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Dearest ONES,

Whew!  Between the energies of the 11/11, the intense solar flares,and now the upcoming 11/22 ‘Portal Of Creation’, keeping my center and equilibrium has been a full-time job. In addition, last week, with wonky phone service, I also experienced a flat tire, a bubble in another one, a dead battery in my car, leading to enough stress to cause severe pain in my hip and leg. I’ve heard others were/are also having similar experiences. Can you relate? 

And so, while my brain is somewhat functioning, and my energy level is sufficient, I’m finally sending you several messages…. not necessarily all connected by a single theme, except for the fact that I very much resonate with them all. f3af3-thoughts-636x400

In the first timely offering from Anna Merkaba, she counsels us to utilize the #energies from 11/20 to 11/25 in order to fully release the past…open to our #creative energies…activate our solar plexus… and #heal our #wounds. There is both a recorded as well as a written channeled message from her and AA Metatron. Here is the link 

Next, is the first uplifting message… from Foster Gamble of the #Thrive Movement…, which addresses positive movement regarding the Complete #Global #Monetary #Transformation  And while I don’t understand everything he says, as its quite complex, I get the general gist that if all goes as planned, there will most likely NOT be an economic crash on the planet, but rather a much less radical reconfiguring of our #money system. To me, this is amazingly positive news!  

Last, but not least is a video of the speech #JimCarrey gave to the graduation class of Maharishi University. We all know how funny he is, but in this speech he is also deeply profound. And while none of this is new info to most of us, I came away from watching it, so totally buoyant, I had to share it with you.

The folks who posted this decided to jump forward to 10:18 minutes in, where they say,’the punch to the heart begins’.  I backtracked to the beginning, because I didn’t want to miss any of Jim’s brilliant wit & wisdom and was glad I did. 

Well, that’s it for now. I trust you will all enjoy today’s offerings…

Lots of Love, Joy, & Clarity,


P.S.  In case I don’t send anything else beforehand, here’s wishing you all a joyous Thanksgiving!


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