Unity Consciousness. There is #power and #peace in #unified intent, we have proved that over and over. This passage feels like the next step; a true Leveling Up of our skills. To read more…  http://www.sandrawalter.com/november-25-26-leveling-up/

Sooooooo, there you have it.. two choice channelings just in time for this long holiday weekend!  Enjoy… & have a Happy, Happy #Thanksgiving!!  

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,



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#11/22 #Portal Of #Creation… Plus 2 Truly #Uplifting Messages

November 21, 2014 | Posted in Zahns Spiritual E-Zine | By

Dearest ONES,

Whew!  Between the energies of the 11/11, the intense solar flares,and now the upcoming 11/22 ‘Portal Of Creation’, keeping my center and equilibrium has been a full-time job. In addition, last week, with wonky phone service, I also experienced a flat tire, a bubble in another one, a dead battery in my car, leading to enough stress to cause severe pain in my hip and leg. I’ve heard others were/are also having similar experiences. Can you relate? 

And so, while my brain is somewhat functioning, and my energy level is sufficient, I’m finally sending you several messages…. not necessarily all connected by a single theme, except for the fact that I very much resonate with them all. f3af3-thoughts-636x400

In the first timely offering from Anna Merkaba, she counsels us to utilize the #energies from 11/20 to 11/25 in order to fully release the past…open to our #creative energies…activate our solar plexus… and #heal our #wounds. There is both a recorded as well as a written channeled message from her and AA Metatron. Here is the link http://tinyurl.com/krwl7vg 

Next, is the first uplifting message… from Foster Gamble of the #Thrive Movement… www.thrivemovement.com, which addresses positive movement regarding the Complete #Global #Monetary #Transformation  http://tinyurl.com/o3tox28.  And while I don’t understand everything he says, as its quite complex, I get the general gist that if all goes as planned, there will most likely NOT be an economic crash on the planet, but rather a much less radical reconfiguring of our #money system. To me, this is amazingly positive news!  

Last, but not least is a video of the speech #JimCarrey gave to the graduation class of Maharishi University. We all know how funny he is, but in this speech he is also deeply profound. And while none of this is new info to most of us, I came away from watching it, so totally buoyant, I had to share it with you.  http://omeleto.com/199433/

The folks who posted this decided to jump forward to 10:18 minutes in, where they say,’the punch to the heart begins’.  I backtracked to the beginning, because I didn’t want to miss any of Jim’s brilliant wit & wisdom and was glad I did. 

Well, that’s it for now. I trust you will all enjoy today’s offerings…

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


P.S.  In case I don’t send anything else beforehand, here’s wishing you all a joyous Thanksgiving!


Tom Kenyon’s #Sound #Solution To ‘Dismantling Of #3D #Reality’

November 1, 2014 | Posted in Zahns Spiritual E-Zine | By

Dearest ONES,
Whenever I get a post from Tom Kenyon, I feel I MUST forward it to you. This is mostly because, in my humble opinion, he is one of the most powerful sound healers on the planet. In addition, he seldom sends messages anymore unless prompted by the Hathors to do so, usually with a sense of #urgency in recent times, which is certainly the case now. 
Interestingly enough, having just read  #ESCALATION OF #CHAOTIC NODES & THE DISMANTLING OF 3D #REALITY  tinyurl.com/owapcm I became elated, knowing that although for many of us “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.” by simply listening to the 4 minutes of the ELEVATRON http://tomkenyon.com/listening  while focusing on one’s body, one can #transcend the current/forthcoming #challenges with a great deal more #grace and #ease. 
Interestingly enough, although I didn’t listen to it last night after reading his message, things already began #shifting for me, just knowing I had this precious #tool to help. This morning, not only did I get my SS check 2 days early, which never happened before, but in #meditation, my #creativity reached new highs in terms of what I could do to be in contribution to #humanity while earning a lot more #money! 
When I did finally listen, not only did my head shake (as it does when my Sirian guide Xoaxtr is releasing what no longer serves me or others-when I’m facilitating a healing) but my whole body shook as well. This was not a surprise as Tom had stated, regarding the Hathors’ statement, 

“The #cellular structure of your body will unwind and release #stress and #delusional states of perception.” What the Hathors meant by this enigmatic statement is that The Elevatron reduces stress reactions in the body, and in their view overly stressful reactions create #delusional states of mind. In other words, when we are excessively stressed our #mental and #emotional #perspective is twisted and we respond to situations in our lives from a less resourceful state than when we are not unduly #stressed.”

This is why I urge you all to not only take advantage of this powerful gift as often as possible, but to spread the word about it far and wide. Remember, we’re all in this together and we must support each other. 

Well, suffice it to say, I trust you will all get great benefit from this… and I’d love to hear feedback from you either on my blog, FB or Twitter pages. For more about Tom Kenyon go to…www.tomkenyon.com 

 Lots of Love, Joy & Transformation,