Brene Brown (Ted Talks) On Vulnerability & Shame…. A MUST SEE!!!

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Dearest ONES,


A friend recommended these Brene Brown (Ted Talks) videos on Vulnerability and Shame, and I was totally wowed by them   I completely resonate with her inspirational messages, which I feel are totally foundational for everyone, especially the light-workers, many of whom tend to bypass these essential emotional issues. Whimsical Brene gets right to the heart of the matter in an extremely entertaining way. Its not surprising that over 15 million have already viewed them.. I highly recommend you do the same. 


Here is what Ted Talks says about her: 

“Brené Brown studies human connection – our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share.”  


Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,



Several Celebratory Summer Solstice Events + Messages

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Dearest ONES,
Well, its that time again… the Summer Solstice is here bringing magical energies to propel us forward. I have been collecting quite a few messages and events to share with you, which makes this email rather long. Included, is a message from The Quantum Awakening Newsletter, and saucy Solstice events by Susanna Sophia Hart, Patricia Cota-Robles, Anrita Melchizedek and Lucia Rene… quite a marvelous mix!!!  Soooooo, without further ado, heeeeeere’s the message from…


As the powerful solstice comes to cozy up to your heart the energy of ‘what was’ looks deep into your soul. Asking you to view and release what was and no longer serves the highest good. Humanity has expanded into such a multidimensional playing field we can no longer see the lines that divide the past present and future. Time dances by, batting her long lashes, trying to get us caught in the workings of who we once were.  Seducing us into thinking we are lesser than, minute, and indistinguishable.

After the Solstice, ‘The light’ Increases each day by about 2.2 minutes. We have just begun the countdown to the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. Yes we have all come undone like a raggedy Annie gone awry; yes we have lost our selves and yes we are being taught a new song. We have been rewritten and edited by a universe that pushes every button we have. The grandfather clock ticks to a new beat as does our heart and intentions. Keeping anything under hat will detour the expansion. Leap full throttle forward into the New World like your predecessors did.. Your world is no longer flat and dangerous but round and full of possibilities. Be free forming as life shows herself to you each day. Do not judge or preconceive the way things should be. In fact do not should on yourself, it is self-deprecating. As each new day unfolds allow it to expand or contract according to divine interpretation. It can be exhausting try to change life into what you think it should be. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR, YOU MAY GET IT

And now for an excerpt from Susanna Sophia Hart’s magnificently melodious and magical message, a portend of what’s to come in her super Summer Solstice Gateway Activation/Meditation on June 22nd. If you feel called to attend,  be sure to click the link at the bottom of her message.

…After meeting with the Galactic Council, I was greeted by Sanat Kumara. He shared with me that on June 22nd, the morning after the Summer Solstice, there is going to be a beautiful star alignment portal activation, one creating a Star Gateway between Earth, Venus and the Pleiades. The Pleiades will make its vertical rise in the morning sky, ascending with Venus as morning stars. This beautiful alignment is also in conjunction with the mystical and magical Behenian Star Council of Light… These beautiful Star Beings will be sending out a wave of grace to aid in the seeding of the Venus Star portal with the Light and Key Codes that are now being deposited to activate our Rainbow Bodies of Light…

During this gateway, several new higher vibrational star portals of Light will be opening up, including a new crystalline portal above Cathedral Rock here in Sedona. This is coinciding with our Summer Solstice Gateway… This portal of Light is a gateway to the Divine Crystalline Activation of our Rainbow Light Bodies and will infuse the Christos~Sophian crystalline matrix of Living Light within our DNA. This transmission of Light will align us with the transmissions of Love and higher Wisdom that are flowing to us now, allowing us to receive these cosmic blessings with ease and grace.

During this cosmic trigger point we will receive cosmic waves of Light as we connect to the Venus Star Gateway that is opening up at this time… I have received a beautiful process to awaken our pineal glands and to activate our crystalline lotus crowns to receive the new higher dimensional energies that are flowing to us now through the Photon Belt of Alcyone and our Grand Central Sun, the loving heartbeat of all of Creation.

I hope you will be able to join me for this Divine Ceremony of Celestial Light… During this magnificent event, I will be sharing about our ascension and how you can attune and align yourself to access the wave of Crystalline Love that is flowing to us now… Sending this wave of pure Love pulsating and spiraling into the very core of your being… Yes… We are truly living in amazing and illuminating times. 

 I have always loved Patricia Cota-Robles messages. However, because I assume most of you get them, I seldom post them. I highly recommend you all check this one out, especially if you’re new to her work.

On Thursday, June 19th, at 5:00p.m.PDT or 8:00p.m. EDT,  
to discuss the monumental changes that are taking place at this time, and how ALL of us can benefit from the unprecedented influxes of Light we will receive during the June Solstice this year.

Jacklyn Johnston is the host of the Online radio program You Awakening which is designed to inspire, support, and empower Humanity’s Awakening to greater presence and fulfillment.

Please join us by clicking on the link below and REGISTERING for this FREE Online Conversation with Jacklyn and Patricia. FREE Registration in advance is required for your participation.

Once you register you will be able to receive the links for the FREE REPLAY in case you cannot tune in with us live. 

Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization 

 If you’re not familiar with Anrita Melchizedek’s meditations, you can check outthis message either through the audio or video versions, as there is a very special quality in both her voice and channeling that should not be missed. Consider it a sneak preview…

The Elders Transmission 

Activation of the Planetary Goddess archetype of Light

 Join Anrita and the Elders in this powerful solstice transmission, as we experience the sacred healing symbols of Isis and her Healing Flame of Light through alignment to the various Star Chambers and Beings of Light from On High and from here, align into the Galactic center through the Seat of Isis.. to read more…   or listen to the Mp3 audio message…  or watch the YouTube video… 

Saturday June 21st

7pm GMT12pm PDT1pm MDT2pm CDT3pm EDT

London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 5am 

One and a half hour tele/webinar conference session 

with Anrita Melchizedek

$33(Approximately €25.00/£21.50/R330)  

Click to attend and make payment…  

How does the Teleconference work?

If you would like to join this teleconference, click on the related link to make payment via credit card or PayPal. Once we have received your payment, we will send you a link to the pre-events page where we will be hosting the conference and a password will be sent to you at the time of registration. On the appointed day and time, go back to this page so you can listen in via the web. There will be a general Q&A session, usually the last fifteen minutes of each session at which time you will get an opportunity to ask your questions. A box is provided on the link page for those listening in via the web. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have around the teleconference.
All participants will receive a high quality Mp3 recording within 24 hours of the telewebinar plus the original eBook on the High Priesthood Training. Additionally, the telewebinar recording will be active so you may download or listen to the online recording any time should you not be able to listen live. You may also like to consider registering to receive the recording if you are not able to listen live at this time.  



Last but not least, Lucia René is hosting an open June Solstice teleconference. Now this one is definitely different than the rest, but intriguing, none-the-less. I’m feeling it is not to be missed! If you check out the preview, you’ll have a better idea…

Who Are YOU?

Are you a man or a woman?  An American, an environmentalist, an activist?  A spiritual seeker or a healer?  Does how you label yourself really define WHO and WHAT you are?

We all have identities.  Identities help us navigate the world.  And they may serve us in the short term-to belong to a community, to make a transition, to integrate a big change.  But eventually, they hold us back.  They limit our consciousness.  If you’re clinging to an identity, you’ve reached a spiritual plateau.

What would happen if you dissolved your current identity? You would automatically merge more fully with your ever-expanding Universal Self.  But becoming Universal is a scary business.  The egoic mind rushes in to warn you: “That isn’t safe.”

Let’s find out if your mind is right. Join me for a guided meditation where I’ll use the Sacred Voice to help you navigate BEYOND identity. Whatever your identity may be-parent, environmentalist, healer-you can use the power of the June 2014 Solstice to dissolve it and see where that leaves you.  Are you up for the challenge?

Listen to me describe the call: 

Attend the call (or hear the replay):

Saturday, June 21, 2014, 9:00 a.m. California time


I trust this is sufficient Summer Solstice celebratory info especially given this auspicious occasion… 

Perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you at one or more of them. In any case, enjoy!!

Lots of Love, Joy, & Celebration,



Vit K2 ~ The Missing Miracle Vitamin

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Dearest ONES,
Yes, I am embarking on a new Ad/Venture, which I have eluded to in prior emails. Now that I’ve got my new Face Book page setup as Mt Shasta Zahn’s Wellness & Spirituality, (where I will continue to post my Uplifting Spiritual messages as well as Health & Wellness ones) and a Twitter account as WellnessZahn (for only the Health & Wellness ones) its upward and onward for me…
I’m inspired to do this because I’m noticing that more and more of us are suffering with physical challenges these days, myself included. Also, I have been deeply ‘into’ healthy eating, as well as cutting edge nutritional products and technologies for upwards of 50 years. Its one of my true passions. 
My own health issues have driven that quest, which has led to a lot of research via Google, bringing me a wealth of knowledge I’d like to share. I so enjoy it as I’ve always believed that ‘knowledge is power’. Having had hip replacement surgery over a year ago, I learned that I also had some osteoporosis, which I’ve been treating nutritionally, as well as through exercise. 
I recently learned from my son, who was diagnosed with some plaque in a major artery (its genetic) that by adding K2 to his already super-healthy diet that would clear and no longer be an issue for him. It turns out  

I, too, had been missing this MOST IMPORTANT NUTRIENT OF ALL, for MY heart AND BONES!  
Wanting to go deeper, I decided to do a bit more research and came across this totally comprehensive article by Dr Mercola. That explains ALL. Here are a couple of excerpts that will give you an idea of how profound it is and why its a ‘must-read’ especially if you have those or other health issues (see the list below). 

Vitamins D and K: ‘The Gatekeeper and the Traffic Cop’

You can think of vitamin D as the gatekeeper, controlling who gets in, and vitamin K as the traffic cop, directing the traffic to where it needs to go.

When you take the wrong form of calcium, or when your body’s ability to direct calcium to the right places becomes impaired (as when you are deficient in vitamin K), calcium is deposited where it shouldn’t be — like sand in gears.

These calcium deposits can be major contributors and even

causative factors in many conditions, including:

Aging, Gallstones, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease Coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, Kidney stones, Dental plaque and gum disease, Ovarian cysts, Hypothyroidism, Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, obesity and diabetes, bone spurs, stiff joints, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and bone cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Cellulite and scar tissue, Breast cancer and cysts (fibrocystic breasts).

Wow!  Who knew??!!! When I read all this, I knew without a doubt I had to share it with all of you. And since I’m always wanting to be in service, if you have any health issues you’d like me to research for you, just let me know. Also, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions please go to my blog &/or FB page to post them there.   

I’m excited to tell you that the next Wellness post will be about ‘How To Regrow Your Cartilage To Reverse Osteoarthritis!’  Thats right!  Stay tuned….      

Lots of Love, Joy & Clarity,
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Activate Your Ascension FREE Webinar ~ Meg Benedicte

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Dearest Ones,

Meg Benedicte is hosting a ‘Live’ Webinar on Thursday, June 12th at 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern time. The Webinar training is focused on practical steps and understandings of the current Ascension Process that is shifting the world paradigm at this time.  The Webinar includes an online presentation, Energy Activations, and Callers Q&A.

Here is the message I received from Meg, which I was guided to forward to all of you….  


FREE Webinar –  Activate Your Ascension

I’ve been getting a TON of questions lately from people all around the world about the Ascension Process…

How do I increase my energy frequency?

How do I connect to my Soul Presence?

How do I break free from sabotaging patterns?

How do I access more abundance?

How do I feel energy in my body?

How do I stop astral attacks?

How do I open my intuition?

…so I’ve decided to offer a Free Webinar training on this topic. I realize this is short notice…hopefully you will be able to join me.

You can grab your seat here!

I am hosting the ‘Live’ Webinar on Thursday, June 12th at 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern time. All you need to do is click on the Event Link and the webpage will open. You can participate in the ‘Live’ event or listen to the replay at a time that will fit your busy schedule.

As I plan to attend… perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you there!

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,