The Entirety Of Mankind Is Being Uplifted

August 19, 2014 | Posted in Zahns Spiritual E-Zine | By

Dearest ONES,

‘The entirety of #Mankind is #Being #Uplifted!!’ Thats the overall message I’m getting, not just from some of the channelings but from my own personal experience and guidance. 

Last weekend I was at the ‘Best of Mt Shasta’ event, offering my #Divine #Energy Sessions. I experienced the energies of those attendees, presenters and vendors as extremely high and even #magical. I, myself, was in an extreme state of #expansion and #bliss throughout the 3-day weekend, and didn’t experience #pain in my body until it was time to close down and pack up. Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure my body (while still healing the cartilage in my right hip, and experiencing other aches and pains) could take being ‘on’ for three 9-hour days, but the higher-dimensional state apparently transcends pain.  

Although I was in this state already on Friday, I also attended both a group #Crystal Singing Bowl Concert and private session between Saturday and Sunday given by the most amazing Michael Verdeal. They both blew my mind, body and soul, while I released tons of emotional, mental and physical debris. I will be promoting him in the near future. stay tuned…

Because I was aware that this sort of sound healing might be just what I needed to further #heal my body, when I had an opportunity to partake of 2 powerful Gong Concerts the next weekend, I opted in. Needless to say, I am now feeling soooo much better. If you are interested in checking Journey Harasin out, go to where you can get one of her albums. The one I got is called GongsAlive. I highly recommend it! 

Back to the original premise… I thought perhaps it was the accelerated energy of Mt Shasta, where higher energies and consciousness seem to be more the norm… but a friend who has been touring Europe said that large numbers of people are experiencing higher-dimensional states in many places on the planet. All I can say is we are literally seeing the ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel!!!

I am now aware that part of all that expansive energy had to do with the Super-#Full Moon, which affected most of us at least 3 days before and after it occurred on Saturday the 9th. And now, according to Sandra Walter, more intense and accelerating gateways are coming up on the heels of the supportive energies which occurred on August 17th. To read more of her latest blog… 


Here is another channeled blog by Anna Merkaba that has a similar but quite different #optimistic message…  that you can read or watch on video. 

Last but definitely not least is Kelly Rosano’s astrological report titled, ‘Virgo New Moon ~ Push The Launch Button’ which is a truly optimistic reading of the upcoming energies…


Lots of Love, Joy, & Bliss,