The NEW Prosperity

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                        The NEW Prosperity…                               


A spiritual teacher once told me that in order to be prosperous, one must first pare down to the bare essentials to learn what was truly important.  She told me this shortly after my business of 18 years had crashed and burned, and further explained that I had been praying for prosperity and therefore manifested the first stage. I was in quite a state, as you can well imagine until she enlightened me with this information. It was only then I began to realize I was also finally set free to do what I really wanted… which at the time was TRAVEL!!!  

LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE!!                                                                                              

And so, pare down I did. I had been living in a luxury gated apartment complex, in Pacific Palisades CA. It had views of the ocean from every window… the sunrise from my bed… the sunset from my living-room… gas fireplace… swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts, jogging path… in other words, luxury living at its best!  After I fully came to grips with my situation, I remember telling a neighbor how lucky I was to have actually run out of money or I would have lived there for the rest of my life. Now I had the opportunity to go on the road.. a lifetime dream come true!        

THE MAGICAL LIFE                                                                                                  

Soooooo, I sold and gave away most of my belongings, put the rest in a small storage space and began my new more exciting Zen life. In short, I travelled for 6 years, beginning by trading room and board for healing and counseling with a new friend in Prescott Arizona. There, I met a total stranger who was keen to do the same, which led to a string of similar scenarios. After about 9 months of ‘practicing’ to be sure I could do this in a strange land,  I left for England with virtually no money, to continue my Zen life. It began with working at a bed and breakfast and led to more trading room and board for healing and counseling. Sometimes other situations presented themselves, like helping someone paint rooms in their house or rearranging furniture, cleaning, cooking meals, etc. And while some of that may not seem so, most of it was quite magical… and I now realize that all of it, especially the seemingly unpleasant scenarios stretched and grew me exponentially.                                        

Altogether, out of those 6 years, I only had money during 3 of them, living on an investment I had made before my business crashed. For many of the 18 years I was in business, I made quite a lot of money, but because I was a spend-a-holic, I never got to keep much of it. When my stock reached its peak at a cool million about 3 years into my Zen adventure, I cashed in a mere $35,000 and I bought a second-hand Volkswagen for $8000, when I could have bought pretty much any car new. I then gave $20,000 to a friend who seemed to need it more than I did, not realizing at the time that my self-esteem was too low for me to maximize the potential in that moment for myself. 

HITTING BOTTOM                                                                                                             

I kicked myself severely for that 3 years later when the stock (a turned dot.bomb stock) dwindled to nothing.  At that time, while living in Sweden, totally broke and technically homeless, I had a heart attack. I had left a room-mate situation to live in an ecovillage once my house-sitting arrangement had ended. The ecovillage possibility fell through because of my weakened condition, as they saw me as a possible liability they could not afford, especially once winter set in. Luckily, 5 days in the hospital with expensive surgery only cost me $100, and, my room-mate took me back. However, I knew I’d have to return to the States before too long, as she really needed to reclaim her space sooner than later, which is why I left in the first place. 

Several months later, I sold my car for travel expenses and went back to Los Angeles where I literally had to re-invent myself at 60, in that physically weakened condition, with no money. Fortunately, a friend took me in and gave me work, while I got my bearings. It wasn’t long before, by following my inner/higher guidance, I secured a job with a chiropractor, running his front desk.  I have to say, although that first year or two was certainly challenging, it was difficult to feel magical all the time as I had during my travels abroad. I didn’t realize at the time, these challenges were also my greatest gifts.

At one point I was so down because I was faced with the possibility of being homeless, I was considering suicide. Fortunately, I belonged to a spiritual breakfast club at the time and because I was not ashamed to tell this truth to them, one of the members gave me his spare room without cost until I got back on my feet. Because he and I were so different… he a staunch Republican/George Bush supporter… me quite unpolitical, but definitely leaning in the opposite direction, I got an up-close-and-personal view and appreciation of what it must be like to be HIM. I gained great compassion for his tearful fears that George Bush might NOT get re-elected. “After all”, he wailed, “Who will save us from the fascists!!” And while I’m thinking to myself, “George Bush IS a fascist… who will save us from HIM?”  I soon realized we are basically the same, just two sides of the same coin of, so to speak, when we are judging each other. I learned much later we all have our unique parts to play in the larger scheme of things, even Georgie Porgie, as I often liked to call him. Its all part of the duality on the planet, and judging others only adds to the duality. Love and acceptance are the only way to transcend it.  If you want a deeper explanation of how to transcend judgment, to embrace more love, read my book, ‘R.O.L.L. With It!’

Through this continuing saga, while I learned new skills, which did financially support me, it was never quite enough, even when Social Security kicked in. One of the blessings of that time period was being instrumental in bringing Deeksha to LA. This also led to my eventually promoting other spiritual teachers while building a mailing list for sending out those and other Uplifting Spiritual Messages, which I really love doing.

Being the eternal optimist I lived beyond my means, always thinking more would come, because it usually had… except for now.  So as the credit cards arrived I used them to pay bills, not wanting to see I was simply getting deeper in debt.  Finally, after 5 years in LA, I realized I could not go on like this. In lieu of paring down my expenses I moved to Ojai, where renting a room with a friend cost about half what I had been paying. Even then, I could no longer pay my credit cards. So with the help of an truly special, spiritual attorney friend, I walked away from the debt with a fair amount of grace and ease. Of course, my credit score still reflects having done so, which causes challenges at times. 

LIGHTENING THE LOAD STILL FURTHER                                                                                

I was in Ojai for a mere 8 months when guided to move back to Bisbee AZ, where the living was a lot more affordable. Having done rigorous research online, I hired movers to bring my ‘stuff’ to Bisbee for $800. At the 11th hour, I was told there were other costs, none of which made any sense to me, until I realized it was all just a bait-and-switch scam. I was forced to pay $1300 in cash upon arrival or they would auction it off. In shock, I agreed, not realizing I could have let it go as I was renting my friend’s fully furnished house, and even had it to myself and didn’t really need it anymore. So, I put it into storage yet again. About 6 months later, I was guided to live in Villcabamba Ecuador for 3 months, with the possibility of moving there. That was when I was FINALLY awakened to the fact, I not only still had too much ‘stuff’, but storing and carting it around had (and still) cost waaaaay more than it was worth.  Sooooo, yet again, I pared down, but this time to pretty much what fit into my small car.  

As I never did take to Villcabamba, at the end of the 3 months, I moved back to Bisbee, which at the time was what I considered to be a spiritual desert even though it was quite comfortable and affordable… but a holding-pattern, none-the-less. About a year later, I was finally ‘called’ to Mt Shasta CA. which felt more like HOME than anywhere else I had ever lived. At first, because I didn’t want more ‘stuff’, I rented furnished rooms the first 2 and 1/2 years, buying only a night stand and dresser because I needed them, the total investment being only $70, which I could easily walk away from. I loved the feeling of being light and mobile.

There were many lessons for me in those living situations, mostly about control issues. Interestingly enough, because I didn’t recognize it as MY issue, I thought I could handle roommates who needed to control. These experiences taught me this was simply not true.  Interestingly enough, I had written in my book, ‘if its not your issue, you won’t even notice it’s happening’. I guess we DO teach what we need to learn!  The last situation was so intensely disabling  for me, I was propelled into getting on waiting lists for senior housing. I guess I was being rewarded for finally making some right choices, because just when I was ready to move in, the perfect apt showed up, with a bonus view of Mt Shasta!  


Again not wanting to OWN a lot of furniture and ‘stuff’, after I moved in, I bided my time… not rushing to get what I needed but allowing it to come to me in its own divine time (much of which took months) except for the must-have bed which I bought for only $250 new! Little by little, furniture, plants, artwork and even a massage table (for energy work) were donated or loaned to me. There was even a used futon for sale I couldn’t afford, which I sort of coveted. When I met with the person selling it about another matter, he loved my positive, open-hearted energy so much, he just GAVE IT to me!  

I think because many of us are becoming more mobile, and are downsizing (a sign of the times for sure) there seems to be a lot of ‘stuff’ circulating around communities, not only through yard and garage sales as well as thrift stores, but often more organically, as was my experience. FYI, there is even an organization called FreeCycle where you can donate or request FREE items. I’ve used it and its great!


Though these many experiences and lessons, what I gleaned most is that these challenges were meant to help me live in more balance, beginning with living within my means. That’s why doing so on a fixed income with lousy credit has been a huge blessing for me. It has taught me to be aware of what I truly value, which is living a simple life, in my own space, surrounded by loving, caring people. I’ve also become a truly shrewd spender, buying only what I really need and want, and buying it at the very best prices I can find. Having learned this, I have created a container for what I now earn. Having also used the R.O.L.L. process, among others to further evolve, my self esteem has elevated to where I also feel more deserving of having and keeping extra expendable income.

I finally I feel its safe for me to become prosperous again and so life is becoming more and more magical. A couple of months ago I manifested a FREE counselor to help me do so, beginning with creating a website the search engines can find, which is how I’m sending this blog to you. Also, I will be creating another blog, called Health IS Wealth, where I will share many and varied pure, natural, holistic and cutting-edge products, technologies and healing modes with you… most of which will be very affordable, many of which I will offer for sale. 

HOW YOU CAN LIVE THE MAGICAL LIFE                                                                            

Some of you may be wondering just how I managed to live so effortlessly and magically while on my Zen journey and how I’ve transcended the subsequent challenges. The answer is this: Although the healing work I offered on the road was quite unique, I believe the fact that I was ALWAYS OPEN-HEARTEDLY IN-CONTRIBUTION to those I met, willing to GIVE MUCH MORE than what I might receive and UNCONDITIONALLY made it possible.  If you haven’t loved and/or given unconditionally (without expectation of receiving) then you don’t know what you’re missing. I have found that nothing opens us up to love and receiving faster or better.

If you’re shy, depressed, or new to this concept, you can begin by practicing simple ‘random acts of kindness’ or possibly by volunteering in your community, or wherever you feel drawn. Or you can ‘Pay-it-forward’, whereby if someone pays you a kindness or gives you something, you then pass the same or similar on to someone else.  Once you do it, and get positive reactions, I feel you’ll begin to open up like a beautiful flower, receiving back a perfect mirror of whatever you give and much more. There have been studies proving this really works. I highly recommend just finding a way to BE IN CONTRIBUTION, even if anonymously. Once you jog your ‘generosity gene’, your life is sure to change for the better. You can also read my book,  ‘R.O.L.L. With It!’ which may help you in this way, as that’s exactly what its designed for. There is also a true story in it, ‘The Power of Love’, which totally illustrates how this works even in life-threatening situations.


Of course, for many just the opposite is the case. Lack of self-esteem fosters TOO MUCH GIVING and the INABILITY TO RECEIVE. The key, of course is to finally become in balance by loving one’s self, which my book has the potential to help with. 


I also highly recommend the attitude of gratitude, especially if you are depressed. Find at least one thing per day to be grateful for, like having a place to live, or food to eat… remember, we must not take things like that for granted, as many these days don’t even have that. The more you practice this, the easier life will be. I remember hearing a story of a homeless woman who literally went from rags to living well by doing just that!  


I believe, as we all move into more challenging times, this way of BEING IN CONTRIBUTION as well as learning to CO-CREATE with others to BE IN COMMUNITY, will be required by ALL OF US in order for us to survive and more importantly, THRIVE… I believe it is the TRUE CURRENCY of these transitional times, which I wish for all of US!  Many blessings on your journey!  

Lots of Love, Joy & Prosperity,  


P.S.: I thought it a good idea to write this particular blog because I know that many of us are in and out of what I like to call ‘Oh!Shitsville’ much of the time these days,  I guess you can consider it a reminder of how many of us ‘have already’ and ‘still can’ transcended this state, as its so easy to lose our way in the midst of the chaos.  As I’m also wanting to reach a wider audience… more towards those who are just entering a more awakened state, I’m trusting this blog will find its way to THAT audience as well… via internet or through some of you. Therefore, please feel free to forward to friends and relatives that you ‘know’ can benefit. Thank you… and Enjoy!     

P.P.S: Please send me any/all comments and questions, in answer to the blog, as I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to communicate in this way. Its also a FREE way to get my feedback, and a way others can benefit as well.

P.P.P.S: I’m guided to offer ‘TRANSITION COACHING’ by DONATION, for a short period of time (until I’m guided not to). This can be by phone, skype or in person. For more info and/or to book an appointment for a FREE 1/2 HALF HOUR CONSULTATION or more click Contact Zahn                                                                                          

‘Womb Moon~Imbolc Gateway’ Message & Activation~ Susanna Sophia Hart

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Dearest ONES,
Leave it to Susanna Sophia Hart to always capture and share the essence of special astrological and/or spiritually potent events, such as this New Womb Moon. She not only informs us, but gives us an opportunity to maximize their potential by attending one of her awe-inspiring Activations. 
This time, Susanna offers us, not one, but TWO gifts when we join her for this event (see below). In addition, if you truly want to attend but cannot afford the $33, please read on…
Here is an excerpt from her poetically written message, followed by the Gift Info and a link to the whole message including event Date/Time and the Sign-up link.

“As we enter this most auspicious second Super New Moon of January 2014, we are entering into the accelerated birthing chamber of the Womb Moon, also called the Black Moon. This month’s super Womb Moon signifies a birthing portal of Divine Love to be birthed within your Heart’s Fire, elevating the three fiery plumes of your Three Fold Flame of Divine Will, Wisdom, Love… Pink, Yellow and Blue pulsations of Living Flame. Thus the heavenly Trinity gains expression in the world of material form. The energies of Divine Will (electric blue), Sophian Wisdom (gold), and Holy Love (pink) are resplendent in the heart of man. This flame within your Heart is your personal focus of the sacred fire. It is your opportunity to become the Christ. It is the potential of your Divinity waiting to burst into being within your humanity.

 As we enter the Divine Womb Heart of the Goddess Moon, we also enter into the Womb of all Creation. Here within the vast darkness of the Divine Mother’s Womb, we are able to dream our dreams from a place of pure Christ Consciousness, and with the grace of the gateway of Imbolc, the Celtic festival of the return of Light on February 1st, we will be able to birth our dreams into the reality of the Living Light of the New Dawn…

***2 Very Special Gifts***

Gift 1. For everyone who signs up for this month’s special Womb Moon Activation, you may GIFT this Activation to SOMEONE NEW to the circle that also desires to be a Carrier of  the Flame…  

Gift 2. Everyone who feels called to participate in this Activation and to become a Carrier of the Three Fold Flame of Christ Light will have a crystal placed into the grid in her or his honor. The sacred intention for your personal crystal is to align and activate the Divine Fire within your Three Fold Flame, opening your Heart to True Love, Wisdom and Faith… The crystal represents your rebirth into living your Divine Dream, honoring Life, Love, Beauty and Cosmic Awakening.

Special Announcement: If you are truly feeling called to be a part of this very special Activation but cannot afford the $33.00 energy exchange, please send Susanna an e-mail…  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

 To read more…

 I look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!


Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,



Upon Entering 2014…

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Dearest ONES,
It is so interesting to me that with one exception, I found nothing else to inspire me to send you a post before now. Then within this past few days, it all unfolded perfectly. This is ‘living in the NOW’ at its best!  I can totally relax with absolute ‘knowing’ how divinely perfect life is in each and every moment! Interestingly enough I had been a bit held up due to some technical issues… and remembered from years ago, how often something does not happen in a timely manner (whatever that means) because a piece of the puzzle has to drop in first… in this case, it was several juicy pieces! 
Perhaps because this one came to me first, or that it is somewhat a foundational piece, I would like to begin with Mark Borax’s ‘Special New Year’s Edition – 2014: Year of the Green Horse’, which I believe I am (at least I do know I’m a horse, and green has always been my favorite color… do you think this qualifies me?)
If you’ve read his prior reports, you already know he is not only very knowledgeable and informative, but has an intriguing way of presenting it. And soooooo, here is: 2014: Year of the Green Horse   
Next, is positive proof there’s plenty of planetary progress going on, here is an intro from Foster and Kimberly Gamble, introducing their blog with the link to it.
Dear Thrive Movement,
In the past few weeks our mailboxes have been flooded with good news and we are happy to share it with you! Click here to hear and read a summary of these positive advancements all over the world. Each of these stories is encouraging on its own and can also serve as an inspiration and template to further the trends!
BTW, if you go to their website, and even sign up for their newsletter, you can get this sort of inspiring news more often. you can also (if you feel to) find a place in the larger scheme of things to contribute to the betterment of humanity. 
Now comes a more esoteric offering from Steve and Barbara Rother… a Beacons of Light channeling called  

‘A Time Of Stillness’ that gives us a higher perspective of what is currently happening on the inner planes, which of course affects us on the outer.  Its rather long, but I feel well worth the time and effort if you resonate with it, that is. 
Many of you know I used to promote Lauren Gorgo quite regularly, but until now, I just didn’t resonate with her messages. She’s apparently moving in a new direction, which so far I DO resonate with. It actually reminds me of the new direction I am moving in… my new blogs, which are quite ‘remedy’ oriented. Here again, I have been kept from completing 3 I’ve been working on… perhaps because its not quite time to unveil them yet. Stay tuned…  But I digress… so here is Lauren’s Gorgo’s (short version)blog: 2014: Resurrection Of New Life  BTW, you can also opt for the longer version, which I was not guided to do… but it does cost$$ 

Last but certainly not least, here is Story Water’s beautiful and powerful channeled video/audio meditation/activation   It is presented in audio via two versions: with and without music and I can see why. Having said that, because I’m very visual, after tasting all three, I opted for the video…. the choice is totally yours, of course!

Wait, wait, wait…. just in from my friend Gemma Deneen… this one I saw awhile ago and realized it so totally fits with these others…  The headline for this Good News Network piece is: ‘Incredible Animal Communicator Translates Deadly Leopard’s Woes’  This story is about a very fierce and angry leopard who, once he’s able to tell the why’s and wherefore’s of his woes, becomes docile and even loving. This shows just how important clear and compassionate communication is for humans as well. A truly touching true tale!!

Hopefully, this will satiate your thirst for what I offer as I have no idea how long it may be before sending the next one.  I’m lovin’ the NOW!!!


Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


Photography by Bruce Robinson