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Dearest ONES,
Well, the end of 2015 if near and much is happening on all levels of consciousness on the planet. Much of the info I am getting from email posts as well as Quan Yin and AA Metatron (both of whom I am now consistently channeling) counsel to not get involved in the High Drama that is happening… as that is a distraction from our main purpose. Also, if we continue to watch, listen to or read about this news, it disempowers us through the fear provoked by the events, which is what the dark forces want. Lets not give in to that but instead keep our focus on expanding the love and light on the planet. We’re already doing a great job, so lets keep on keepin’ on!!
More than one of the following messages predicts things will get better for the Light-bearers overall, but who can really say for sure… and of course, its all so very individual. Many are still dealing with unresolved emotional issues. There is great info and counsel for those who want/need it as well as truly awesome astrological reports and several events to celebrate the upcoming 12:12 Gateway. Speaking of which, I am saving all info regarding the imminent Winter Solstice for the week prior to it, so stay tuned….  
Aaand, because many seem to like the Planetary Progress reports, that bring into focus all that help us to realize HUMANITY IS INDEED MAKING PROGRESS, am including those at the end of this post.  
Without further ado, I bring you today’s post, beginning with the astrological reports, starting with a brief but wonderful one from…
Mark Borax  Cosmic Weather Report:
 High Pressure Initiations
“The cosmic weather pressurizes in December with an unusual increase of septiles. A septile is a 72-degree angle between planets, which is one of the most significant but least understood planetary aspects. When two planets are briefly linked by a septile (and there are many such angles between planets  this December) pressure is applied to your chronic sore spots and unresolved issues.” To read more… 


And now for another stellar report from…
Power Path School of Shamanism
The main theme for December is TRANSITION.
“We are moving from one place to another in our lives, on the planet, in our psyches, our emotions, our work, our relationships, our environment, our values and our dreams. What we thought we wanted or could have, or would make us happy and fulfilled is no longer on the table. We have decided as a collective that the view must be better on the other side. So we are taking that step over the abyss. We are in mid air, having let go of the side we are familiar with and preparing to land on other unknown ground.” 
While I really also love Kelley Rosano, this one is particularly great… especially if you take the time to watch her longer youtube version.
Sagittarius New Moon ~ Empower Your Success Sagittarius New Moon — 
by Kelley Rosano
“There is so much positive energy with this New Moon. It is about time! You deserve good news. This Moon can liberate you. Your freedom is worth fighting for it. Free your mind. Be Free. Be strong. Do what empowers you. Do what liberates you. Do what makes you feel good. Do what heals you. Do what nurtures you. Empower Your Success. We are all in this together. We need each other. Everyone matters. Everyone counts. All Are One. Be Blessed. Stay safe. You Are Loved.”  To read more…  
For an expanded, more powerful video version, citing, ‘this is the last of the explosive, destructive energies; the ‘light’ is winning’ which also forecasts a wonderful 2016 AND 2017!  To see the Video Version:  https:/
Here is Lee Harris some wise counsel on how to best navigate these intense year-end energies…
December 2015 Energy Forecast 
with Lee Harris 
And now for Selacia’s year-end message… 
End 2015 on a High Note 
Change the Ending with These Tips 
from Selacia
 “Next year will be full of rich opportunities to express more of your soul’s purpose. You want to be ready when the doors open – ideally holding the highest vibration possible and being clear about your life and what you want to create next.

This recommendation holds for any year, yet is especially relevant at this pivotal juncture. It’s easy to get sidetracked this time of year. Ironically, while the natural response at end-year would be to self-reflect and recalibrate energies, you may feel in chaos. Your mind may be bouncing between holiday focus, complexities of unresolved issues, unsettling global news, and family dynamics naturally catalyzed this time of year.”

Here is not one, but TWO stellar ones from annamerkaba… beginning of course, with the first…
The Benevolent Encounters With the 5th Dimensional Kind 
Metatron & The 33rd Dimension.
                                          by annamerkaba                                                                                             

“Through the fields of glory and the unification invocation principle a new set of decrees is beginning to take root in your cognitive understanding of oneness. Through various ecological improvements on your planet, through various geological innovations, through the technology that is spreading rapidly around your planet, much of distress and misalignment in your ecological structure of being shall be reversed to its pristine state the way that your planet was meant to uphold.

It is to our delight that we observe your kind daily, through the empirical system of understanding we watch as benevolent encounters no matter how insignificantly rated in your world they are, unfold on your planet. For it is through the micro changes within your environment that macro changes can indeed spring to life.

And so, the efforts that each one of you is putting toward the co-creation of a new initiative is well noted and supported by your galactic families enlarge.” To read more…
…followed by another ‘twofer’…
by annamerkaba
“Greetings everyone, before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. I have received two channelings back to back, one from the 33rd Dimension from Melchizedek and company and another from the Arcturians. I was asked by my guides to combine these two together for you into one transmission as both are very important and timely.”   to read more…
Sandra Walter now gives us her view of the current energies, including the 12:12 Doorway… 
The Dimensional Doorway is Open 
by Sandra Walter
“The first Gate of December welcomes a brand new level of light intelligence. From the Gatekeeper view, it is magnificent; vibrantly clear, unprecedented openings in our dimensional structure. Like the cleanest air you could ever breathe, paired with the clearest diamond light; refreshing, new, rejuvenating. Keep your heart connected to the Christed HUman heart grid, Beloveds. Send love, light, peace, harmony whenever you feel distracted. The lower consciousness may seek comfort; be cautious of letting the pendulum swing too far back and forth between realities. Balance with the Heart, and immediately feel the re-alignment. The true power of HUman Light consciousness is emerging; practice, focus, feel it rather than try to make old-light sense of it.

The 12-12 marks the three year Mastery mission for many. If you had a big experience on the 12-12-12, be sure to honor your connection and service to Gaia. Remember her message three years ago: You are coming with me. She will reveal to you her higher expression and your unique role in the transformation unfolding through 2016. Pay attention, do the ceremony, take the time to connect with the Divine Feminine aspect on the 12-12. The template for the final three years of Mastery service upon Gaia is transforming many in the Light Tribe. Resurrection is upon us. As Gaia becomes more Solar and star-like in her expression, so do the Divine HUmans in service to her transformation; Solar Cosmic Christed beingness. Gaia asks for her SUN Gods to step forth.” To read more…  

The following messages contain both important Info & 3 Events to celebrate this Auspicious 12:12 Gateway, beginning with the...

12:12 Stargate Activation
 with Meg Benedicte

“I woke up this morning to a snow covered reality! Everything is blanketed in a light-reflected layer. Our entire world is being blessed with Light reflection during the 12:12 Stargate window to the center of our universe. The annual alignment with the Galactic Center at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius provides a rare opportunity to quantum leap into your divine destiny.

Many of us are being compelled to jump tracks into new life realities or travel to far-off locations in a soul retrieval process. Some Light Bearers are designing sacred altars, anchoring uplifting Light consciousness, creating cooperative organizations, protesting injustices. Our time has come to be more public, get involved, share our knowledge, mentor the newly awakened, and demonstrate the new world paradigm.

Don’t get caught up in the rampant fear pulsing in the collective field. It is fabricated to justify more war, death and destruction. This is not our chosen reality. We are here to inspire and influence a new 5D world of love and harmonious co-existence. Hold that vision and pursue it with all you have!

Wishing you a magical Holiday Season! I hope to connect with you on 12:12 and 12:21, as we join together and magnetize a compassionate world to live in.”
And now for a holiday message as introduction to Raquel’s …
12:12 Live Energy Transmission 
with Raquel Spencer
Saturday, December 12
10 am PST – 1 Hour $30

“As we come to the close of yet another extraordinary year, it is time to reflect, be grateful and celebrate all that has transpired in the last 12 months.

Each life event and experience enhances who we are!  Can you recognize the pivotal points, the amazing opportunities and shifts you have created this year? I sure can!

The holidays are a perfect time to amplify the magic and heighten the gratitude for all the wonder in your life!

As we begin December and move into the holiday season, it’s always important to take care of yourself.

With lots of social gatherings, events and just more to do… self care is essential.Stay tuned for energetic tips and suggestions to make your season balanced and bright!

Allow the magic of the holiday season to infuse into your life.  Enjoy the little things, appreciate friends and family and be in gratitude for the amazing Being of Light that you are!” To register…  

Here is yet another way to celebrate with Anrita Melchizedek… 
The 12:12 Gateway Activation
  Integrating the Christed Heart  
Telewebinar with Anrita Melchizedek

“Join Anrita and the Elders as we come together as One Unified Christed Heart through the 12:12 Gateway of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness. As we experience this sacred gateway, we are taken deeper into the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness which activates within the heart and thymus chakras of all Humanity.” To read more and register..

Now, at last, we follow with the latest I’ve gleaned in the category of:
Russia Orders Obama:
Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will
4 U.S. Cities That Have Gone 100% Renewable
Airlines Could Cut Emissions in Half 
Without Taking Half the Planes out of the Sky
Europe rejects GM crops 
as new report highlights 20 years of GM failures
400 Million Fewer Animals Were Killed Last Year 
Due To More People Opting For A Plant Based Diet 
Washington attorney obliterates Big Pharma’s vaccine propaganda 
while promoting real public health measures
Whew!!  That was certainly a mouthful!!!  I trust it satiated your yearning to ‘know’ what’s happening in the world on all levels of consciousness. And while you may or may not decide to celebrate this auspicious occasion of the 12:12 Stargate, at least you have 3 (from me) to choose from. Perhaps I’ll ‘see’ you at one of them. In any case Enjoy!!
Lots of Love, Transformation & Celebration,

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